How To Create A High Quality Flash Online Catalog For Free

Flash Page Flip
Yesterday I discovered a new high quality flash program to create, without programming skills, an online catalog, digital brochure, flip album, interactive flyer, virtual magazine and more. When I saw this program I thought that must be quite expensive. But with its basic functionality it is for free! Unbelievable. That looks really professional and if you want to have all functionality it’s not too expensive either, especially if you compare this program with some other competitors.

You can easily implement videos, animations, links, pop ups and sound – without any programming skills! Mind blowing!

Check out the demos, you will be very excited. I’m not promising too much!

Let me know what you think about it, isn’t that awesome or do you know an even better one?

Popularity: 23% [?]

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  1. avatar #1 - passing by Says:

    thanks for sharing man!

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    My pleasure :)

  3. avatar #3 - Ex Says:


  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    No problem, hope you can use it. :)

  5. avatar #5 - cakirhal Says:


  6. avatar #6 - Alex Says:


  7. avatar #7 - Besiktas Says:

    Thanks for sharing this :)

  8. avatar #8 - Alex Says:

    Your welcome Besiktas :)

  9. avatar #9 - Angela Says:

    OMG – thank YOU! I’ve been looking for something like this forever. You should get paid by this company otherwise I’d have never seen what their software can do! So tired of finding sites for companies that will do the conversion at a price, I wanna do it myself, without having to learn a whole new program. Thanks again SO MUCH! :-)

  10. avatar #10 - Alex Says:

    Oh WOW, glad to make you so happy. Comments like this motivates to write more helpful posts for my readers :) .

    You are welcome!

  11. avatar #11 - RC Says:

    How and where do I download it?

    Thank you!!!


  12. avatar #12 - Alex Says:

    Hey RC, you can find the free version here:

  13. avatar #13 - Charli Says:

    Great content. Might I suggest that you make the fonts easier to read. Put the words in a different color or make them larger/darker or create a white background on top of the green. therwise grade A job!!

  14. avatar #14 - Alex Says:

    Hey Charli, thanks a lot for the suggestion. I will make some tweaks next week to make it more readable. And thanks for the compliment! :)

  15. avatar #15 - iman Says:

    hi, thanks for sharing, after i’ve downloaded how do i create the file, it doesn’t appear on my desktop, i don’t know where to begin, sorry, not good with computer. thanks a million.

  16. avatar #16 - kirilbug Says:

    10x man, great content

  17. avatar #17 - Suzy Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the link!
    I’ve downloaded the free version which is in text files. Can you suggest an easy way for not so techy people to apply this?

  18. avatar #18 - Alex Says:

    Sorry Suzy, but there is no other way. :(

  19. avatar #19 - miracle Says:

    Thxxxxx so much.. This is so cool

  20. avatar #20 - Alex Says:

    No problem!

  21. avatar #21 - Yon Says:


    Thanks a lot for the information
    I want to create a flip book from the free versions and make it available online, and to put the html code in a static FBML box in my facebook page. That means i need to store all the files somewhere. How do I change the current HTML code provided with the free version to make it work with online-stored DATA?

    Thank You

  22. avatar #22 - Alex Says:

    Hey Yon,

    sorry, but I can’t help you with it. You might have to ask the author of the flip book, since I didn’t use it for a while now. I hope you understand!

  23. avatar #23 - Vuyisa Says:

    Thank you for this, it so cool. I’d like to know if i can include it on my wordpress website or joomla?

  24. avatar #24 - Bit Says:

    From what I can see this software does not have the ability to create a table of content. That makes it useless for any publication or catalog with more than a very small amount of pages.

  25. avatar #25 - vinga Says:
  26. avatar #26 - Mylee Says:

    If you want to have an online catalog on the iPhone/iPad platform accessible through the App Store, the iTouch catalog is your best bet. You can easily create, edit and share your online catalog by signing up at It’s free.

    Download the app for free at

  27. avatar #27 - TonyHeideman Says:

    I strongly recommend aXflip page flip book maker . It can convert images,pdf,Microsoft word and PowerPoint files to page flip books.I really have no experience with anything else, and I rarely stitch.. so take that for what it’s worth.

  28. avatar #28 - Domenic Says:

    Thanks for the insight.

  29. avatar #29 - Maggie Says:

    For creating a turning page flash catalog with table of contents, XFlip is a good choice. View more to go to:

  30. avatar #30 - Marianne Says:


    Where can I start my own catalogue?
    Not sure how to start?


  31. avatar #31 - Maggiedon Says:

    Hi Marianne,
    First, you can download the XFlip e catalog software, after install it, open the software, and import your content, just convert. You can download from here:

    Of course, you can also see the sample catalogue from here:
    Hope this helps!

  32. avatar #32 - Marianne Says:

    And for MAC?

  33. avatar #33 - Maggiedon Says:

    Yeah, XFlip e catalog software also support for MAC

  34. avatar #34 - Pritam Says:

    How to use that thing? I downloaded it but confused how to use it? :/

  35. avatar #35 - Ailsa00 Says:

    XFlip e catalog software cannot support run on Mac software, but you can create e catalog on Windows for Mac user. The output pubications can be opened on Mac computer.

  36. avatar #36 - Joysen Das Says:


    How I use this

    Can I download this program

  37. avatar #37 - sthembiso Says:

    Wow it amazing
    But how do Ikm create mine with m products

  38. avatar #38 - sthembiso ngcobo Says:

    Wow. Amazing but how do I wi with my project

  39. avatar #39 - esr wheels Says:

    Thank you!

    it helps!

  40. avatar #40 - Denise Says:


    i Purchased the HTML5 version. But i cant seem to install it, i need some advice on how to do this. Extract files etc….


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