6 Helpful Tips To Build A Better Blog!

build website 6 Helpful Tips To Build A Better Blog!Again I will provide you a comprehensive list of Darren’s Task to Build a Better Blog in 31 Days. Here you can read about the best tips of day 15 – 21:

Day 16: Solve a Problem – 7 Ways to Identify Reader Problems

Many times this kind of post is very successful, of course, it depends on the demand of a solution for a certain thing.

7 Methods to Identify Problems to Solve:

  1. Solve your own problem, very often blogger write about their experience how to solve a problem.
  2. Analyze questions from search referrals, what did they search for in search engines so they end up on your website.
  3. Analyze internal searches, check out what the readers particularly searched for on your blog.
  4. Ask your readers for questions.
  5. Look for problems on other sites, like on a forum or blog.
  6. Check in social networks or Twitter for problems.
  7. Just ask your friends and family, surely they will have some interesting or odd questions. :)

Read this post on Darren’s website in detail.

Day 17: Watch a First Time Reader Use Your Blog

A very good tip, I already did this last year, my girlfriend and some friends checked out my website and gave me some interesting suggestions and opinions about this blog.

What you need to do, while he/she is surfing on your blog the first time:

  • Don’t talk to them while they surfing on your blog.
  • Watch them how they navigate
  • Where they click on
  • What do they read
  • What do they skip
  • What areas do they find most interesting

Once they’ve surfed your blog ask them some questions about the experience:

  • What were their first impressions?
  • What did they first think your blog was about when they arrived at it?
  • Was it easy to navigate, read, find and understand?
  • What did they ‘feel’ when they first arrived at your blog?
  • What suggestions do they have on how you could improve your blog?
  • What questions do they have having surfed your blog?
  • How would they describe your blog?
  • What are the main things that they remember about your blog 10 minutes later?
  • What suggestions do they have from a readers perspective?

Try it out and you will be amazed what you can learn by that. Read everything about it on Darren’s website

Day 18: Create a sneeze page

What is a sneeze page?
Pretty easy, if your blog is about “making money online”, “tipps on blogging”, “software tips and tricks”.
Create to every topic a page or post with the best 5 – 10 posts of this specific topic. A very good idea instead of showing only the most popular posts of all topics or the most recent one. With a sneeze page you can lead the reader to a golden page, where he can find the best posts of a specific topic, he is interested in. I really recommend that. Darren also shows some examples of sneeze pages or here. Read the complete post on Darren’s website.

Day 19: Write an opinion post.

Why? Posts, which aren’t just about news, which where published on 20 other blogs, but also have a strong opinion of the author, are generating more links from other blogs and more comments. Also you will differ from other bloggers, positive or negative, depends. But at least you don’t write about the same thing, like “WordPress 2.8 is out” as many other do. Read more about it on Darren’s post.

Day 20: Write comments on other blogs.

A really basic task, every blogger should know and do. It generates link juice because some readers might go to your website to check out who is behind this person with this opinion or comment. But I do this, just because I have an opinion about a topic I’m interested in, not because I want more readers. But it’s a nice side effect. But be careful, don’t become a comment spammer. More information about it on Darren’s website.

Tag 21: Reanimate old posts

It’s always good to update and improve old posts. You will be surprised, but sometimes an old post can have a great comeback or become an Evergreen.

Reasons, why old post could be improved:

  • You rushed the initial writing of the post and was poorly written
  • Your post lacked depth in some way
  • Because the information is now dated
  • You’ve changed your opinion on what you wrote
  • A key element in the post (like the title, formatting or opening lines) was poorly done
  • You were wrong with your post and it contains factual errors
  • Because you know more now about the topic than you did when you first wrote it and you can provide better information and details

More information about it is available here!

And your tips?

I will write more about Darren’s great tips in an upcoming post. But maybe you also have some great tips to build a better blog. Would be great if you let us know!

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