The Master Cleanser Or Lemonade Diet – Detoxify Your Body

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Master Cleanser

Update May 2009: Around 6 weeks ago I did the Master Cleanser again, this time for 14 days. You can read here, how it was. Also I put 40 FAQs together, all asked by readers of this post and of the same post on my German blog. So you don’t have to read all comments to find your answer. Although, it is a great motivation to read all comments and makes you strong. Good luck!

Two weeks ago I did the Master Cleanser to detoxify my body. I didn’t feel very well, tired, burned out, problems with my knees and also had a little bit overweight. I just didn’t feel healthy anymore.

I’m normally not the guy who is doing any diet. Only sport is the real thing. But the master cleanser is different. It’s not about losing weight. It’s about cleaning your body and flush down all the waste which is in your kidneys, digestive system, joints, muscles, cells and blood.

Since I had a knee injury for a while now, I wasn’t able to do sport to lose weight and get in shape again. But I also thought maybe this will help me to get rid off the inflammation I have in my knee. Since it’s cleaning out the joints and muscles with all the toxic in it.

The diet is pretty easy. You just drink lemon juice, nothing else, no food! And you don’t have to count any calories. It is a little bit radical you would think, but try it out and you see it’s not.

You can decide how long you would like to do this diet. 2 days, 3 days, 10 days or up to 40 days.

I did it 9 days and here is what exactly you have to do:

The night before you start drink a laxative herb tea, for example Smooth Move. That helps you along with the diet. On your first day you are drinking the tea again in the morning. After that you can start drinking a glass of Lemon juice. Which contains:

  • 2 Tbsp fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice (1/2 lemon)
  • 2 Tbsp maple syrup (only Grade B and not maple flavored sugar syrup)
  • Just a little tiny bit of cayenne pepper, but really a bit!
  • Water, hot or cold, whatever you like, spring or purified water.

You can drink as many glasses of the lemon juice as you want. Especially when you get hungry. You can also drink purified or spring water, no limits.

At the end of the day drink again a laxative tea.

That’s about it. You should drink every morning and evening one cup of the laxative tea and the lemons juice as much as you want.

If you want you can drink also 16 onces of warm water with sea salt once a week or more. It supports your digestion quite a bit. Better you do it at the weekend since you have to go to the bathroom quite often then.

The first 2 or 3 days it’s pretty hard not to eat anything. But you get used to it after some days. You get all necessary vitamins with your lemon juice. The mix of lemon juice, maple syrup (Grade B), cayenne pepper and water gives your body all what you need.

I didn’t really feel weak while I was doing the diet. Not tired or exhausted. Everything was the same, you could even do your routine workout if you have one.

How to come off the diet is very important

It depends on how long you are doing this diet, but you shouldn’t just start to eat the usual things you ate before. Hamburger, Steak, Chicken fried and so on.

  • First Day: After your diet you should drink the whole day fresh squeezed orange juice and water. It’s delicious, especially if you had only lemon juice for a while. But drink it slowly
  • Second Day: Start with orange juice again. Late afternoon prepare a fresh vegetable soup. Not from a can, a soup with real fresh vegetables in it. :)
    There are so many delicious vegetable soup recipes on the internet or in the Master Cleanser book.Eat the soup in the evening, mostly the broth, but you can have some of the vegetables.
  • Third Day: Start with orange juice again. At lunch have some soup from yesterday or a fresh made vegetable soup. At the evening get what you want in kind of salad, vegetables or fruit. But nor meat, fish, eggs, bread, coffee, milk and so on.
  • Fourth Day: You can start normal eating, but try to drink orange juice and stay with salad, fruits, vegetables and soup.

Please follow the steps after the diet or you might feel sick if you eat a fat greasy steak immediately after your diet :)

For Vegetarian the after diet phase is a little bit different:

  • First and Second Day:, just drink fresh squeezed orange juice and water.
  • Third day: Orange juice in the morning, raw fruit at lunch and fruits or raw vegetable salad for dinner.
  • Fourth day: You can eat what you desire :)

What was the outcome for me?

I feel much better, lighter, fresh, lost 20 pounds in 9 days and my apatite for healthy food like salad, vegetables, fruit and soup grew a lot. I still like pasta, meat and everything else, but sometimes I really feel like to have a soup instead of a burger. It’s weird, but I don’t mind :)

My inflammation in my knee is still there, but remarkable better than before.

Would I do it again?

Yes, definitely, I didn’t feel weak or something the whole time. After 2 days I got used to it not to eat. The only thing I didn’t like was to drink all the time lemon juice. At the end I got a little bit sick of it and I was so happy to drink orange juice. But you can drink a lot water while you on the diet. Consider the lemon juice as liquid food.

If you want more information about the Master Cleanser I recommend to buy the book on The Master Cleanser Or Lemonade Diet   Detoxify Your Body, it’s only about $6.

It would be great if you tell me about your experience with a diet or maybe about this one. If you have more question, just write a comment and I will try to help you. :)

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  1. avatar #1 - Jamie Says:

    I found a product called Simply Slender, it is a premixed 4 day lemonade diet. Im on day 2 and feel pretty good. I can eat fruits and veggies on this so i don’t feel deprived. Anyone tried this, any tips?

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I didn’t try that, but it sounds interesting. At least you can eat fruits and veggies. Let us know how it went when you are finish.

    Thanks for your comment :)

  3. avatar #4 - RAY Says:


  4. avatar #5 - Paulette Khaleel Says:

    I did the cleanse for 10 days and lost a total of 11 pounds. For the first 7 days the weight was coming off very slowly and then the last three days was very drastic. I feel good inside but a bit tired right now. I actually finished today (April 16th). With this experience i now realize that i don’t have to eat as often as i used to. I was never a fan of junk food. Was always trying to eat healthy but gained about 10 pounds over the christmas holidays by drinking alcohol. It was a shocker to me to see that alcohol could let you gain so much weight. I know that i will be able to manage myself much better by doing more exercise and sticking more to healthy eating.

  5. avatar #6 - Alex Says:

    Hey Paulette,

    congrats, you did it :)

    I guess you feel the same like me. I wasn’t so hungry anymore and I had more appetite for salad rather than fat meat.

  6. avatar #7 - Toni Says:

    While doing the master cleanse can you eat fruits and vegetables

  7. avatar #8 - Alex Says:

    Hey Toni,

    sorry, but you can not eat fruits and vegetables. Only a tea, lemon juice and water.

  8. avatar #9 - Isha Says:

    Would I be able to eat fruits or salads

  9. avatar #10 - Alex Says:

    Hey Isha,

    no, you are not able to eat fruits or salads. Only the Lemonjuice, water and tea. Good luck and let us know how it went!

  10. avatar #11 - Veronika Says:

    Hello, everyone!!, well, I read about Master Cleans last night, and decided to give a shot!! Today is my first day!!, But, I cheat a little bit in the morning–I got my coffee…., but after that, all day–just lemon drink!!To say that I don’t feel hungry—I CAN”T!!!but, seems like I did my FIRST day!!….now I got a question!! I know, its suppose to be Maple Syrup B, but the one I got it’s grad A amber. would be that OK, to use that one?!?!

  11. avatar #12 - Alex Says:

    Hey Veronika,

    how is the diet going? You should change to Maple Syrup B, it contains more energy for your body. With grade A you probably feel more weak. It is not bad, but it makes it more difficult for you if you use grade A.

  12. avatar #13 - angie Says:

    i read about the cleanser and would like to start tomorrow do u have any tip i would love to hear from anyone and can i use any vegetable while cleansing (eg. carrot)

  13. avatar #14 - Alex Says:

    Hey Angie, you cannot eat anything, even vegetables. Only the lemon juice, water and tea. Hope you can make it without the vegetables. Good luck!

  14. avatar #15 - angie Says:

    i start the MC today and i feel a bit hungry i do hope i can keep up for 10 days,i drink the sea salts it got a bad taste in my mouth i don’t think i can drink that again i will just use my sena tea insted.Can anyone pls tell me when i will stop feeling so hungry lol.

  15. avatar #16 - Julia Says:

    hey everyone,
    thanks for the encouragement! i’m on day three and i’ve been reading stories from doctors saying it’s all a scam, and i wanted to believe it but now that i’ve read about the results you’ve all experienced, i’ve come to realize it’s worth it! :)
    although i have to ask, how successful have you all been with keeping the weight off?

  16. avatar #17 - Alex Says:

    @Julia, the success to keep off the weight depends only on you! You probably will have more the desire to eat fruits and salads in the beginning after the diet. Keep on going and you will keep it off. But to avoid the Jojo Effect, eat in balance and do sport. A good suggestion is the 80/20 solution. Eat 80% healthy stuff but 20% whatever you want, you deserve it once a while to eat what you want and still having your desirable weight.

    @Angie, you did drink the sea salt the first day? It’s better to do it may in the middle of it to clean up your system completely and especially at the weekend, since you have to go to the bathroom quite often. You will feel hungry on the second day most. Especially at lunch time and dinner, but drink more at this time and you will survive it. Only 9 days to go. And if you feel you cannot make it for 10, just stop, but please start slowly to drink orange juice only and a day after salad and so on, don’t eat a steak if you can’t anymore after some days, instead of your goal of 10 days.

  17. avatar #18 - angie Says:

    well i survive the first day with a lot of headace and hungar but today i feel better no headace so far i hope it stay that way. when i am siting or lying i feel under my foot as it something runing down and i feel it in my waist 2 is it normal.

  18. avatar #19 - CJ Says:

    I was looking for some sort of detoxing & I came across this. I really would want to do it, but I’m not so sure as to how to get past my mum about it. She thinks I starve myself & so she doesn’t really approve of it. But I’ll give it a shot in a couple of weeks :)

  19. avatar #20 - Alex Says:

    Hi CJ, to be honest, you should talk to your mum, you don’t have to do it 10 days, 4 days or something is also helpful. Maybe your mom will even participate, that is more fun and easier. If you live with her together, your mom will find out anyway, that you doing it since she probably wants you to eat something once a while.

    @Angie, how is it going? Drink more if you have a headache. Your body is reacting funky in the beginning of course, but this should go away or be less like it was with the headache.

  20. avatar #21 - CJ Says:

    Todays my tenth day and I survived. Often, I had cravings for all kinds of food including steaks. Sounds normal? I have been a vegetarien the past 20 years. This was high summer and I ended on full moon
    Yes I will do this again. Next time in the Fall and when the moon is reducing( Abnehmenden Mond). I do not feel better nor thinner, I just know that my body is detoxicated.

  21. avatar #22 - Alex Says:

    Ähm, when I read until your second sentence, I thought of course it´s normal to crave for steaks, but that you are a vegetarian since 20 years, that is funny. :)
    I think it`s normal because your sense of smell and taste will be more sensitive and if you smell a great steak or you just think about it, you want it. I´m sure many people who really don´t like salad they would eat a whole bowl of it if they can while they are on this diet for 10 days. So I guess you don´t have to worry about it. In this time you just want eat anything. But maybe you should go back and just try a good steak again. If you want, check out my secret tip how to turn a $5 steak into a $50 Steak! ;)

    And congratulations! You made it, enjoy the delicious fresh squeezed orange juice. It probably will be the best orange juice ever.

  22. avatar #23 - CJ Says:

    Thanks for the support. The eleventh day has now happened. I guess it was important to write. I now plan for 14 days. By the way , I found a pair of tooo small jeans stashed away in my closet and guess what they fit! Yes, I could eat just about anything. I do find it amazing to be so strong. No thanks on the meat stuff. I used to eat the baked potato and sour cream and leave the steak for last and actually only ate it because that was what one did and I had to forget that it was a dead cow, chicken etc.

  23. avatar #24 - Alex Says:

    I guess it is a great feeling to find some old pair of Jeans you fit in again :D . My respect for doing it for 14 days.

  24. avatar #25 - Melissa Says:

    Today is my first day. I am only worried about giving up my coffee. I have been drinking that for ten years with out a break. I just have one strong cup in the morning. Anyone have good results and still have their morning cup of coffee?

  25. avatar #26 - Alex Says:

    Hey Melissa, hope you make it without coffee. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t know how it is without it, but I’m sure it’s not easy. Write back if you were able to get up in the morning without a strong caffeine kick.

  26. avatar #27 - CJ Says:

    Today is “after phase” day 2. Only orange juice and water? Again? Day 14 I did until noon, then I switched over to orange juice. So today is day two for me. This morning I took 2 Tbls. of Maple syrup because I got dizzy and also found that eating even less after the diet seemed strange. I will be glad when Friday comes along so that I can finally eat some real down to earth food. Oh, on the fourth day I want to take it as a slow start.

  27. avatar #28 - Linda Says:

    Someone told me that there was some safe foods you could snack on while on this diet, but everything I am reading says you cant eat nothing.
    Please give me clarification, I am considering trying this to lose weight.

  28. avatar #29 - Alex Says:

    Hey Linda,

    as far as I know, please don’t eat anything. There is no safe food. Ask the someone what kind of food he means and who told him that. Good luck with the diet!

  29. avatar #30 - CJ Says:

    Hi Linda, I just finished this diet….was the best thing I ever did. Please stick to it 100%. You will discover new inner strength and outer lightness. This is a cleanse not a diet, although you will at first have lost lots of weight. I now have found that I never really listened to my body. Is it hungery? or am I? So I’m watching my wants, needs, and does it really taste good. What an experience!

  30. avatar #31 - Alex Says:

    Hey CJ, thanks for your comment and motivation for Linda. Hope she will make it through. And a great advice to make sure if you are really hungry or just what you want.

  31. avatar #32 - james Says:

    some great tips there

    i will try this cleansing diet over the next few weeks


  32. avatar #33 - black beauty1 Says:

    tmrrw is the big day, i’m so nervous because of all the comments here. nevertheless I am going in head first…this 20lbs of garbage that’s been weighing me down for the last year has to go….everyone says this is not a diet…maybe it isn’t but people are losing 11-20 lbs n ten days that sounds like a diet to me, the main thing is to change my way of thinking about food & the majority of what you guys r saying I feel I will achieve just that…please wish me luck for I am 1 scared chicken….will let you know by the 27th….peace!!!!!

  33. avatar #34 - Alex Says:

    @ James, thanks for the compliment. Let us know how it goes.

    @ black beauty1, don’t worry you will make it. As everyone is saying, it’s not really a diet but you can change your eating habit to a healthier way after this and lose your weight or keep it after you lost 20lbs. Good luck and let us know on the 27th!

  34. avatar #35 - Fam Says:

    Nice tips.. thanks! ^^

  35. avatar #36 - Alex Says:

    @Fam Hope it will help you

  36. avatar #37 - donna Says:

    are you allowed 1 cup coffee in the morning without cream or sugar?

  37. avatar #38 - Alex Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but that´s not allowed. But you can drink a tea.

  38. avatar #39 - Shaunagh Says:

    Hi Alex..Would You Be Able To Tel Me Where IN Ireland Like In Cork Even If You Know Would I Be Able To Get The Grade B Maple Syrup And The Senna Leaf Tea..?Oh And Is Volvic Water Ok..Like Is That Purified.?And Is It Cayenne Chilli Pepper..?

  39. avatar #40 - Alex Says:

    Hey Shaunagh, unfortunately I don´t know where you can get Maple Syrup Grade B in Cork, but I´m sure there is somewhere. Search online or go to some natural food stores and the Tea you should get in some good stores or pharmacy. I think you can drink the volvic water and yes, it is Cayenne Chilli Pepper. :)

    Good like on it!

  40. avatar #41 - CJ Says:

    Shaunagh, Hi Here in Germany there is only grade A and C grade Maple syrup and only C does the job. I bought it in a DM Drog store and you can find it in maybe a health food store. The tea I could only buy at the Chemists. Lots of luck to you. The diet was great for me! I have lost my interest for chocolate..sugar!

  41. avatar #42 - Alex Says:

    @CJ, thanks for helping Shaunagh and congrats that the diet turned out so great for you!

  42. avatar #43 - Jasmine Says:

    Hey Im starting my MC in the AM I have all the stuff and Im sooo excited. Is it ok to take the Phentermine while on the MC to avoid hunger? Because I know me. I have a real promblem with snacking.

  43. avatar #44 - Alex Says:

    Good luck Jasmine! But I don’t think you should take anything. Try to do it without it, I’m sure you have a strong will. Stay strong and don’t give in.

  44. avatar #45 - Stephanie Says:

    that’s really a nice concept, i promise to start very soon because i met with some specific set of people who are doing it.but my question is that instead of a syrup, can i make use of honey?

  45. avatar #46 - Elizabeth Says:

    Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and positive feedback! I am starting TODAY and sticking to it this time. This will be my 3rd time trying it but have never held out for 10 days. Wish me luck and PRAY for me!

  46. avatar #47 - dumb! Says:

    ummmmmmmmm yeah. lets starve ourselves, and of course we’re gunna lose weight. lets try the diet..water and exlax. ppl are dumb these days. why not lose weight the normal way, a real diet, or working out. i have a knee injury but i can still work out, and i am on a diet that hasnt done me wrong, and guess what?? i still get to eat! fucking idiots! but hey thats just my opinion

  47. avatar #48 - Alex Says:

    @Stephanie, I think you cannot use honey instead. Honey rather harms your body. You can probably find something online about it. But that’s what it says in the book.

    @Elizabeth, good luck! Hope this time it works out.

    @dumb! I have the same opinion like you have, a balanced diet and working out is the best solution. But my question is, why are you so aggressive, even though it’s your opinion, you don’t have to call people f.. i…! For some people it might be a diet, for some others, like me, it was for detoxifying my body, this is why I didn’t write “How did I loose 20 pounds in 10 day”! Or did I?
    You are probably starving right now, this is why you are so aggressive. ;) Wish you well with your knee, I know how frustrating a knee injury can be.

  48. avatar #49 - shaunagh Says:

    hey thanks very much cj and alex.!i started it twice but gave up both times but i really am going to do it this time and come on every day to prove it to myself!!

  49. avatar #50 - CJ Says:

    Jasmine, Snacks, I think, are the problem anyway. I read that when you are hungry, actually the body is needing water. During the diet, I did this . I drank water or peppermint tea and found this the best support. Actually, I still drink water or make a peppermint tea when I want to snack. I was amazed that through the diet, I really felt and saw what inner strength means….so keep up on the diet.. one day at a time. …and congradulate yourself each finished day…. This can turn into personal love and respect…so watch out! (a joke)

  50. avatar #51 - Alex Says:

    Hey CJ, thanks for giving those tips. I’m sure that will make it easier for some people.

  51. avatar #52 - Alex Says:

    Hey Shaunagh, how is your diet going?

  52. avatar #53 - Stefanie Says:

    Hi everyone :) I’m just beginning day 4 of my cleanse and it’s going great! I’m so excited to be ridding my body of all the junk I’ve been putting into it for nearly 21 years. I am hoping to use the cleanse as a means to transition into a mostly fruit and vegetable diet but I’m still craving all of the junk foods that led me to the cleanse. I wasn’t expecting an over night transformation but I was hoping that by now being without food would be a lot easier. When did the food cravings stop for you guys?

  53. avatar #54 - Alex Says:

    Hey Stefanie, congratulation on your 4th day. The craving comes and goes all the time. But the worst time is the 2nd day normally. Hope you make it through and transform to a healthy diet. Good Luck!

  54. avatar #55 - Jasmine Says:

    Hi Guys!
    Its Day 3 of my Master Cleanse. Ive lost 4lbs in 3 days. But Ive worked out everyday for about 35 mins (elliptial) I usually do it for 45 to an hr work out but i dont to over do it while on the MC. I feel good and to my surprise I wasnt weak or tried after the workouts. I do have a slight headace and my stomach tends to hurt but then i drink the lemonade with a big glass of water behind it it also helps with the cravings and hungry. Im drinking my tea in the mornings and the last thing at night Im craving my homemade Mac and Cheese! And Im also craving my fav pizza with hot sause on However i read im suppose to be having 2-3 movements a day and ive only had 2 in 3 this normal?

  55. avatar #56 - Supa Says:

    Hey I’m on the lemonade diet and I was wondering if it I could have some peppermint or green tea while on it?

  56. avatar #57 - Alex Says:

    Hey Supa, I think that should be ok to drink peppermint or green tea. But a laxative tea should be more helpful. Good luck with the diet.

  57. avatar #58 - Supa Says:

    Thanks Alex. I just really can’t deal with the laxatives and needed another option.

  58. avatar #59 - Alex Says:

    If you can’t you are able to drink normal tea, but without sugar or milk.

  59. avatar #60 - Faster Healthier Says:

    The Master Cleanse is a great diet for fast and healthy weight loss. Most people don’t do it correctly, or “come off” of it the right way, but it seems you did and had some great results. Thanks for the post!

  60. avatar #61 - juju09 Says:

    I started the MC today i started of good, i wasn’t hungry during the day but then at the end of the day i cheated, my husband brough me something that i couldn’t resist but i drank the tea again and im planing to keep on going tomorow, it’s that ok? I promise i won’t cheat again. Oh bytheway i love the taste of the juice the kpeper gives it a nice kick of flavor.

  61. avatar #62 - juju09 Says:

    I hope its ok i ate something it was just a bit can i continued with the cleanse?

  62. avatar #63 - Alex Says:

    @Faster Healthier, unfortunately it’s true, only if you make it through and more important you come off correctly will give you the success.
    @juju09, sure you can continue with the diet, but try not to cheat again. If you do it once that is ok, but three, four, fives times is not working. So stay strong and resist whatever you get from your husband ;)

  63. avatar #64 - Stefanie Says:

    Hey Alex, Just wondering if I could substitute orange juice for another 100% juice when coming off of the cleanse? I don’t like orange juice too much. Also does the OJ have to be fresh squeezed? My local market has 100% OJ but it’s pasteurized I can go to whole foods to get Organic but it’s late and rainy so I wanted to stay in the neighborhood.

  64. avatar #65 - GRISY Says:


  65. avatar #66 - kristina Says:

    i’m thinking about starting this diet and i was just wondering after i’m done and i start eating again will my system be screwed up ? and will i gain lots of weight after cause i love eating meat & rice .

  66. avatar #67 - Natalie Pimentel Says:

    Can you drink any tea and when you are coming on does it have to be freshly squeezed ornage juice and what happens if you dont follow the coming off instructions

  67. avatar #68 - juju09 Says:

    I heard that drinking laxative tea is no good for your digestive sistem, is this truth? and if it is can the tea that your supose to drink with this cleanse harm me? cause you know you have to drink the laxative tea twise a day for 10days. Another thing is this (BNG Enterprises Simply Slender™ Lemonmade Diet) that comes ready for you just need to add 2tbl spoons to 1glass of watter is the same thing as the one you have to make yourself?

  68. avatar #69 - Goin4180 Says:

    I started the MC 3 days ago. I am completing the third day and I cannot believe I made it this far. I thought for sure I’d breakdown. Although I want food so bad Im holding on… So far lost 4.5 lbs…. Yippee!

  69. avatar #70 - Alex Says:

    @Goin4180, glad you made it so far. Stay strong and you will be reward for your strength :)
    @juju09, I don´t know anything about it, that the laxative tea is bad for you. Maybe if you drink it all the time and not only for 10 days. Because of the Simply Slender, it might be quiet the same, but like it always is, industrial made food is never as good as natural and homemade food. I would prefer to get fresh lemons and the right apple sirup. But you might try it out and let us know how it works.
    @Natalie, you probably allow to drink any tea, just without sugar and milk. Freshly squeezed orange juice has much more vitamines and taste much better, it´s giving you much more power. If you don´t come off the right way you could feel sick if you eat too much or something heavy. Also you probably gain weight again.
    @kristina, your system shouldn´t be screwed up, change your eating habits for good after the diet, it`s easier to do after the diet. Eating meat & rice isn´t bad at all, it depends how much you eat.
    @Grisy, hope your diet is going good and your fiance will join you soon.

  70. avatar #71 - Alex Says:

    @Stefanie, I´m sure you can, I guess orange juice is just the most common juice, so that´s why everybody is using it. But it should be fresh squeezed, more vitamines. BTW, whole foods has fresh oranges, just squeeze them at home :)

  71. avatar #72 - Nitra Says:

    I am on day one of the MC. I will admit that I am not hungry stomach wise but mind wise I am :) . I heard the first 3 days are the hardest so i will try to survive. My question is that Do you have to drink the salt rinse? I would prefer to just drink the tea morning and night. I have also found that it tastes so much better hot than cold. But it is getting hotter since it is sitting with the pepper in it.

  72. avatar #73 - catee Says:

    did you gan the weight you lost after and if not, how did you keep it off? i am a vegan and when i finish i want to stay away from any sweets or high calorie snacks i like but i read you gain all the weight back. i am scared that i will, i am doing this for a detox but if i loose weight i dont want to put it back on.

  73. avatar #74 - Alex Says:

    Hey Nitra, how is the diet going? You don´t need to drink the salt rinse, but it helps to clean your body even more. But it`s sufficient just to drink the tea.

    Hey catee, unfortunately I did, because I had a bad timing. Right after my diet we traveled to Vancouver and the food is delicious there and then my family visited from Europe so we went out quite a lot. Otherwise if you stay away from any sweets or other bad stuff, you shouldn`t gain much weight. But I also recommend don`t stay away from sweets all the time. Now and then it`s good to eat one.

  74. avatar #75 - lisa Says:

    I just wanted to say that I started something similar called the simply slender and it has all the ingredients that you are talking about but the only difference is that on this plan YOU CAN eat fruits and veggies so that you don’t shut down your metabloism. That is the only thing different. I have been on this cleanse for 2 days now and im feeling pretty good. I just hope that I lose a few pounds in the end. Anyways Simply slender is found at GNC.

  75. avatar #76 - Alex Says:

    Hey Lisa, there were also some other commenter who were talking about it. But I guess, this is the main difference. The lemonade diet is to detoxification your body and the simply slender is to loose weight. Good luck on your detoxification. Let us know how it went.

  76. avatar #77 - vic Says:

    Is it safe to detox your body like this while you are pregnant? For maybe four days?

  77. avatar #78 - Icy Says:

    Hi! I heard about this MC and I’m really interested. I do think I need to be detox my system. I get constipated ALOT (I know gross) and it’s pretty bad. I just have a question, how many glasses of the lemonade do I have to drink a day? When ever I get hungry? Thanks in advance. :)

  78. avatar #79 - Alex Says:

    @Icy, you can drink how much you want, but it should be at least drink 2L a day.
    @Vic, I would recommend not to try this while you are pregnant. Your body is under special circumstances anyway, you shouldn´t do it.

  79. avatar #80 - rin Says:

    I’ve heard lots of good things about the MC! I’ve had a friend whos done it and she had such great results! I’ve been thinking if I should on and off but I’ve never buckled down and decided to do it… Until now!

    My day schedule is so hectic with barely anytime to eat and most of the time I’m lucky if I can squeeze a good meal into the schedule. So I tend to crave super unhealthy things and when I have the time to eat, its always greasy goods that are horribly bad for your body. While I do have some extra pounds I’d like to shed, I think its more important for me to get healthy and crave some healthy greens again!

    I’m going to start this on Sunday the 14th and plan to do it for 10 days until the 23rd~ Thanks for writing this thread, it really got me motivated to start!

  80. avatar #81 - Alex Says:

    Hey Rin, good to hear you are trying out. Good luck for the next 10 days and let us know how it went. And thanks for the compliment, that motivates me to write this blog :)

  81. avatar #82 - MissAliss Says:

    I am on Day 2 & surviving! Can you have Diet Cokes or caffeine free drinks while on the cleanse?

  82. avatar #83 - Alex Says:

    @MissAliss -
    Short answer: No! Sorry but nothing else than lemon, water and cayenne pepper :(

    Good luck for the next days, the 2nd and 3rd are the most difficult. How long will you do the diet, until you know who is the new president of the United States? That would be an interesting goal. ;)

  83. avatar #84 - Shevawn Says:

    I started the master cleanse today with the Slimply slender product from GNC. It’s more spicy than I thought it would be but I’m able to stomach it. I’m not hungry but it’s so hard smelling everyone’s lunch around me here at work.

    In the end I know it’ll pay off. I just quit smoking so I’m really wanting to rejuvenate my body; inside and out!

  84. avatar #85 - Alex Says:

    @Shevawn -
    Looks like you go through a big change, quit smoking and now the diet, good luck with that. I know it’s hard to resist the great smell of your colleague’s lunches, but I would suggest, go outside, take some fresh air and go back to office at the end of lunch time.

  85. avatar #86 - OLA Says:

    Nice site.
    It’s day 6 for me today. It hasn’t been easy but i’m hanging there. The cravings are gone.Funny enough,i cant stand any kind of food.Maybe it’s my metabolism, but i’ve got no desire to drink my lemonade either!

  86. avatar #87 - Rebecca Says:

    I’m on day 3 and trying to encourage myself so I don’t quit. It’s hard, and I’m cold. BUT, I’m going to really try to get to 10 days.

  87. avatar #88 - Alex Says:

    @OLA -
    I had the same, I couldn’t stand to drink it anymore except very cold, hope that helps.

    Hey Rebecca,

    good luck for trying 10 days, let us know how it went. :)

  88. avatar #89 - MissAliss Says:

    Almost made it to the election-just three days too short! So close!! Went very well! I ended up finding it easier than expected-Day 1 was hardest for me. Feel great and lost 6lbs. Will be doing it every 4 months or so.

  89. avatar #90 - firedup Says:

    I used the Simply Slender Lemonade Diet that is not as severe but does the same cleanse and detox. It recommends only 2-4 days so my doctor supported me on this. I have some health problems and was unable to do 10-40 days which is controversial in some circles. This was the perfect solution for me. If you are want to do a detox check this out!

  90. avatar #91 - Alex Says:

    @firedup -
    Thanks for your link firedup

  91. avatar #92 - red hair princess Says:

    hi there,

    im on my 1st day of my Master Cleanse diet. and am really getting hungry every hour that passes by. cant i really eat anything? r fruits like apples or grapes really not allowed to be eaten? pls help me. thanks

  92. avatar #93 - Alex Says:

    @red hair princess -
    Sorry, but they are not allowed, hope you made it through your first day. Keep going, on your third day it will be better.

  93. avatar #94 - firedup Says:

    Jamie – I have tried it for 4 days and was really energized. I recommend it so stick with it. The rewards will be worth it. Congratulations! Let me know if you need support. Good thing to do b4 turkey day!

  94. avatar #95 - shirley Says:

    i did the master cleanse back in Sept and lost 14 pounds in 10 days… I am going on it again tomorrow for 30 days. I found the Grade B Syrup Organic at my local Whole Foods Market and it was 7.99 per 16oz… much cheaper than the prepackaged… Do not eat any food, cause it will slow down the process. The first time I did it.. my worse day was #4, after that I had a huge burst of energy and it never slowed down!

  95. avatar #96 - Alex Says:

    @shirley -
    30 days!? Wow, let us know how that goes. We are eager to hear about it.
    Hey firedup, thanks for motivating other people, I’m sure they appreciate that and helps a lot :)

  96. avatar #97 - firedup Says:

    You are welcome Alex. Did anyone try it after Thanksgiving? I hope it has been working out for those of you who did. It’s just amazing to me how energized I feel.

  97. avatar #98 - mishiao Says:

    i started the master cleanse today, i had the sea salt wash this morning .. but i puke it back out coz i felt so sick… but im still drinking the lemonade, is it ok just taking the laxative tea instead of the sea salt water??

  98. avatar #99 - Alex Says:

    @mishiao -
    It’s not necessary to drink the salt water, maybe once in the middle of you diet. But next time try it out with a little bit less salt, that might help. But the tea is enough if you really don’t like the salt water.

    Good luck!

  99. avatar #100 - mishiao Says:

    i guys just a update on my 3rd day into this detox.. and i lose 3kgs already my goal is 10 kgs or a bit more.. if im really really hungry and feel like im gonna faint what are some foods i can take?

  100. avatar #101 - Alex Says:

    Hey Mishiao,

    unfortunately you cannot eat anything, your headache will go away, drink more lemon juice if not. Good luck!

  101. avatar #102 - brown Says:

    2morow i will be starting this…cant wait to see the results you guys are talking about because im a pretty lazy person. dont do much activities and mostly eat un healthy foods…im hoping i make it to the 14th day thats my goal

    will keep posting to let u guys know how its all going for me


  102. avatar #103 - Leasa Kehnemund Says:

    I started MC diet today….feeling good so far and actually enjoy the tast of the lemon drink. My son told me the sea salt and cayenne pepper also have to be organic? does anyone know if that is absolutely necessary? thanks…

  103. avatar #104 - Jane Says:

    Starting the diet on january 1st very nervous that i woun’t be able to hold out! Very excited though hoping that others are still doing the diet and i get a little support and hope I can give some as well!!

  104. avatar #105 - Shine Says:

    im debating wether to go on the simply slender drink or the actual mc… im so confused. which do you think would be better for me to try? it would be my first time. AND i dont want to be going to the bathroom constantly because i would be in school and it would be really hard.. any advice?

  105. avatar #106 - Alex Says:

    @brown, Leasa, Jane, how is it going, are you still hang in there? I really hope so, I can imagine it must be hard, especially right before New Years Eve.

    @Leasa, your son might be right with the organic cayenne pepper and sea salt, but I just grabbed the one I saw on the shelf. I think it’s better to have everything organic, but it isn’t essential if not. BTW, I really don’t know any cayenne pepper or sea salt which isn’t organic.

    @Shine, follow your feeling, I think the MC is the harder way, but try out the lemon juice, if you like it, it might be easier, if not, go with the simply slender drink. With MC you won’t have to go to the bathroom constantly. Only if you drink warm water with sea salt. Good luck!

  106. avatar #107 - Jane Says:

    On day 2 of the cleanse and still hanging in there. I feel much better today than i did yesterday. I have done the warm water and sea salt and you do go to the bathroom consantly. the herbal laxative doesn’t work for me not sure why. This cleanse is pretty good, i am amazed at how it curbed my appetite so quickly. I hope everyone else is doing well too.

  107. avatar #108 - Alex Says:

    Hey Jane happy to hear that and thanks for your report. With the sea salt you really have to go constantly, that’s why I recommend it only at the weekend. Glad you are not so hungry anymore, for example a juicy, fresh, appetizing hamburger or steak anymore. ;)

  108. avatar #109 - Lisa Says:

    Today is day one. I’m really going to try and hang in there for 10 days…it seems so far away right now.

  109. avatar #110 - Jane Says:

    Day three… feeling great and hanging in there. Not doing it for weight loss but have lost 7 lbs so far and that is deffinitly a added bonus! Very excited about this.

    Lisa I hope that you are doing well. I didn’t think I would ever make it past the first or part of the second day but when you start feeling better and see the added result of weight loss it makes everything worth it. I check this often just to see how everyone is doing so feel free to talk to me!!

  110. avatar #111 - brown Says:

    well guys i failed but all for good reasons it was new years and couldnt start it for the obvious reasons. anyways im starting today

    jane thats great your on your third day keep it up hope i can make it like u.

    and lisa i kinda feel like you do but it doesnt seem that bad all the comments here are positive and it looks like its not as bad as it seems

    will keep u guys up dated


  111. avatar #112 - Jane Says:

    Thanks Brown. I am not going to lie it is hard at first but now on my fourth day I am still going amazingly. This morning I woke up feeling a little lightheaded but I think that has to do with not drinking enough yesterday! Make sure you drink plenty of the lemonade mix. Good luck everyone

  112. avatar #114 - foerster Says:

    HAPPY NEW 2009!
    Hello, I´m ready – hopefully. I´ve read all posts a few times and hope that I can stop all my bad habits in the next days and loose some weight:
    smoking and drinking coffe spoiled my health and my body over the past 7 years, I seriously hope with the lemonade I can get rid of it and make a step into a new healthier way of living. I thought that anytime I´d like to eat something or smoke I´ll come back to this site to motivate myself. Please wish me luck but most of all discipline. Thanks and till tomorrow!

  113. avatar #115 - foerster Says:

    Oh and thank you so much for this useful site and congratulation to all of those who´ve made it!!!

  114. avatar #116 - MR Says:

    This is my second time on MC and I have to admit the 1st time was a lot easier. This time I am having a hard time drinking the whole 6 10 oz glass min and the taste of the syrup is too sweet.
    I have become such a food sob since doing MC early this year. It’s pretty funny to me. I can only eat what is absolutely natural. After doing MC over the first time, I have become a “veggie”. I can’t seem to turn back, meat just turns me off. I do want to look into the raw foods a little but I love grilled mushrooms and onions so I will probably do a little of both.
    Thanks for having a place to chat a little about MC and if any one has any tips on how to beat over sweet taste, I am all ears.

  115. avatar #117 - MR Says:

    I did 11 days over the summer and am going for 21 days this time around. I have already lost 10lbs in 5days so I am ready to see what the final outcome will be.;)

  116. avatar #118 - Alex Says:

    @MR -
    Great to hear all these successful stories, and thanks for everyone to support each other. :)

  117. avatar #119 - k Says:

    This is my 4th day and when they said the third was the toughest- they weren’t lying! Omg, I thought I was going to die! Lol now day 4 going into 5- I feel great and am about to start working out! I’ve lost 4 pounds total although the first 3 days there wasn’t any significant weight loss. I increased my water intake and I dropped 3 pounds today. My goal is 30 days. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  118. avatar #120 - Alex Says:

    @k -
    Oh 30 days, that will be quite long, good luck! And thanks for letting us know how it goes :)

  119. avatar #121 - lana Says:

    i started today. last night had my herbal laxative tea. heard my tummy grumble early hours of the morning, must of been the tea working. woke up and went straight to the bathroom, i did the salt water flush this morning, but wont be doing it everyday as the taste is gross. have already been to the toilet 5 times today. my stomach doesnt feel as bloated anymore and its only day one. hope i can survive the whole 10 days.

  120. avatar #122 - Shine Says:

    okay! i got all the stuff i need to do the actual Mc!! BUT.. i dont have any laxative tea.. just normal green tea.. and i dont think i got grade B maple syrup.. just organic.. i couldnt find these 2 things.. am i going to be alright with this..? please let me know!! im intending to start tomarrow.. and.. i want my mom to do it too but she has a bit of arthiritis. can she still do it???

  121. avatar #123 - Alex Says:

    @lana, hope you still keep going until the 10th day, good luck!

    @Shine, I think it will be ok, though it won’t be effective as you would have Grade B and laxative tea. Please check again, in many stores are laxative teas or in a pharmacy. They normally have some.

    I think for your mother it won’t be a problem at all, it might even help a little bit against her arthritis. Good Luck to you both!

  122. avatar #124 - brown Says:

    on my third day i woke up and felt soo weak and tired. my breathing wasnt as normal and felt hot. i wonder why that happened, i couldnt continue with the M/C. did anything like that happen to anyone befor or maybe i wasnt doing it right???

    day 1 and 2 was normal i didnt have any problems i thought that it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be but on day 3 it was just all wrong i couldnt even walk properly my legs would shake??

  123. avatar #125 - Shine Says:

    okay, i got all the things, i still couldnt find grade b maple syrup, but i think it will be okay, wish me luck guys.. im really hoping this will work. ill keep you all updated.

  124. avatar #126 - Alex Says:

    Hey Brown, if you really felt that bad, then it’s better to stop, sorry to hear that. Did you drink enough water and did you have Grade B?

  125. avatar #127 - Alex Says:

    Good luck Shine :) it will probably work without Grade B. Hope you won’t feel so weak as Brown did on her third day.

  126. avatar #128 - mia Says:

    I am reading all the posts as encouragement, tomorrow will be day 4 for me. I had a horrible headache this morning, but it went away after drinking the lemonade. I am going to try to stick it out for 10 days. The good part is my sleep has been awesome, no waking in the middle of the night for several hours. My skin does look really good, and I love not feeling bloated down with food. However, I have been avoiding my friends and going out, because I don’t want to have to explain the cleanse to everyone. I will continue to read everyone’s posts, for input and encouragement so keep them coming! Thanks and good luck to everyone. I will continue to give updates on how I am doing.

  127. avatar #129 - brown Says:

    hey alex, well yeah i did have grade b but i reckon that it might be that i didnt drink enough water thats probably the reason why i felt that way.

    but i will give it another go in the near future.


  128. avatar #130 - J Says:

    I’m starting the MC tomorrow, but i don’t like tea. Is this still going to work? Please help.

  129. avatar #131 - Alex Says:

    @mia -
    Good to hear that it’s going on so well. Let us know how you doing at the end

    @brown, hope you doing better next time, maybe with more water :)

    @J, don’t worry, the tea is just a supporting component but it’s not essential. And you really don’t like tea, did you try a lot, there are really good ones, believe me.

  130. avatar #132 - J Says:

    @Alex, Thanks for responding. I have tried some green teas but I really just don’t like the taste. The lemonade is enough. I’m starting my first day today. Do I have to go the full 10 days or will I see some results with maybe 4 or 5 days?

  131. avatar #133 - Alex Says:

    You can do how many days you want, some just do 3 days, others 5, 10 or up to 40 days. But don’t forget to do the same thing as after 10 days to come off the Cleanser. Good luck!

  132. avatar #134 - Martinimasterm02 Says:

    I love the clense! Im on my last day and I feel great. I do have a prob see Im in the military and the dorm im staying in only comes equiped with a microwave. If i must buy soup from a can what do you recommend?

  133. avatar #135 - Lovely tricey Says:

    i am starting the master cleanser 2morrow i hve tp go to prom in june wish me luck

  134. avatar #136 - Alex Says:

    @Lovely tricey -
    Good Luck Lovely tricey :)

    @Martinimasterm02, great to hear that, I’m sure that will motivate even more people to try it out.

  135. avatar #137 - sarah Says:

    i really want to try this! though it’ll be pretty hard to give up food for a while. =X

    i tried looking for laxative teas but they don’t have them in the supermarket near my house, nor did they have grade B maple syrup. i could only find grade A. is that okay?

  136. avatar #138 - Alex Says:

    @sarah -
    The grade A should work, also try out to get the tea at some local pharmacy, they might have it.

  137. avatar #139 - martinimasterm02 Says:

    orange juice is rough. Im on midshift. I work on fighter jets all night and like a 9 to 10 hour shift is regular.basically the OJ wasn’t cutting it last night energy wise. i did make it and also i found the perfect microwavable friendly vegetable broth its totally organic and can be picked up just about any supermarket. the broth will def get me through the next few days. so no excuse people, everyone should be able to do this diet from start to finish.

  138. avatar #140 - Tameria Says:

    I am on Day three and I am sooo excited. I THOUGHT I was getting hungry, but you all know the lemonade cured that. Thanks for all of your comments and the words of encouragement are REALLY helping me1 Seven more to go.

  139. avatar #141 - Tameria Says:

    My co worker started with me, but she started throwing up on day two. Is that normal? Also for anyone trying..I was extremely tired my first day. I went home after work and got some rest and I felt like a new woman!

  140. avatar #142 - Marion Renee Says:

    I have a friend who really wants to do the MC but has an allergy to tomatoes and peppers. Is there any other pepper other than cayenne that she can take to help loosen mucous while she’s on the fast? She can eat pepper corns, can she use those as a substitute???

    So want to help her… please respond asap.


  141. avatar #143 - Alex Says:

    @martinimasterm02 -
    Glad you find the perfect broth and you almost through with it. Congrats!

    @Tameria, hope it’s still going well with you. Why your co-worker threw up, I don’t know, that is not normal. Question is, is it because of the diet or did she get a flu or something. Some people throw up when they did drink too much Saltwater and too fast, but I guess she didn’t drink any yet.

    @Marion, she is allergic to cayenne pepper? I don’t know if pepper corns would be a good substitute. Maybe she should try it out without cayenne pepper or with just a little tiny bit. If she is feeling very weak after some days without the cayenne pepper, she might stop it.

  142. avatar #144 - Marion Renee Says:

    Thanks for the response. I will tell her and I will keep you posted on how it goes…

    The book does say the vomitting happens in some cases, and to not find it strange because the body will eliminate the waste the best route possible.
    My sis-n-law throw up after starting, we suspect it was the Jack n the box she at just prior to starting.

  143. avatar #145 - Alex Says:

    Thank you for the info Marion, didn’t remember that, but that’s a good reason why she threw up.

  144. avatar #146 - Natalie Says:

    I just found out I might be pregnant (pregnancy test shows a faint positive line) and I’m on DAY 8….is it safe to finish the 10 or should I stop? will the 8 days affect the baby if I am pregnant?

  145. avatar #147 - Alex Says:

    @Natalie -
    Hey Natalie, congratulations! I don’t know if it can harm the baby. I probably would start with the coming off now or tomorrow. Since your body is clean and detoxed that might be really good for the baby. But I’m sure the baby also needs some more than just lemon juice and tea. My reommendation is to stop and maybe starting again in 9 month :)

    Hope everything goes well!

  146. avatar #148 - sarah Says:

    @alex: i went to the pharmacy near my house (walgreens) but they didn’t have any laxative teas. is there any alternative i could use? i wanted to try starting the MC tomorrow

  147. avatar #149 - firedup Says:

    Shine: I tried the Simply Slender and it worked out great for me. It contains extra vitamins and supplements to help your body as you cleanse. Some naysayers don’t like the Simply Slender just for that reason, but I feel that I need to get nutrients somehow if I’m not gonna eat for 4 days. It’s a lot less messy too! Unfortunatley part of the process of cleansing requires that you eliminate them from your body. You have to mix Simply Slender with water and drink it numerous times a day to flush out the toxins. So many bathroom trips may be inevitable.

  148. avatar #150 - Alex Says:

    @Sarah, try out Whole Food or maybe even Albertson, Kroger or something which is a more expensive grocery store, they mostly have a laxative tea. Hope that helps

    @firedup, thanks for your information!

  149. avatar #151 - sarah Says:

    okay! ive finally got everything i need and am on day one of the MC! ^^
    thanks for the help alex! ill see you all in 15 days! :D

  150. avatar #152 - hope Says:

    I am just finishing my 9th day on the fast and I’ve never felt better! I was originally only going to do it for 10 days but I’m thinking I’ll try for 14. I sleep great wake up easy and have tons of energy. Spiritually I feel renewed as well. This was the best thing I could have done!

  151. avatar #153 - teetee Says:

    i started the MC on Sunday but flunked out and started again on Monday because I don’t like to give up and know how important it is to detox my body. yesterday went pretty smoothly but i was cranky towards the end of the day. i didn’t do a full 60 ounces either but i did drink plenty of water. today, day #2 i am suffering with a serious headache but i know it’s because of the toxins that are trying to be released from my body and my body trying to adjust to not having any food. i know tomorrow will be a better day and i am looking forward to it. i can’t wait to get past day 3

  152. avatar #154 - kitty Says:

    Can i use a laxative like mineral oil? or does it have to be the tea??

  153. avatar #155 - Alex Says:

    @sarah -
    hope you will make it and feel just great as hope does.

    @hope, that’s really great to hear that, really happy to hear that.

    @teetee, I hope you feel better now, after the 3rd day you should have past the worst time

    @kitty, I’m not sure if you can use it, if you can, take the tea. Otherwise I think it’s not to bad to use mineral oil.

  154. avatar #156 - teetee Says:

    Well I’m on day 4 and when I woke up on Day 3 my headache was gone. Thank the lord. Now my tongue is disgusting looking and my breath stinks, but I already know why. Due to all of the toxins coming out of my body. The only reason I can handle it is because I already know the reason why and I knew ahead of time by reading other people post. I feel better. I’m so happy I’m doing this cleanse. It’s awesome. The body is truly an amazing piece of art. I have lost some weight but don’t know how much. I’m not really keeping up with the weight loss. I did this fast to detox my body and it is working. I’ve yet completed an entire 60 ounces but I’m experiencing much elimination. I think I’m going to make it to the 60 ounces today.

  155. avatar #157 - Vanessa Says:

    I’m on day 2 of the Master Clense and it has been going well. I’ve lost almost 5 pounds already! I’ve yet to do the salt water flush but I’m going to try it on sunday if I make it that long because I don’t feel like running to the bathroom at work every minute. Although I have only been drinking about 5 glasses of the lemonade a day. Is that bad? I don’t feel hungry.

  156. avatar #158 - Melinda Says:

    Love your blog! I’ve just been refreshing the 404 Not Found page to check out the jokes, what a great idea for the page!

    Just a note on your english, the correct word in the title of this post should be “Detoxify” – detoxicate sort of means to put toxins into your body not remove them, although it’s actually not a real word. LOL! The right word will help with google searches, I hope you don’t mind me pointing it out!


  157. avatar #159 - Alex Says:

    @Vanessa, you should drink more than 5 glasses a day, even though you not feeling hungry, it might hit you one day, because you didn’t drink enough!

    @Melinda – Thank’s a lot for your advice! I changed it already :) , wonder why nobody else told me.

    Thanks for the compliment, glad you like my website and the 404, wonder how you found it. Have to check for some old dead links.

    Good luck with the Master Cleanse!

  158. avatar #160 - Melinda Says:

    I found your 404 page from here http://blogof.francescomugnai......ror-pages/

    Probably nobody said anything about the wrong word because we realise that English isn’t your first language. Normally I wouldn’t correct someone else’s blog, however when the mistake is in the title it affects SEO so it’s important.

  159. avatar #161 - Alex Says:

    How funny, I read Francesco’s blog too, but didn’t have the time to read any blogs the last week. Cool to be on there. Thought already you found some dead links.

    If you would have to correct the whole content you probably wouldn’t get done with it until Christmas 2014. ;)

    Thanks a lot for the heads up!

  160. avatar #162 - damali Says:

    Well today is my first day of my 2nd attempt at the MC…the first time was fairly successful with 3 days. But this time I am going for the gusto 10days!!!!!! The posts here have been very encouraging and have distracted me from eating, snacking…yay! still looking to see if i can snack on veggies while on cleanse though. any thoughts?

  161. avatar #163 - Alex Says:

    @damali -
    sorry for my late reply, glad this post is encouraging you, I would rather pass on any veggies, stick to the juice, water and tea. Hope it will work out well. Good luck!

  162. avatar #164 - Andrea Says:

    Hello, all of your comments have been very encouraging, especially because i have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks and want to use this not only to detoxify my body but to lose the weight. But here is the catch I suffer from migraines, and I am afraid if i start the MC that I wont be able to finish it. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

  163. avatar #165 - Angela Says:

    So, I began the Master Cleasne today and I did hear that Beyonce Knowles (from Destiny’s Child group) ate raw veegies high in water content and did the cleanse for 14 days and lost 20 lbs. for her role in the film, “Dream Girl’s”. Anyone wondering what veggies you can eat might want to do a little research by googling Beyonce’s diet. I am starving right now. Quick question? (I know this might defeat the purpose) but can you smoke a cigarrette in the cleanse? For all intent and purpose, just tio kick the hunger fit? Or is that just ridiculous!

  164. avatar #166 - Jackie Says:

    today was my 1st day on MC and it was so hard, i have a 2 year old that i am constantly feeding so i can never stop thinking about food. and i have a huge headache i really hope that this will go away. reading all of this really gave me hope.. so lets see if i have the will power.

  165. avatar #167 - Alex Says:

    Hey Andrea,you probably will have a headache the first or second day, doesn’t have to be a migraine. If you get one, I’m sure it makes it hard to stick through this, but who knows, maybe you rather don’t get any at this time, since you detoxify your body and since nobody really knows the reason of a migraine, it might the new solution to get rid off it. I doubt, but I would try it out. Good luck!

    Hey Angela, smoking shouldn’t be a good solution to kick the hunger, when you are hungry, drink the lemon juice, that should help. And thanks for the Beyonce tip!

    Hi Jackie, it is really normal to have a headache, it will go away after the first or second day, hope you make it through, good luck!

  166. avatar #168 - Andrea Says:

    Thank you Alex, yeah I guess I’ll just have to try and see. I need all the support I can get, so you’ll be hearing from me a lot. I will buy everything this weekend and start Monday. And again thank you for your response.

  167. avatar #169 - Andrea Says:

    You know what I changed my mind. Since I have been reading that headaches are better on the third day, I will start Saturday and if I do get any they’ll be gone by Monday. Wish me luck!!

  168. avatar #170 - Leabhra Says:

    Hey I’m hoping to start the cleanse diet next week. I’m feeling nervous and anxious because I have very litle willpower. Then when I dont see something through due to this i get very low on myself. I would love this to be a way of getting support.I need support. If i cant do this I willfeel so bad.

  169. avatar #171 - metalkpretty05 Says:

    Hi, I am on day 5 of the MC, I have lost 9 pounds so far, and am enjoying it a lot! Day 1 and 2 were a breeze, but day 3 was the worst. I had a horrible headaches and cravings for meat- which is weird because i have been a vegetatian for a long time.

    I had a suggestion for anyone with headaches that was reccommended by a friend:
    take 2 teaspoons of the maple syrup in a 8 oz glass of water. The extra sugar will boost your blood sugar and get rid of the headache.

    Good luck!

  170. avatar #172 - Alex Says:

    Hey Andrea, how is the diet going, hope your headache is not too bad and you are still motivated. Good luck!

    Leabhra, here are many other people behind us, don’t be so low on yourself, then you will lose in the beginning. And if you fail with the amount of days you aimed to do, don’t worry, at least you did it and next it will be more. Be more self confident, kick yourself in your butt and trust yourself. If you need some motivation let us know and everybody here will help you.

    Hey metalkpretty05, you are not the first one who is vegetarian and cravings for meat. Somewhere in these comments there where another person, or it might be on my German website. Can’t remember.

    Glad it works out so good for you and thanks for the suggestion! I’m sure many will appreciate that!

  171. avatar #173 - Andrea Says:

    Hi Alex, it is going good I did start yesterday and it’s been going good. I am on my second day and today has been ok, but I have had a little bit more of a headache today, but it is bearable. Thank you for your follow up. I’ll keep you updated.

  172. avatar #174 - christina Says:

    is it better to drink 6 or 12 glasses of leomade a dat? today is my first day. my body seems to retain water than loose it.

  173. avatar #175 - Kerry Says:

    If I get a headache, can I take ibuprofen while on the MC?? I am going to try to start today. I am hoping overall it will help me feel better but wouldn’t mind losing weight as well. I am not overweight (size 8) but just feel really bloated and heavy in my midsection lately. I think I will only go 3-5 days though. Wish me luck!!

  174. avatar #176 - Andrea Says:

    Hey Kerry, I started the diet Saturday I am ono my fifth day, and haven’t really gotten headache. I only got it the second day because i spent most of the day in bed, but trust me you’l be fine I suffer from my migraines specially when i dont eat and havent gotten one at all. So, you’ll be fine. Good Luck!!

  175. avatar #177 - Alex Says:

    @Andrea, good to hear you feel well. Thanks for letting us know how it is going.

    @Christina, you can drink as much as you want, more is even better.

    @Kerry, you should try to handle without Ibuprofen. Good luck though, hope you feel better after that.

  176. avatar #178 - Theresa Says:


    I am starting my MC today, I have gained a fair bit of weight! I am determined to do 14 days I have done a lot of research and I am fully aware that I will not be able to eat :( I will keep you all posted wish me luck!


  177. avatar #179 - ADT Says:

    hey everyone! i just started the mc diet today…i just finished drinking my lemonade and i’m going to go out and find the laxative tea today…i read somewhere i could use green tea…is that true?

  178. avatar #180 - Keturah Says:

    Today is my first full day on it and I feel famished but the more water I drink I feel a bit more full. How long do the hunger pains usually last? Is it safe to drink the salt water regiment more than the one time?

  179. avatar #181 - marie Says:

    hi alex, i am starting the cleanse on friday and i’m shooting for 10 days. i’m actually very excited to begin, aside from losing some weight im excited to begin a healthy lifestyle after the cleanse. i do have one worry, if i drink the tea in the morning is it really going to umm…”disrupt” my day at work? cant afford to be running to the bathroom every 1/2 hour ya know??

  180. avatar #182 - sarah Says:

    I am on day 15 of a 30 day cleanse. I switch from the master cleanse to a water fast on day 10. It was going really well the only thing is I cheated big time today (I’m talking about greasy food cheating!) I felt sooo bad and added to that i had the worst cramps ever and threw up all the food I ate. Is it okay to keep going because I really don’t feel cleanse yet or did I ruin it? Oh I also took 2 hoodia pills before eating and because I felt so bad afterwards I drank some laxative tea. I’m a mess I know! What should I do?

  181. avatar #183 - Anyea Says:

    Hi everyone today is my second day on mc the day is almost over but Im thinking about food. My body is so sore is that normal? Help me I need someone to talk to

  182. avatar #184 - Alex Says:

    @Theresa, good luck and let us know how it goes

    @ADT, I don’t know if you can use it, didn’t hear of anyone who did, but you might try it out and let us know how it goes. Good luck!

    @Keturah, it normally will be 2 days, sometimes 3. You can drink the salt water several times without any problems.

    @Marie, you shouldn’t be worry about it, it’s not that strong, but if you drink the salt water, that will work, so use that only at the weekend.

    @Sarah, wow, my respect, even though you cheated. Go on with it, if you want, since you threw up everything anyway. It should be fine. So no worries, just go ahead and continue.

    @Anyea, it is normal but this will change soon. You will feel much better after some days. And good luck to you too.

  183. avatar #185 - sarah Says:

    Thanks alex!!!

  184. avatar #186 - octavia Says:

    I am going on day 3 of my cleanse..I have a strange habit of swollowin my gum when I am finished this is the 1st and only thing that I have swollowed other than my lemonade drink since I started..I didn’t think about it till it was already in my belly is that ok if I don’t do it again??

  185. avatar #187 - Kristen Says:

    Hi, so I’m a runner and a while ago, I gained a whole bunch of wieght that is causing so many problems with my body. I eat really healthy foods, but I eat way too much of them. Will I still feel cleansed even if I don’t eat greasy foods? Also, can I keep doing my hardworkouts while on the cleanse? I really need to keep training.

  186. avatar #188 - Andrea Says:

    Hey Alex, well I finished my MC but only did it for 6 days my stomach was protesting too much : ) But it went well. You really do not experience any headaches at all meaning that the MC ingredients really do provide the nutrients you need for the period of time you are on it. So thanks for everything and I really do recommend the MC because it cleanses your body, you lose weight and your stomach if experiencing bloating really makes it go down a lot. So Good Luck to everyone. PS. I lost 10 lbs.

  187. avatar #189 - marie Says:

    hey alex, so i started the MC and im currently on day 5. ive been doing the tea morning and night and ive come to find that my tummy just does not like the tea and tends to get angry with me ALL DAY at work. would it be okay to take a rolaid if it gets really bad? or is that completely against the rules? i just dont know how long i can deal with this at work…im not hungry at all. just irritated. how long does it usually take for the SWF to finish?? maybe i could get up early tomorrow and try that?? i dunno.

  188. avatar #190 - Tha Music Blogging Machine Says:

    This is soo weird, I would definitely not want to do this.
    But I guess it works.
    I’d get a little hungry though…

  189. avatar #191 - Ryan Says:


    I just started the master cleanse today for the first time ever. I didn’t know about the tea though. I’ll have to get it tomorrow. I cheated a little bit tonight and ate some banana and strawberries. Tomorrow I’m solid though. I felt totally energized all day and not starved or anything like that. Word.

  190. avatar #192 - Alex Says:

    @Ryan, hope you stay solid, because if not, you won’t clean your body. hope you still feel great.

    @Tha Musi Blogging Machin, try it out, it’s worth it

    @Marie, sorry for the late response, how did it go. I hope you didn’t take rolaid. If you cannot handle the tea, just drink it once a day or every second day.

    @Andrea, thanks a lot to motivate all other readers and for your complient!

    @Kristen, you will still feel cleansed and you can continue your workouts, but don’t make it too hard. :)

    @octavia, how did it go? It will be ok, if you don’t swallow your gum everytime, although in general I would stop doing that. :)

  191. avatar #193 - Nadiah Says:

    Hey Alex, I am starting soon and I’m wondering if I can just drink the lemon juice without taking any salt water or laxative tea as mentioned?

  192. avatar #194 - Alex Says:

    You better should drink the tea, even one time a day. If not, you won’t have to go to the bathroom and the crap in your body won’t leave.

  193. avatar #195 - nara Says:


    I have started MC and I take usually Sienna Smooth Move pill. I don’t like laxative tea so much. I am on day 2 right now. Is it OK to substitute with pill? Thanks.


  194. avatar #196 - Jay Says:

    I am starting MC tommorow , waking up @7am to drink the 1 quart of saltwater yuck,btw I love food so this is a TRY, tryna lose at least 10lbs,I feel motivated by others responses but Iono anyhoo I am shooting for 5 days If my body can go beyond, we’ll see, but whats this about ur metabolism slowing down so if I gain weight it will be harder to lose, after doing MC??

  195. avatar #197 - Alex Says:

    @Nara, it shouldn’t be thatbad, if your stomach feels fine after taking it, then it might be ok.

    @Jay, this is also why you have this transition after the MC, so your metabolism gets normal again. MC is a great start to eat healther in general. Good luck!

  196. avatar #198 - Christina Says:

    how much salt you put in 8 oz water?

  197. avatar #199 - Jackie & Star Says:

    We are on day 5 and doing pretty well,Eventhough we both have had some hunger pains we have done well.We only use 1 table spoon of the syrup but when we find ourselves hungry and craving out of our minds we use 2Tbsp and it immediately takes the hunger away.this is Jackie and by the way I have GERD and have no problems with the pepper. we have lost 5 to 6 pounds and feeling good.5 more days to go and we both would love to lose more weight.STAY STRONG MC SURVISORS

  198. avatar #200 - Alex Says:

    @Christina, one table spoon.

    @Jackie & Star, glad to hear it’s going so well, even though you had some hunger pains. :) Let us know how it went after the tenth day!

  199. avatar #201 - Selena Says:

    I’m on my 6th day and loving it!! I can’t imagine not losing weight… I’ve lost 7 pounds already. I also have the aching knee problem. It’s still hurting, but I think I’m not drinking enough water…
    So I have two questions, how much water should I be drinking and how often?
    And what is the salt water thing you’re talking about?

  200. avatar #202 - Alex Says:

    Hey Selena, you should drink about a gallon but at least half a gallon, and whenever you feel like. Hope your knee aching goes away. Good luck!

  201. avatar #203 - angel786 Says:


  202. avatar #204 - Nic Says:

    I have a question about the master cleanse. the Lemon juice, Cayenne pepper and Maple syrup (grade B) doesn’t make you use the bathroom right? It’s the laxative? I just want to make sure because I have work and want to make sure. Also, Is it okay to use the salt water flush only once a day. At night preferably?

  203. avatar #205 - Alex Says:

    @angel786, that is really awesome! congrats! Unbelievable 37 pounds, wow! Indeed, it is a great feelign to love yourself again!

    @Nic, correct, on the laxative makes you use the bathroom. I used the salt water only once a week, I wouldn’t do it every day, maybe every second or third day if you need.

  204. avatar #206 - Angie Says:


  205. avatar #207 - LGS Says:

    Thank you for all the information, extremely helpfull. Today is my first day and I was wondering if I can drink any type of tea doing the Detox? besides the laxative tea drank in the morning and evening???

  206. avatar #208 - Alex Says:

    @Angie, good luck and all the best, I’m sure you will make it!
    @LGS, I think you can drink also other tea, but don’t use sugar or anything else in your tea.

  207. avatar #209 - LGS Says:

    Thank you so much Angie, this day is almost over:-)

  208. avatar #210 - LGS Says:

    I am having a problem finding the laxative tea!!! I would appreciate a tip!!! Thanks!

  209. avatar #211 - Ariana Says:

    Where would I get grade B syrup? just at the regular supermarket? And does the laxative tea make you go often or just how you normally would?

  210. avatar #212 - Alex Says:

    Hey LGS, did you find it yet? Normally you could find it at Kroger or some others stores like whole foods.

    @Ariana, you normally should get it in a regular supermarket. It won’t make you go often, it makes you just go as you normally have to.

  211. avatar #213 - LGS Says:

    Thank you so much again, this blog has been so helpfull in a big way:-) I did find the tea at cvs drug store. Today is my forth day and I started to get off the cleanse. Sunday is our Easter and I just had a small glass of orange juice and just plain lemonade… Any tip to get off the cleanse??? I just want to prepare my stomac for sunday.

  212. avatar #214 - Ariana Says:

    I think I am ready to start on Monday, but I must say I am a little nervous!

  213. avatar #215 - Alex Says:

    Hey LGS, thank you for the nice compliment. Everything how to get off the cleanse is in the article. After the day with orange juice eat fresh vegetable soup. Then after one or 2 days a salad and after that you can start to eat normal. Enjoy Easter!

  214. avatar #216 - Kimmy Says:

    Hey everyone, I just started the master cleanser today and I feel very hungry and tired. Also I have the biggest headache in the world because I’m soooo hungry. Is there anything I can do to help with this headache and also pass through day 1?

  215. avatar #217 - Alex Says:

    Hey Kimmy, drink, drink and drink. Water or the Lemonjuice. And hold on, since it will be better tomorrow or at the latest on the third day. Good luck!

  216. avatar #218 - Kimmy Says:

    Thank alot Alex. Thats really comforting and encouraging. By the way when will I be seeing results? I’m really anxious about losing 10-20 lbs. Do you think that is possible in just 10 days?

  217. avatar #219 - Kimmy Says:

    Hi, i’m I allowed to chew gum?

  218. avatar #220 - Kimmy Says:

    Hi, i’m I allowed to chew gum, or will that affect the process?

  219. avatar #221 - chels Says:

    Hi, I have looked @ every store and can only find grade A maple syrup. Can I just go ahead and use that instead?

  220. avatar #222 - Alex Says:

    If you cannot find any, you can also take Grade A, but B or C is just recommend, some people use A.

  221. avatar #223 - sara Says:

    I would like to try this to detoxify but I’m afraid it will slow down my metabolism. I’we been working on speeding my matabolic rate with 5 small meals a day, lots of water and a regular workout. I lost 20 pounds in 4 months that way while never being hungry. I even take more calories than I used to, but I loose weight and have a lot of energy. My body fat is reduced too. I used to have weight problems and used to starve myself, only to see it all getting back later. Out of curiosity I would like to try this while continuing with my workout. Any idea how it influences the metabolic rate?

  222. avatar #224 - Alex Says:

    Hi Sara, I really cannot tell you how it will influence your metabolic rate. Maybe someone of the readers will know?

  223. avatar #225 - Lo Says:

    Hi Alex. I am on day 3 of the cleanse…the hunger pains are intense, but Im sticking with it thanks to all of the feedback on this site.

    My issue it this: I’m on day 3 and have done the laxative tea and salt wash… I am losing weight, BUT I am not losing any toxins…if you know what I mean… the salt wash and the laxative tea just seem to make my stomach turn. They worked day 1, but day 2 and 3 nothing…. what does this mean? I would really like to rid my body of years of toxins.

  224. avatar #226 - Diana Says:

    hey im 14 going on 15 and i really like want to loose like 10 pounds, im currently 110 and i really want to loose the extra ten before my birthday, and i was wondering if u can take any kind of laxative instead of a tea laxative? and would it be like super unhealthy if i go on it? cuz ive been on pretty unhealthy diets but i dont want to like faint at school or anything as long as i can like brush it off ill be good.

  225. avatar #227 - JoLindsay Says:

    Day 1: Wow this has been a struggle. And not for the main reasons. But because this is the one of the nastiest drinks i have ever had! If i can’t make it 10 days it will be because of that. I have to have an extra glass of water just to chase it down with. So far though i am not hungy, and had the swf was successful ( i read on another site you were suppose to do it everyday?) I think the first 7 days will be the easiest (besides the taste) because my husband isn’t home. But we both love food and that is our joy to find new places to eat! So when he gets home it might not be as easy but i hope i can keep going.

  226. avatar #228 - JoLindsay Says:

    So I have a question. I was at the grocery store getting more Lemons and i was reminded that there are two kinds , small and large. my first group i bought large. And used 5 lemons with no measuring. Should i have been using the small, and maybe that is why it is so gross. I dont think so i think its the cayenne. Day 1 is almost over and i’m about to have my lax tea. It’s been a rough day, I’m not hungry, though i keep smelling and seeing food that looks so good! It’s hard to imagine going 10 days, but i will give it the old college try! Oh and it is so hard to find the grade b syrup. The only one out of 5 stores i found, cost about $14 and i almost used the whole bottle on one batch. That is a little pricey!

  227. avatar #229 - Leila Says:

    Hey so I don’t use the syurup at all since i’ve been doing this and I wanted to know if that will be a problem. Also i’m not drinking laxative tea, just plain ol’ green tea. Is that okay?
    Let me no please,

  228. avatar #230 - Alex Says:

    @Lo, it can take longer to loose your toxin, so don’t worry about it. Since it worked on day 1, it looks like there is not a lot left to do it on day 2 and 3. Don’t worry, take your tea twice a day and it will come out, sooner or later.

    @Diana, you are 14 years old, a very young lady. In your age I would recommend sport, I know, you heard it thousand times, but this is the best way to lose wait in a long run. You will feel great! BTW, 110 pounds is not really a lot. Enjoy your body and do some exercise, try it out regularly and you will love it.

    @JoLindsay, sorry to hear, that you don’t like the juice, it’s not my favorite either. ;) But I think the swf is not necessary every day. If you have to go to the bathroom anyway, then don’t worry about it. And before your husband is coming back, you are used to not eating anything and I’m sure you will stay strong! You always have to use 2 table spoon lemon juice and 2 table spoon maple sirup per glas. Not more, it doesn’t matter if you have big Lemons or small, just 2 table spoons of their juice. How much did you mix for your first batch, that you used almost the whole bottle. A bottle is enough for two weeks or more.

    @Leila, the syrup gives you what your body normally needs and the laxative tea is just to support that you have to go to the bathroom, that’s about it. If you feeling fine, you probably can continue without the syrup, let us know how it goes, many people would appreciate that, since they don’t like the syrup at all.

  229. avatar #231 - JoLindsay Says:

    well the bottle was only about 12 fl oz. Today i drove way into town to go to trader joe’s (love that place! wish i could have bought food!) and found some larger sized bottles for about the same price so i got two. I hope it lasts me.
    **I make a batch for the whole day, using 5 lemons, 10 cups water, 1 1/4 cups of maple syrup( but today i only used 3/4, because it was to sweet) 1 tsp cayenne. But today i decided to not add the pepper until my individual glass and it is much better. I’m more hopeful today!

  230. avatar #232 - JoLindsay Says:

    Day2- Way better day! The lemonade is ok now~ :) Brush your teeth more often during this, the acid and sugar will reap havoc on your teeth! I am feeling the hunger pains a bit today, but not to bad. Although tonight its getting a little worse. I go back in forth all day in my mind about food, how i want it so bad! and then i say no i can do it. it’s tough

  231. avatar #233 - Jolindsay Says:

    End of day 5.
    I miss food! I even cheated today and had one of my daughters cereal bites. I am going to end it earlier than normal, but i’m not sure if I will ease out tommorow or wed. I want to because i want to be able to have a nice dinner with my husband when he gets home on Fri. I know sellout, but whatever this thing is just not for me, i just love food to much! I’m kind of dissapointed that i didn’t lose that much weight i think only about 3-4 lbs, I know that isn’t the main point, but ya know everone likes that as a bonus! I did however go shopping today and buy some smaller sizes, so that is cool.

  232. avatar #234 - Ema Says:

    Hi guys, it’s about a week i’v known the master cleanse diet since i heard Biyonce lost 20lbs in 10 days, soon after that i search abt it on Net and i found thousands of weblogs and blogs which talking abt it.. i do really think that i seriesly need this diet since it’s been years i wana lost 20lbs to be fit but actully all the time i get back the weight again.. this time i wana make it for ever, mostly since my tenis competition will start by next month and i’m so eager to be lighter and faster for that time…
    i just got one BIG problem, here where i live there is NO MAPLE SYRUP!!!! what the hell should i do?? any one could helpp?? i read that it’s totally ignored to use Honey instead of Maple Syrup but no way left.. any suggestion??
    by the way once in a blog i saw sb with the same problem who wanted to use MOLASSES instead of Maple syrup? any idea abt this one

  233. avatar #235 - AAW Says:

    First of all, what is laxative herb tea? Is it something close to green tea?

    My second question, I’m not quite familiar with maple syrup B and cayenne pepper; could you please help me find a link with a picture or something?

    This will really help start this diet!

  234. avatar #236 - Alex Says:

    @Jolindsay, sorry to hear, that you end your diet, but I hope to continue to eat healthy and maybe try it again. :)

    @Ema, did you find one, normally you should find one in a good grocery store? But don’t use honey, it’s not the same as maple syrup. I never heard about MOLASSES, sorry.

    @AAW, the laxative herb tea makes you go to the bathroom and it will say something like laxative tea on the product. Ask in the grocery store or you could go to a pharmacy. Cayenne Pepper is a spice and you can find it next to pepper, salt, oregano and so on. To know how maple syrup looks like, just go to google, type in maple syrup and on the very left top click on “images” and you will see images of maple syrup. Hope that will help. :)

  235. avatar #237 - Jason Says:

    OH My Gosh. Iam on my 3rd day. And I have been eating a half a raw onion with minced garlic, soaked in squeezed Lemon at night. I heard this was ok because the onion and garlic is suppose to help out with immune process. Did I just mess up the whole process.

  236. avatar #238 - Jason Says:

    another question I had. Is it ok to take glutamine pills to help keep muscle after work outs. Or even asperin??

  237. avatar #239 - Shari Says:

    I just started the cleanse two days ago I am starting my third night of the tea…I must say I am surprised I dont feel tired but I am still hungry wanting food…how long does that normally take until the pangs go away? I am sure taking my son to a end of soccer pizza party didnt help me :) Any way I am going to stick it out for the 10 days then I am going to try to start eating veggies at night and just do the juice during the day for the remaining 30 days. I want to do the 40 days total without any food at all but I dont know if I can do that…I guess only time will tell. BUT PLEASE TELL ME THE FOOD CRAVINGS WILL GO AWAY SOON! LOL

  238. avatar #240 - christina Says:

    Today is the begening of my third day on the MC. i started doing the MC 3 years ago and i try to do it twice a year. It’s a challange, especially because everything is based around eating. I used to feel like i had to go into hidding while cleansing, lol. I learned that if i drink the lemonaid, before i start feeling hungry, i don’t have the urge to eat. I also prepared projects to work on during the 10 days of cleansing to keep my mind occupied. It realy works! i tend to wonder off to the fridge when i’m bored, so instead of eating i work on my project:) i like to sew, so my project is, working on a quilt. Also, i know the salt water is not everyone’s Favorite thing, but just put it your mind that is is worm chicken noodle soup ha ha mind over matter can get us far:) it is a challange, but the payoff is priceless. Just think about it, it didn’t cost much, We don’t have to go through surgury, or the painfull recovery for all the health benifits we are getting in return for our willpower…thats how we are paying for it, with our willpower. it is so rewarding to know you did it even though it was a struggle, stick with it, you can do it!!:)

  239. avatar #243 - Alex Says:

    Hey guys, I just post a new article about my Master Cleanser, which I did 6 weeks ago. I also put a FAQ list together, so it’s easier to find all answers you need. :)

    Hope you will enjoy it.

    @Jason, don’t take any pills at all. Because of the onion, I can’t tell, but you also shouldn’t take it. Hope you doing great so far.

    @Shari, the food cravings will never go away completely. :) But it will be less after the 3rd day, hope you were able to recognize it. How was it?

    @christina, good plan to be busy, so you aren’t thinking about food all the time. :) Hope you doing good so far!

  240. avatar #244 - Jas Says:

    Hey, I’m thinking about starting the diet 2moro but I have a few things to take in consideration…first, i’m only 19 and i’m not necessarily overweight but I’m 5′3 and like over 140lbs. I have 3 finals this week BUT next week friday, i’m going on a trip, and i wait my stomach and body in shape…should i do the MC (i went and got everything) and if I do the MC, can I do the sea salt drink instead of the herbal tea??? or should I try the Simply Slender like someone posted in the very early post??? please get back at me. Thanks!!!

  241. avatar #245 - Sri Says:

    Can somebody tell me is it ok to do workouts during the diet.

  242. avatar #246 - KC Says:

    What a fantastic, motivational site! So, I started the MC 3.5 days ago and here’s what I’ve found so far:

    Day 1) really not that bad at all provided as soon as I was hungry, I drank the lemonade. I did the SWF (salt water flush) first thing in the morning and found that it didn’t really accomplish much. In reading about this it appears that if you increase the salt (I did on the third day, from 2 to 3 tsp’s) it does the trick; the brine is the approximate density as your blood and so passes thru your system, cleaning you out as it goes. Be prepared to wait around 1/2 hr to 1+ hours for the whole thing to pass!! This worked for me by day three and as another person said, I just imagine I’m drinking warm miso soup and it’s mind over matter; the healing benefits from what I’m reading far outweigh the desire to gag. I did have quite a headache the evening of the first day but that passed and has gone away and not come back since

    2) Day 2 has been the hardest for me so far…kinda funny actually – I went to a movie and my stomach rumbling was louder than the sound system…even my friend heard it…but I brought my trusty lemonade in a bottle and swigging that calmed it down. Point to those that are always hungry…drink more lemonade and make sure you have enough cayenne pepper as for me that seems to make a huge difference to suppressing my appetite

    3) Day three is just before bed and as I write this. Today was a gorgeous summer day so I went to the boardwalk with friends – they ate at a gorgeous restaurant and I drank Perrier and my lemonade. It was hard…but really not that hard. On another note, I have worked out (as much 1/2 to one hour on elyptical each day plus about 45 minutes of weights days two and three also); days one and two weren’t really any harder and today was a breeze (in the morning after SWF and one cup of lemonade)…so I’m finding that working out is not that bad at all.

    A major plus from this is that I’ve had quite bad arthritis in my left big toe for years. This was one of the reasons I thought I’d try the cleanse as so many people have been raving about the healing benefits. I’ve been living on advil – MOST AMAZING thing is that for me, the pain today is LESS than it’s been while taking advil!!! That, my friends, makes this all WAY worth while.

    My sleep is much improved as well and last, as of the morning of the third day (for those that are looking for the perk of weight loss), I’ve lost about 4lbs.

    That’s my take on this so far…and yes, I hope to persevere the full 10 days and come off gradually as recommended:)

  243. avatar #247 - Sri Says:

    I have started my MC today.
    Yesterday night i had tea and today morning salt water flush.

    SWF din’t work for me.

    I am carrying lemon juice to my office today. Hopefully today goes well.

    My weight in the morning was 71 Kg (156 lbs).

  244. avatar #248 - KC Says:

    Hey Sri – SWF didn’t work for me first time either and really didn’t work that well until morning of third day. From what I’ve read this may be the result of a prior high protein/cheese intake (which I definitely had as these were my staples).

    This is the start of Day 5 for me.

    Something interesting happened that I haven’t read a lot of comments on that I’d like to share. I have been a proponent of Atkins for a long time now. Although I’m a firm believer in a balanced diet also, for me it keeps my appetite in check and seems to agree with my metabolism. Guess I’m from a meat-eating tribe somewhere in my history LOL!

    Anyway, on Atkins, you enter a state of ketosis, whereby the body burns fat for energy in the absence of carbs. Fascinatingly, yesterday around 4pm I noticed that on the 4th day at 4, my hunger had basically disappeared! In using the bathroom (sorry to be so candid but we’re all here to learn from others so no point in skirting about) to urinate, I noticed a difference in its appearance that was familiar during Atkins induction. The way I’d describe it is almost like oil or bubble globules on the surface of the water. So, I peed on a ketostick (also called Chemstrip), which measures the secretion of ketones. Voila! I’m in ketosis!!! I didn’t know that you could move to ketosis while on a carbohydrate (while protein deficient) diet??! So, I did some research and yes, you do enter ketosis and while in ketosis your body burns fat as its primary fuel source, the result of which is the secretion of ketones.

    That means you’ve become a fat burning machine and that’s why the weight starts coming off at an increased rate during this phase.

    Very interesting. Today is day 5 for me.

    I will check in now and then if possible as I’m headed for the full ten at this rate.

    P.S. One hour on cardio yesterday and I’ve also noticed that while exercising, hunger is non-existent.


  245. avatar #249 - KC Says:

    Day 6) Woo-hoo! Well I have to admit that yesterday afternoon was hard and I think I know why…I got busy and didn’t stay on top of the lemonade, AND, when I did drink it, I watered it down a bit. I think the nutrients were a bit low until the evening when I fully bounced back.

    Lost 6.2 lbs as of the morning of the sixth day. Realizing some of this is water, it’s still pretty incredible – on track for 15 lbs at this rate by the end of the 14 days including the gradual return to eating that starts day 11.

    That for me is secondary to the fact that I’ve experienced an EXTREME reduction in arthritis in that toe I was talking about. This morning and today, I’ve been able to move it with flexibility I haven’t had in YEARS, and it is able to withstand weight without pain. So whatever the nay-sayers will add to this “fad”, I have to say that I’ve become a proponent. If you’re healthy and can stick with it I think the evidence (for me anyway) is clear in the results. The proof, is in the lemonade (rather than the pudding ;) - ) this time!!

    Couple notes to those that might be doing this:
    1) Don’t dilute the lemonade…it has a negative effect
    2) If you are hungry or weak, DO drink it (I’ve been averaging about 6 cups a day but the allowance is 12)
    3) Increasing the cayenne pepper if you can handle it seems to reduce appetite (I love the Cayenne so that’s not a problem for me)
    4) SWF – I’m using close to three teaspoons instead of two (recommended). My starting weight though (male) was 185 and I work out so am muscular at 5′9″. It took about three days to start working and each day after gets far easier
    5) Smooth Move Senna tea – the directions say to drink 1/2 a steeped cup. I upped that to one full cup last night and had a better result this morning
    6) From what I’ve discovered, Colon mucoids are a load of crock perpetuated by the companies that provide expensive cleanses; the ingredients themselves, allegedly CREATE the tarry/clay-like substance that you see in the pix. It does not exist in your body. However, that aside, allowing your digestive system to take a break seems to allow the body to heal other issues. Think of the Cleanse as a reboot to putting your system back on track for health with the direct goal of continuing with a healthy diet after … for your HEALTH..for those of you that wish to lose weight – this is a great kickstart – your stomach shrinks and your cravings go away and/or become manageable.

    I would have to say if you’re healthy, have sufficient desire, correct intent and will-power that this may be an incredibly, almost spiritual experience in the end.

    Another plus is that you have tons more time in your day to accomplish other tasks; time previously taken up preparinga and eating meals.

    More later. Can’t wait for the outcome of day 10 – day six will have to do for today :)


  246. avatar #250 - KC Says:

    One more thing before I forget!!

    Recommend that you wait at least 1 to 1.5 hours after SWF in the morning before drinking the lemonade. If you don’t, the Cayenne may get mixed in with the flush and I can tell you that the ring of fire is nothing you need to experience. Trust me…wait.


  247. avatar #251 - Sri Says:

    Thanks KC.

    Today is my third day and SWF seems to be working.

    I have been workingout (at least 800 -1000 calories on a wave machine)and feel great about it.

    I have a party coming up on 12th june. I want to look my best on that day.

  248. avatar #252 - Alex Says:

    @Jas, sorry for the late reply. Did you do it anyways? Most of your questions are answered in the FAQs here

    @Sri, yes it is. Question answered in the FAQs, see link above. But looks like you figured it out anyways. Good luck for the party. :)

    @KC, thank you for your compliment and your detailed experience, I’m sure it will help a lot people to get motivated and start the diet. Especially your arthritis is not so bad anymore. That is awesome! Also very, very interesting about your research to become a fat burning machine. I might add several things of your experience in the FAQs. Thank you very much! Looking forward to hear on your tenth day!

  249. avatar #253 - KC Says:

    Day 7 evening….:)

    YIPPEE!!!!!! How cool is this? Today I didn’t experience hunger even once! I have to say that now I’m wishing I could stay on this longer as i am amazed at the changes in my body and the ease I feel today! Some people have reported “euphoria” during the cleanse. For me I’d say that it’s a heightened sense of clarity in who I am. I’ve been able to concentrate on things that matter and the sense of accomplishment when you realize that with some self control, you can accomplish something as incredible as living on a program like this – with that, what ELSE can we do if we set our minds to it.

    Some people have thought I’m nuts to do this. All I can say is that until you do and have a reference, you really have no place to provide an opinion. Neither did I until now.

    Alex – thank you! Please do feel free to verify and use whatever info you may find motivating or helpful. I know I write a lot but trust me I type almost as fast as I think/speak…so for me it’s no bother at all LOL!!!

    Today was simply…easy. If I didn’t have a business dinner next Thursday, I’d stay on longer and get into the shape I was in at 29 (11 years ago now as this year is my 40th). I’d been sort of resigned to gradual weight gain and becoming softer with age. Now I understand that what we are is what we think and we each have the control to be whatever we choose. This Cleanse affirms this…for me.

    I’m still able to hit the gym (strangely day 5 was the hardest energy-wise for me).

    All I can confirm is that it really does get so much easier and the freedom and lightness of mind and body you feel, both as the weight comes off, and as your mind adapts is quite fantastic.

    7.2 lbs lost this morning in total including workouts (which do convert to muscle tissue for those that are interested in that fact and concerned about loss of lean muscle mass…i do not agree…I believe I’m losing fat and retaining muscle).

    Alex, I love your blog site. It’s so easy to handle…keep it up!

    Last note for the night: the tea HOT, is FABULOUS!!! It tastes almost like hot apple cider with a kick from the Cayenne….I sip it throughout the day and it keeps me satisfied constantly. I like it WAY better than cold/warm – remember to stir constantly so the Cayenne doesn’t settle to the bottom.

    All the best for now folks!!

    Good night!

  250. avatar #254 - KC Says:

    Forgot!!!! Sri – you’re more than welcome…stick with it…you will feel fantastic for your party :)

  251. avatar #255 - KC Says:

    Sorry all – in the last line of my day 7 update – I meant the LEMONADE HOT, not the tea hot….evidently it’s time for bed ;) -

  252. avatar #256 - KC Says:

    Day 8 – nothing much to update other than 9 lbs lost and I can see my cheek bones LOL!

    How’re you doing, Sri?

    Day 9 – Morning of 9th day and SWF was a little harder this morning as I can tell my stomach has shrunk…it was more difficult to down all of it. 9.8 lbs lost in only 9 days. I can see why people think this “diet” part of the cleanse is too good to be true. But I still also know that I’m dropping fat as the ketostick was in the “darkest” area this morning meaning some serious ketosis/lipolysis is still underway. It will be interesting to see how much of this stays off and/or continues to come off over the next while. I intend to follow through on this with continuing reduction as I’m really enjoying the new lighter me.

    Tomorrow is DAY 10…bought organic Valencia oranges in contemplation of Day 11. Looking forward to that:)

  253. avatar #257 - Megan Says:

    So I’m really interested in doing this cleanse, but I’m going to Ireland in 11 days and I am afraid that coming off the diet will be bad since I am guessing my diet there will consist of beer and bad food.

    I obviously know that I can give it a shot when I return, but really want to try to do it before… any ideas?

  254. avatar #258 - KC Says:

    What a great feeling…today = day 11. I accomplished what I set out to and have the side benefit of 11.2 lbs lost in ten days total using the Master Cleanse. My arthritis is substantially reduced, my belt is down to notches and I have saved a ton of money on not having to update my wardrobe (older clothes like shorts that were a little uncomfortable fit perfectly again).

    Always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting anything like this program – I will say that I did not experience any feelings of fatigue (such as when you have not eaten for a long time), dizziness – or any other negative repercussions. For me, this was a great experience.

    I am looking forward to a nice meal out as I miss the social aspect of eating (which I also realize is likely what was causing weight gain for me). However now I recognize that is about the choices and portions and will continue on in making the right ones having had the time on the MC to contemplate where this must change for the sake of my health.

    Today is OJ day. I’ll stay in touch over the next while to let you know how this has gone for me after coming off the cleanse – particularly since there are so many negative boards out there bashing anyone that wants to do this and stating that it’s nothing more than a yo-yo fad diet. I prefer to see the benefits and remodel life choices following what has been an uplifting experience for me.

    To those of you starting…ALL the best!!


  255. avatar #259 - Shaneen Says:

    I started the Cleanse yesterday and I’m at the 26 hour mark.. so far i havent had any hunger pains or weakness. I really like the taste of the lemonade! I was a little suprised cuz i was worried about the cayenne pepper. The only think i dont like so much is the swf. It made me feel pretty nauseous but i made it through. My neighbor just brought me over some home made blueberry rhubbarb muffins (still warm) so hard not to eat them!! but I couldnt turn them down, it would hurt her feelings so i took them and they are now sitting on my counter and i actually sat there and debated with myself about eating them. But i decided not to. I’ll freeze them and have them some other time. The 3 pounds that i lost in the one day doing this really helped that decision. I figured I might as well see this thing through. But other than the muffins that my neighbor brought me I really havent missed food which is quite strange.. but good! anyways I’m just hoping that it will continue to be this easy!

  256. avatar #260 - Alex Says:

    @KC, thanks a lot for your great comments. I’m curious about how you do some time after the master cleanser. Let us know!

    @Megan, I wouldn’t recommend that. I also were thinking to do it right before a ski trip with my guys, but it’s useless if you lose 10 lbs and gain 15 on your trip because you are drinking and eating all the time. Enjoy Ireland and start a new you right after that.

    @Shaneen, if you can resist some tasty blueberry rhubbarb muffins, you will certainly make it through it. No worries and as a prize to yourself, you might eat them after you came of the diet. And believe me, they will taste even better, even though they are not warm and fresh anymore. But the taste of being successful and resist such a temptation makes it much more tasty.

  257. avatar #261 - KC Says:

    Thanks, Alex! I will. Today is day 12 of the full 14 including the return to regular eating. I must admit that the orange juice was a bit odd after the lemonade…very much less sweet. I found myself a little light-headed yesterday Day 11; mostly in the morning until my body seemed to adapt to the OJ. Tonight (Day 12) I just had the ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC soup. What a plethora, no a bouquet of delightfully satisfying flavours. There is enough soup to last me three days at this rate…and I intend to eat it as I LOVE it! The incredible thing is that your taste buds become electrified by the end and so you no longer need or want the same amount of salt or sugar – I actually crave the Cayenne and reduced salt in the soup! Further, I currently have no desire for fatty foods…this is really a wonderful feeling.
    Will keep you posted now that I’m pretty much done. I’ll check in now and then.
    Good luck and healthy eating to all those that try this, stick to it, achieve their success…and continue on in healthier life patterns!
    P.S. Now I think I’m going to lose that last ten lbs I never thought I’d aim for…by following a higher fruits/veg diet that’s lower in fat:)

  258. avatar #262 - AF Says:

    Im on my 4th day, planning to do it for 5 days. Ive lost 4 KGs (7-8pounds?) so far n im lovin it (:

    When coming off the diet, can we drink any kind of juice? Like apple juice instead of orange juice?

  259. avatar #263 - Jed Says:

    Hi, I’m on my 6th day, and intend to go to next thursday (13 days total), I’ve only been going to the bathroom twice a day within the first 2-3 hours of waking up, is that normal? Anyway, I had really bad eating habits before starting this, and amazingly have not craved any food at all, I’ve thought about eating, but have not had the desire to, so I think this is going very well, and by the end vegetables and soup will be so good after drinking the lemonade for so long.

  260. avatar #264 - callie Says:

    i just started yesterday and today i ate 2 sunkiss fruit bars its hard to not eat any tricks?

  261. avatar #265 - callie Says:

    any tips on how not to eat or how to kill the hunger felling ???

  262. avatar #266 - Jed Says:

    by the way, Ive lost 13 pounds so far, and I mean to say I go to the bathroom the first 1-2 hours, but I’m only going twice, should’nt I be going more?

  263. avatar #267 - Jed Says:

    try chewing gum

  264. avatar #268 - KC Says:

    Hey all!! Thought I’d report back since it’s a week since coming off the 14 day version of the Cleanse. Very happy to report the following:
    1) I have continued to eat high fibre, healthier, whole food choices and am enjoying it!
    2) I’ve maintained weight loss of 9.8lbs – that’s pretty friggin’ incredible! All the naysayers take that! I did immediately gain back about 5 to 6 lbs of water (within the first weekend – ate popcorn which is really high in salt and can you ever taste that now I might add…and we do NOT need all the salt that’s added to foods. You’ll find you don’t have the tolerance after the fast or the interest); however, I continued to eat salads (I LOVE tomato salad with balsamic dressing…yumm) and light proteins, splurged on a couple nights at restaurants but had half the appetite so sharing meals (we did appetizer plates) works really well plus you save money…and by the end of this week had lost 2.5-3lbs again (which is true weightloss after adjustment for water gain). I’m going to continue eating this way as it’s now easy to stop when full (don’t like the bloated overfilled feeling at all anymore…I think we become accustomed to feeling full and don’t realize when we’re overeating – but TRUST me, you will if you complete this Cleanse.

    Jed! Well done! That’s excellent staying power and great weight loss already (keep in mind the initial lbs are water…you’ll be really excited when you can FEEL the fat continuing to come off). And the soup is AWESOME….I’m keeping it in my regular diet it’s so easy to prepare and delicious.
    I’m also now a kidney bean fan…interestingly, as I write this, I just realized they aren’t giving me gass…hhmmmmmmm! That’s cool.

    Jed – I think you should try increasing the salt in the SWF (assume you are doing that?) – by the 4th day I think you should be releasing at least 10 times. Everyone’s different. If you’re not doing the SWF then I really can’t comment as that’s what pushes everything through your system in the morning particularly. If you’re only going a couple times it could be you’re only doing the laxative tea the night before.

    AF – stick to the plan – OJ has specific nutrients and PH/Acid balance. Don’t deviate from the plan – check out Alex’s FAQ’s on this board it’s awesome.

    Callie – for me it helped to NOT dilute the lemonade – drink it hot (like that better), increase the amount of Cayenne pepper – and in between drink tons of water (I actually found that heating the water in the microwave like tea was nice as the sensation of warmth keeps hunger down too).
    Drink the lemonade when you’re hungry and do NOT eat those bars!! Eventually you’ll adapt (in 4 to 5 days) and it gets way easier as hunger pretty much is manageable/unnoticeable. Putting food into your system will prevent you from reaching that point and to my understanding it will also prevent the full Cleanse benefits as you’re forcing your digestive system to work when it should be resting.

    Have fun with it all!!

    Over and out!

  265. avatar #269 - Jed Says:

    I have been drinking the tea at night and doing the salt water flush in the morning, now on my 7th day, I think I will try the tea night and morning,as I go as soon as I wake up from drinking it the night before. Also I mentioned chewing gum for people having a hard time snacking, try also to keep busy doing whatever, reading, outdoor activities, watching a movie, whatever you like to do in your spare time, the more you stay busy doing something the faster the day goes by, and that really helps.

  266. avatar #270 - AF Says:

    Ok thanx. I will drink OJ for the whole day today. Went hiking fo 30 minutes in the morning and planning to play netball and badminton later. As off now Im 53 KG w a height of 158 cm = 5′2 and I want to maintain it. Hehe.

    Btw good luck all (=

  267. avatar #271 - Tess Says:

    Hey, I’m planning on starting the MC tomorrow. I really worried about being able to stay focused. Has anyone got any tips which will prevent me from giving in to temptation? Any adivce would be greatly received. Thanks.

  268. avatar #272 - Renee Says:

    Can you chew gum on this diet? If so, what kind would you recommend?

  269. avatar #273 - Alex Says:

    sorry guys for replying so late, but staying pretty busy lately, but I’m glad KC jumped in. :)

    @AF, I think you can, even though OJ would be the best choice. It has to be fresh squeezed, hope you made it well.
    @Jed, guess tomorrow is your last day. :) Because of going to the bathroom, that is ok, nothing to worry about. How much did you lose?
    @Callie, did the tip from Jed help you?
    @KC, great you doing sooo well, I hope more reader will learn from your experience!
    @Tess, just two comments above, Jed gives you some great advices.
    @Renee, yes you can but it should be sugar free.

    Please read the FAQ, I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Most questions will be answered there. :)

  270. avatar #274 - Renee Says:

    Thanks Alex….I’m day 3 & gum will be a real treat for me! :)
    I also wanted to know if there is anything that can help with the pains caused by the laxative tea. It has been excruciating but I have been dealing with it because I know I need it & I can’t stomach the SWF.

  271. avatar #275 - hannah Says:

    hey how many serving am i surpose to have a day??

  272. avatar #276 - callie Says:

    Hey the tips have been helping i stopped and then 2 days ago i just started agin and trying with those tips and there doing great wonders i feel the same not tired or anything its great i cant Waite until i can eat food though but my food outlook is changing so when im off this drink its all healthy food for me maybe an occasionally treat but healthy thank you for the tips.
    do you have any others ?

  273. avatar #277 - kitkat Says:

    my first day is over…i am so hungry…..i am using regular honey. Hope that is ok?
    I am excited but scared…..glad i found this site…

  274. avatar #278 - Alex Says:

    @Renee, put a little more water in your tea and just drink it every second day.
    @hannah, about half a gallon, but you can also read the answer on the FAQs
    @callie, glad the tips are helping you. Aren’t they enough already? ;) if not check out
    @kitkat, actually it’s not ok to use regular honey, please try to buy maple sirup.

  275. avatar #279 - Steev Chamberlain Says:

    AHHHH, Just ab out day3, I walk in from my assignment with the Marine Corps, and My dad has a stock of Hoitdogs and Hamburgers and everything else. Im doing this because i cannot explain why i cant seem, to get any furthur in my weight training, And the Intestinal toxic backup may be the explanation? Either wayy, LOL YOU THINK A FEW SHOTS OF VODKA COULD BE HARMFULLL

  276. avatar #280 - Andrewsky Says:

    Well I did my shopping today. Will start day one tomorrow. Am a little demotivated by all the comments on the weight you lose being water weight. But I have enough other symptoms that I really want to try it. Cysts that Dr. says are benign or not issues. 45 pounds of extra weight… Blah Blah. Plus an addiction to diet pepsi that I am sure is going to cause a major share of headaches… Will keep a journal and report in how it goes.. Wish me luck…..

  277. avatar #281 - Andrewsky Says:

    Hey one more thing. I have been working out real hard 6 days a week for the last two weeks. Consisting of running 3 miles and an hour of weights. Will I be able to do any of this on the cleanse? Or will I not have enough energy to continue?

  278. avatar #282 - Alex Says:

    @Steev, how were the Vodka, hope the Master Cleanser will help to get your perfect weight.
    @Andrewsky, hope you doing good, how is everything going? You can still work out, but don’t do too much.

  279. avatar #283 - Lola Brooks Says:


    i just started this diet and am having a realy hard time not eating… i almost cracked a coupple of times… what if we were to eat like fruits and saldeds what would happen… would it be alright


  280. avatar #284 - Alex Says:

    Hey Lola,

    you cannot eat anything else besides the lemon juice, water and tea. The goal is to detoxify yourself, that is only possible if you stay strong and stay away from fruits and salads, as long as you do the Master Cleanser. Good luck!

  281. avatar #285 - Megan Says:

    so i just started the master clense and got so hungry i ate a salade, is that bad.
    Also, how much of the lemone juice should we drink a day.

  282. avatar #286 - dude Says:

    hey. my daughter is 14 years old almost 15 and wants to do the master clense would it be ok for her to do it?

  283. avatar #287 - Alex Says:

    @Megan, actually it is bad. You should really try not to eat anything.
    @dude, in my opinion she is too young and she should rather do some sports and just eat healthy.

  284. avatar #288 - Viviana Says:

    I am doing the master cleanse and so far from the ingredients everything seems to be right EXCEPT i am not drinking the tea. I will buy some tomorow BUT my question is why am i not pooping? Isnt that the whole point? Is organic maple syrup ok? I bought a maple syrup thats organic but says nothing of grade b.
    Please let me know thanks :)

  285. avatar #289 - Alex Says:

    Hey Viviana, I don’t know if the organic one is ok, maybe you should ask in the shop. You are not pooping because you aren’t drinking a laxative tea. If you want you can also drink saltwater, then you will poop like hell. ;)

  286. avatar #290 - angela Says:

    hey, i am on my first day on the mc and i couldn’t find the senna tea. i bought the dried leafs. is it ok if i make my own tea? and can i sweeten it? also i can’t tolerate the pepper in the juice so i bought the cayenne pills. is that ok? thanx

  287. avatar #291 - Heystar Says:

    Do you use fresh squeezed lemon juice? or can I use bottled? Squeezing it seems like a pain in the a** if you’re doing it for 14 days, LOL. Congrats on everyone who has had great success with this. I’m going to try it when my BF goes away in Sept. he would be skeptical and it’s easier to do it without someone being around all the time, haha.

  288. avatar #292 - rose Says:

    I have a problem I tried the lemonade drink for two days, but I cheated because my husband made a wonderful meal for supper. So now I stop and wanted to do it again within a week. This time I will do it without cheating with any foods. Please let me know if I can start again. Thanks

  289. avatar #293 - Alex Says:

    @angela, how is it going, I can’t tell you if it’s ok to use cayenn pills, but don’t sweeten your tea.
    @Heystar, use fresh squeezed lemon juice. Even though it’s a pain in the ass, it’s necessary. :) Good luck in September!
    @Rose, sure you can, but don’t cheat again. ;)

  290. avatar #294 - Heystar Says:

    Thanks Alex!! I actually bought myself a mini citrus juicer (it was very inexpensive) which should make this a lot easier. And when it’s easy, we stick to it!! I’m starting on Monday now, with 2 other girls from my office, we’re excited. One last question though…oh my goodness this grade B maple syrup…all I see in stores is maple syrup with No. 1 No. 2 No.3 on them…which is grade B??? I’ve read quite a few blogs and this is where everyone seems to be confused, LOL. HELP!!

    P.S. Yours is the best and the questions & answers are so motivational, I can’t wait to come back and post my results!!

  291. avatar #295 - Alex Says:

    @Heystar, wish I had a citrus juicer. But I can’t tell you what is 1, 2 or 3. I guess 2 is B, but it’s better to ask in the store. And thanks for your nice compliment! Good luck for you and your co-worker!

  292. avatar #296 - Heystar Says:

    Hi again Alex! The citrus juicer was $20 at Walmart, very handy for this kind of thing. I started the cleanse yesterday and yeah I was hungry, but it wasn’t bad. Had a wicker headache that night, almost gave it up, but didn’t. This morning I’m much better and not as hungry or as quickly as I was yesterday, I’m thinking now that I can keep this up!! Do you have to do the salt water drink?

  293. avatar #297 - Meg Says:

    Hi All.

    I’m so glad to hear such positive responses to the cleanse!

    I am going to start the “ease in” day tomorrow – fruits and veggies.

    I am curious…is it ok to do an hr to an hr 1/2 workout 4-5 times a week while doing to the cleanse?

  294. avatar #298 - Helene Says:

    I’m so happy to read all of these positive reviews of the cleanse. I’ve tried to do it in the past, but haven’t had success sticking to it. I’d really like to do it this time for at least ten days. It’s my first day and I haven’t eaten anything else but the cleanse drink. However, I must say I am tempted to eat some fruit. I figure the first two days are the hardest.

  295. avatar #299 - Heystar Says:

    OK I have o report in…I’m coming off the Master Cleanse, I only did it for 4 days and am down 6 lbs. The day after it says only OJ. Well let me tell you it doens’t stop the hunger pangs like the lemonade mixture did. I finally gave up mid afternoon and moved onto the day 2 with the home made soup. Don’t know if this will matter, but today was worse than even th 4 days of just lemonade!! Anyone else had this problem?

  296. avatar #300 - Sin Says:

    I’ve been on the Master Cleanse for 3 days now, and its not too hard to stick too. There are a lot of temptations and you need major will power. I’ve read how people have cheated because of what ever reason they couldn’t resist but I think if you’re going to do the cleanse you need to prepare your family or people you live with so they can respect you on those days also plan on the time you’re going to do it so it doesn’t run into special occassions. Although I am saying this I know for sure this saturday will be my real test,we’re having a lot of people over and making good food and I know I am going to be tempted… it will be my 6th day but I know I can overcome that temptation!!! I make dinner for my husband and kids every night and its been tough but I have not even had a little taste of anything.

    Glad I read all the positive reviews!!!

  297. avatar #301 - Natalia Says:

    Is it ok if you use grade A maple syrup?

  298. avatar #302 - Teni Says:

    am on day 3 i hope to get to day 10,have been using molasses instead of maple cause is not available here but so far i feel lighter and my stomach is flat and sexy.

  299. avatar #303 - lee Says:

    I am at the end of day three, and im still starving, well, it comes and goes, but I still feel really hungry, when does it go!!??
    Im worried IM not getting adequate nutrition from grade A syrup, but cant get the b.
    well done to those who made it to day 10- Im having doubts : (

  300. avatar #304 - Alex Says:

    (sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation in South Africa)

    @Natalia, yes you can, but Grade B is recommend
    @lee, how did it go. Did you make 10 days?

  301. avatar #305 - marnie Says:

    my 15 year old daughter & I are starting this today. She’s seemed to have an allergy related cold for over a month. I’ve done the cleanse before yet not w/the salt water part…will do that…and had great success. So you’re suggesting to not eat anything during this time? Hoping this will give her the boost to her system that it needs.
    timing never seems to be right for something like this as we are going to have a party this weekend for Home Coming. Wish us well!

  302. avatar #306 - Erica Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I am starting the cleanse today which I am very excited about. I just want to make sure I am doing everything right. Basically it’s 2 litres of the juice a day and 1 litre of salt water? Can’t eat absolutely anything…? Why does it have to be the Grade B Syrup? Why can’t the regular one work? Please let me no.



  303. avatar #307 - abi Says:

    i am starting this MC tomorrow, I have tried this MC before 3 times but I always fail on the 3rd day. I found this so difficult as my work requires long hours of standing. This time I want to succeed and do this for 10 days, I have been eating sooooo much junk foods and I have put on 1 stone. I wanna feel healthy again, and I want to detoxify so after the cleanse I will start eating healthily again, I want to kick my bad eating habits. SOmeone pls help me motivate. I am gving up smoking today as well so this is a big move. I need hep guys

  304. avatar #308 - dsheff Says:

    Well today is my 3rd day and yes for me yesterday was tough. If it wasn’t for my husband inspiring me to go on, I would have ate something around 8 pm. I came across this website today and it is truly a blessing for me. It’s like a support group. It’s let you see that you can do this and what you are going through is real and people do experience it and get through it. Thanks Alex for putting this togather. I plan on going for the 10 days, and I plan on coming back to this periodically for support. I didn’t weigh myself before I started because I’m doing this because of my health. I’m 50 years old and I have a lot of aches and pain in my body and lack of energy. I will say that after 2 days, I do feel energetic, not so much pain and I do feel a little lighter. Don’t get me wrong, I would also likie to loss the weight as well. So I’m going to pray that I get through this and get my health back on track.

  305. avatar #309 - dsheff Says:

    I have a question! Can I chew sugarfree gum while doing the cleansing?

  306. avatar #310 - Eddy Says:

    Am i allowed to use detox tea instead of laxative tea?
    it was all i could find and i don’t really have transportation a lot

  307. avatar #311 - Alex Says:

    Hey marnie, how did it go for your daughter? Hope she is fine now.
    @Erica, please check out the FAQs, you can find the link at the top of the post, but 1 litre of salt water is not true, the rest you are right with.
    @abi, how did it go? You better should start with one thing, it will be very difficult stop smoking and having the diet, hope you have the will and strength to do so. Good luck!
    @dsheff, hope you feeling better and still going on, the reason to do the Master Cleanse is not to lose weight, it’s to feel healthy again. Good point of view! BTW, you can chew sugarfree gum.
    @Eddy, I think you can, as long you still have to go to the bathroom, since it’s important. Otherwise, drink salt water, that will flush everything. :)

  308. avatar #312 - Sri Says:

    I am strating my MC today. Planning to do it for 40 days. Hoping that i would be able to stick to it.

    I want to wear a very nice outfit for the New Years Eve. Its been more than 4 yeras that i have been carrying a lot of weight.I want to shed down atleast 35 – 40 lbs.

    Is it possible. I really need some motivation.

  309. avatar #313 - dsheff Says:

    Hi Sri
    Just wanted to give you some motivation. Although my plans are only to go the 10 days, this is day 8 for me and I feel great. I’ve had so much enery it’s unbelieveable. I’ve had people tell me how my skin glows and I’ve even noticed how my hair has a natural shine to it. No hears the thing about the weight loss, I’ve lost 11 lbs in those 8 days. Although I really needed to do this in order to feel good again, I welcomed any weight loss that this brought about. So i encourage you to stick to it. It will be hard for the first 3 – 4 days, but after that it becomes a way of life day by day. Before you know it you will be at your 40 days. Feeling healthy and trim and looking good!

  310. avatar #314 - Sri Says:

    Thank you so much dshreff.

    I really hope to succeed.

  311. avatar #315 - Sri Says:

    Can somebody tell if i can have any tea without sugr & milk. I don’t like the tste of peppermint tea i prefer Ginger tea.

  312. avatar #316 - Alex Says:

    Hey Sri, you can drink any tea, as long it is not with sugar and milk. But preferable no fruit tea.

  313. avatar #317 - kirti Says:

    Hey Alex,

    It was nice reading your experience. I am too gonna start this diet from monday. Tell me, did u do any preparations before entering in the diet. I got Grade C syrup from Rewe. I hope that works just fine as grade B.

  314. avatar #318 - Erica Says:

    Hi, I have a question. After you are done with the cleanse, around how much weight are you suppose to gain, since you will be eating again? Also let’s say im doing the diet and after 5 days i relapse and have a slice of pizza, the next day I continue. DOes this mean I start again?

  315. avatar #319 - Emily Says:

    Hey. Im going on the diet and I just have a few questions, and It would really help if anyone knew the answers. Can we chew gum on the diet? And can we make like a soda bottle sized container and put the Lemon juice in it? How much of everything should you put in that size bottle? Thanks for responses <3

  316. avatar #320 - Loddy Says:

    Hi guy, my name is Loddy. I never usually leave comments on websites but when I found this helpful page it made me want to put a bit of my story. I’m a 22 year old who just finished collge. Sweet huh? The scary part is I am a recering heroin addict. I’ve been sober for 3 months now and am doing wonderfully in treatment. Even though I am feeling better than I ever have before, all that time putting dirty harmful toxins into my body I told myself I had to find something to help me cleanse my body because I still had intense cravings for the drug. I found the master cleanse and went 15 days. Day 2-5 were the worst, but after that I could tell immediate differences not only in my body but in my mood and dreams at night. I use to have horrible nightmares that I started using again and would wake up in a cold sweat. Now I sleep soundly through the night and wake up happy and feel safe. Thanks alex for helping others see the benefits of this cleanse, I know it has been a huge part of my recovery. Good luck to you all :) Love, Loddy (day 92 clean)

  317. avatar #321 - Alex Says:

    Hey Loddy, I have to say that was a very uplifting comment, thank you, that you comment on this post. Even though you normally don’t. It is really great to hear what the master cleanser can do and I’m very happy that you made it through and please stay clean for the rest of your life!

  318. avatar #322 - K. Says:

    I plan to start MC in the next few days. I have a question: should I keep taking my regular multivitamins and supplements?
    Thanks for all your help!

  319. avatar #323 - ladysme Says:

    I’ve been researching this cleanse for at least a month now, was too scared to start, afraid of failure…BUT I did start today! I drank the salt water this morning and now have had the lemonaide all day. I find it difficult to consume that much. I am trying to finish up the rest of 20 ounces. I don’t know how people drink that much!
    I found Smooth move tea for tonight with Senna but it is chocolate flavored. Is this okay?

  320. avatar #324 - MYSTERYME562 Says:


  321. avatar #325 - Alex Says:

    @K., you shouldn’t take anything!
    @ladysme, smooth move is ok to use.
    @Mysteryme562, how is it going so far?

    Good luck to all of you!

  322. avatar #326 - Sarah Says:

    I start tomorrow and I super excited!..just wondering though if I get a headache can I take Tylenol? Also am I allowed to take a multivitamin while on my 10 day journey??

  323. avatar #327 - Sarah Says:

    Just found out 3 tips for the MC

    –avoid multivitamin if possible
    –avoid stress
    –avoid vigorous exercise

  324. avatar #328 - Alex Says:

    Hey Sarah, glad you found it out and thanks to let everyone know. :)

    You also shouldn’t take Tylenol or any other medecine.

    Good luck!

  325. avatar #329 - Sarah Says:

    So today is my first day and Im doing okay on the hunger part but just wondering if you boil the mix will the cayenne combine better..its super strong!

  326. avatar #330 - jason Says:


    I am starting the master cleanse diet tonight. 2 questions, I tried the “salt water flush” the past 2 nights, and no success, I was waiting for that to work before officially starting.

    1. I used “kosher” salt, uniodized, must it be sea salt?
    2. I weight 215lbs, so should I be doing more then 32 oz and 2 teaspoons of salt? I didn’t like knowing i was absorbing that salt solution teh past 2 days, so tonight wanna make sure I do it right.

  327. avatar #331 - Liz Says:

    I was on the Master Clenase for 14 days and then I stopped the cleanse about 2 weeks ago but I am concerned for the baby’s health?

  328. avatar #332 - Valerie Says:

    I’m starting the MC only for the detox…I don’t need to lose weight. I am 5′5″ and 110 lbs so am worried about losing weight. Should I eat raw veggies or something to help me keep the weight on?

  329. avatar #333 - Alex Says:

    @Liz, are you pregnant? Then you really shouldn’t do it anyways. Better afterwards, when the baby is serveral month old and you are ok.
    @Valerie, especially you want to do it for detoxing your body, you shouldn’t eat anything at all. And don’t worry, if you don’t have much to lose, you won’t anyways.

  330. avatar #334 - Emily- PLEASE WRITE Says:

    Hey. Im going on the diet and I just have a few questions, and It would really help if anyone knew the answers. Can we chew gum on the diet? And can we make like a soda bottle sized container and put the Lemon juice in it? How much of everything should you put in that size bottle? Thanks for responses <3 thank youuu

  331. avatar #335 - Alex Says:

    I think all your answer are in the FAQs, please see link at the top of this post or at the end. If not, let me know and I will add them.

    Thanks Emily

  332. avatar #336 - naomi Says:

    hello, this will be my 3rd try! the first was a success but the second only lasted a week, where i wanted to last two! this time around i’ve prepared myself, ate everything what i normally craved to get it out of my system (lots of sushi) haha. i’m hoping this time around maybe getting a little motivation from people that support the MC will help me through. its tough with all the haters out there! cool to see this thread has been going on for almost two years! todays day one! wish me strength and no sense of smell! haha thats the worse! alright, time to squeeze those lemons! XD

    oh and a shoutout to Loddy! i noticed his comment and honestly i’m the same way..i never really comment on sites just read along. cool to share your story, i think its super awesome what this cleanse and a little willpower can do for people. all my love Loddy!

  333. avatar #337 - Toby Says:

    I just started the diet today. I’m excited what the outcome will be. I’ve notice already that im craving food, but reading everyones comments on here is helping me stay focus. I’ll definitely let everyone know how it went when I’m dont with the diet.

  334. avatar #338 - health online Says:

    I love the diet which given in this post, on of my close friend searching for such a perfect diet, I advice her to follow this diet.
    let hope she gets the positive result from this diet.

  335. avatar #339 - Lydia Says:

    I just finished the MC and I lost 11 lbs. I actually followed it, because if you’re gonna spend what you do for it, might as well be committed…..right?

  336. avatar #340 - catherine Says:

    Can we use limes instead of lemons?

  337. avatar #341 - Erica Says:

    Hi there,
    I did the master cleanse for a week n i fallowed the steps to get off the cleanse…im pretty sure I did it right. Drank the orange juice 1st day second day ate the soup….third day ate a bit along with vegatables n fruit…Is that right? Now my question is….why have I gained 10 pounds??!!! Where did i go wrong? How much weight are you suppose to gain?

  338. avatar #342 - tricia Says:

    i am only 12 and my foster mom is in her 60s or 70s. im going to do master cleanse but im very nervous my foster mom said she is only goin to do it for 2 days but i want to strive to at least doing it for 30 days any advice

  339. avatar #343 - tricia Says:

    @erica i didnt think you should gain but i read online and it said the 1st and 2nd day drink orange juice and water. 3rd day drink orange juice and broth. 4th veggies and fruit,and 5th whatever you want to eat

  340. avatar #344 - Sally Says:

    I am on Day 5 of the Cleanse, doing well but getting some weak spells at times. Not doing any of the laxative stuff because my work would not be possible, as I walk early in the AM and then work. Don’t want to be up at night. Anyway, the past 2 days I have had a couple of cans of ck broth when I get the shakes. It helps, and I ate a cup of raw spinach. I know this is off the list of eats, but this is what I have chosen to do instead of really eating something. Otherwise, good so far. Sleepy, but that could be due to the Bowl games!!!

  341. avatar #345 - mia Says:

    I started sat and cheated sunday and eat fruit. I am felling really hunger right now and have drank two cups of lemonade. I knew today would be hard being that I at work but not sure how lond this will last.

  342. avatar #346 - mia Says:

    This is my last day just so tired. hope something took affect.
    day 1 tea night before
    sae salt
    lemon juice
    tea at night again
    day 2 sea salt
    lemon juice
    a lil fruit
    day 3 lemon juice

  343. avatar #347 - sarah Says:

    I am on my 6th day of the master cleanse and I have only lost a couple of pounds. I drank nothing but the lemon mix and water for the first 4 days, have the laxative tea, and did the salt water once (couldnt face it again and it gave me stomach cramps). After day four I also have had A cup of English tea (or two) with a sweetner per day also. Today – day 6 – I ate half a pineapple.

    Please help. Why I am not losing more?

  344. avatar #348 - Tracy Says:

    hi every1
    great to see that we have a space to support each other here!

    really wanna start the MC asap but havent got the laxative tea. I went to 2 supermarkets and 4 other pharmacies but what they do have is laxative capsules/pills.

    would it be ok to use those?

    pls help i wanna start the MC asap!

  345. avatar #349 - Viviana Says:

    Hi there,
    I have a couple of questions…
    1-Why is it so important to have Grade B maple syrup, is pure organic maple syrup ok? What’s the difference?
    2-Once I come off the cleanse…When can i start eating real food like chicken, beef, etc.
    3-Will I gain any weight since I will start eating again?


  346. avatar #350 - Tam Says:

    Hey i’m on my 5th day today, the day is almost through. i’m 5 ft 3, weighing 140 pounds and i wanna lose abt 20 pounds. I havent weighed myself since startin but it doesnt look like i’ve lost any weight. on top of it i was so hungry today, i really wanted to go have some take out like pizza, or chicken and im following it exactly,…grade b maple syrup, organic limes, cayenne pepper, salt water flush and laxative tea so why haven’t i lost any weight??????? lemme kno plz!

  347. avatar #351 - Tam Says:

    plz lemme kno, cuz i used my last bit of maple syrup today, was planning on buying another bottle 2moro but because i dont see any weight loss im thinkin to just end it and just start eatin healthier and exercise but i cant help to feel a bit jealous of those ppl who are dropping pounds, i even saw on youtube where ppl losing like 10 pounds on the 3rd or 4th day so wats wrong wit my body?

  348. avatar #352 - amyxxx Says:

    hey im wanna start the diet but am soooo confused with the a b and c type maple syrup ………………………… can you just by the normal stuff pleaseeee let me know xx

  349. avatar #353 - Sander Says:

    I am on day 4 of the MC and it’s going great. First few days were very tough but after today I think I will breeze through the rest. I am aiming for 10 days. Hopefully I will be able to stay off the bad foods when I’m done, and get back in to my old shape!
    Great blog, very informative, I like reading all the comments on here too, some people just don’t get the “DO NOT EAT ANYTHING” part :P

  350. avatar #354 - Sander Says:

    One question, I’ve only pooped twice (lightly) during the MC but I pee about 20 times a day. Is this normal? I feel like I should do a number two way more often. On day 6 (my day off) I will do a SWF.

  351. avatar #355 - Lo Says:

    okay so on day two I was doing so well then i went to the movies and ate a pretzel & popcorn im feeling really guilty is this going to do MAJOR damage to my diet?

  352. avatar #356 - marshbaby Says:

    I’m going to start the MC tomrrow or the day after! I’m excited and hope to loose a bunch of weight :) and also clean out my body of course! often am I able to drink green tea and can I do this for 20 days and still will it be healthy? for my body..Can I use lemon juice sometimes or strictly fresh squeezed lemons? THANKS! this really helped btw :)

  353. avatar #357 - sarah Says:

    can i take the honey instead of maple syrup.

  354. avatar #358 - sarah Says:

    honey insteat of maple syrup?

  355. avatar #359 - Sander Says:

    i would recommend staying strictly with the mentioned ingredients…organic maple syrup grade b, organic freshly squeezed lemon juice. and cheating is bad! im on day 10 (last day) and did not cheat a single time and am excited for it to be over soon

  356. avatar #360 - bps Says:

    I am just going into day 3 and i don’t seem to feel hungry in my tummy but my head is thinking of all the recipes i should try once i am done.. so it kind of confuses me a little as i’m not sure whether i am really hungry or i am just adjusting to the fact that i have not eaten anything for 2 days. It worries me a little because this way of thinking is making me doubt that my will power will be strong enough to say ‘NO’ to temptations. Hmm…

  357. avatar #361 - cornmouse Says:

    Hi all, when you lose weight through this diet, which part of the body did the weight come off from? any specific parts or whole body?

  358. avatar #362 - cornmouse Says:

    if you lose 10 lbs over 10 days, how much of those are water weight?

  359. avatar #363 - Claudia Says:

    okay, so hi, hello. I started the cleanse just yesterday and although I must admit it was difficult adjusting to just liquid going down, it was very manageable. Today was my second day and to test my strong will, I woke up baking all my favorite desserts and amazingly enough I didnt even lick off the batter from my finger. I was very impressed. As to how I’m feeling with the lemonade, I feel a bit tired but nothing to freak out about. A bit dizzy when I get up suddenly and a minor headache. I even did some cardio and felt fine. There are some questions I have though. When drinking the salt water on saturday, should I still drink the laxitive tea? or should I substitute the salt water with the tea? I’m sure I’ll have more questions as the days drag on. Thanks for the motivation everyone!

  360. avatar #364 - pearbot Says:

    im starting day 3 tomorrow,,
    and my tongue was white on day 1 but on day two it started to become pink,,
    what does this mean?

  361. avatar #365 - lia Says:

    I have a massive headache and I am only second day!!I was feeling great but now ..ugh? So looking forward to finishing it
    Can I take an advil and not harm my system?Thanks in advance

  362. avatar #366 - ready to start Says:

    Thanks everyone for the posts…. I’m starting in a few days and reading all the stories and seeing recent posts are really motivating. I’m starting at 5′6″ and 190 pounds with years of smoking, drinking, eating terrible foods, etc. I wish everyone luck and plan on looking at the site everyday for motivation :)

  363. avatar #367 - Ariana Says:

    Hey everybody! This site is great. I am on day one of the master cleanse and am doing it not for weight loss, but to rid my body of toxins. But today I have a headache and I am hungry. My biggest concern is activities; How have you all managed your daily activities with no energy? Have you told your friends that you are on the cleanse?

  364. avatar #368 - Ariana Says:

    Yeah so I just threw up and I feel extremely nauseous. I drank a naked juice because I felt so bad. Is that normal?

  365. avatar #369 - ready to start Says:

    UGH- I hope not… but I have read that same thing from others as well. I hopefully will be starting tomorrow and can go through it “with” you… You planning on staying on it?

  366. avatar #370 - ready to start Says:

    Day 1 :) I am starting at 195 YUCK and wearing a 16/18 jean… I have been eating out and terrible foods for years so I am excited to start getting rid of all the nasty stuff in my body. Also, I have smoked and hopefully this will help with never picking another one up :) The salt water is pretty nasty but it will be ok… I just don’t remember how much I am suppose to drink.

  367. avatar #371 - Nicole Says:

    I’m going to start it tomorrow. I’m pretty nervous but excited! ANy suggestions?

  368. avatar #372 - ready to start Says:

    Day 2… weighed this morning down two pounds to 193. I did throw up a little after drinking the salt water yesterday. This morning it seems to be staying down. I do have a slight headache today :(
    Don’t give up… plus I need a partner to do this with for motivation :) We can do it. Please keep me posted on how it goes!

  369. avatar #373 - Kirsten Says:

    I’ve been doing the Master Cleanse for four days and I haven’t been able to stand the taste of the sea salt water drink in the morning. I thought of using Epsom salt instead beacause it has the magnesium and potasium they use in saline solution. What are your thoughts?

  370. avatar #374 - Kirsten Says:

    For anyone looking for an alternative to the salt water drink in the morning. Here is a site that can tell you more about the benefits of using Epsom Salt as a natural “flushing” agent and it’s benefits. I use Epsom salt for a number of reasons and have used it before as a laxative, it astes better than the Sea Salt and I think might be more beneficial in the long run. BTW…VERY effective and fast acting!!

  371. avatar #375 - Andrew Says:

    Hey everyone,

    Im starting the lemonade diet on March, 1st! Im so excited! I went to GNC yesterday and bought Simply Slender. I hear this works just as great as the MC. I’m a lil worried about taking the tea the night before, I have a weekly workout/classes schedule, and I don’t think that will be a very good idea…lol! I hear this is a great weight loss and body cleanse diet, so I can’t wait to see the results!

  372. avatar #376 - Mike Says:

    I am about to start my cleanse again after a year of coming off the last one. I have been successful in all of my previous attempts. After reading many of these comments, I feel as though some people are just taking the recipe and kind of following the instructions. I am not a religious person, however, I found that Stanley Burroughs makes a lot of great points as to how he developed this cleanse. I found that if you actually take time to read and follow the directions in the book, you will not find the need to cheat or be hungry. The side effects are listed and are usually caused by your lifestyle prior to the cleanse. You should know these things before starting so that you are not surprised when they occur. Please take time to read and you will realize that this cleanse works if you are well informed ahead of time. Good luck.

  373. avatar #377 - JR Says:

    Day 1 for me! Hopefully I can last til 10 days! Question: Do I have to drink salt water every morning?

  374. avatar #378 - zenia Says:

    ok so can you do it without the cayenne peper?
    please answer me as soon as possible
    thanks :)

  375. avatar #379 - TT314 Says:

    great cite! i will be on day 2 tomorrow…wish me luck…

  376. avatar #380 - Anita Says:

    I know someone who did a diet similar to this for 40 days and years later, she struggles so badly with her weight, she’s gained about 20 kilos. This is consistent with what any decent nutritionist will tell you about the long-term implications of ridiculous dieting.

    Don’t fast! It’s the absolute worst thing you could do to your body and your metabolism in the long-run. Our bodies need food!

  377. avatar #381 - Valerie Says:

    Can I substitue tomato juice in place of the OJ? I am going to start a modified (no meat for the 1st week or so)south beath diet? This is my 4th master clense so I do know reactts. But Tomato juice??

  378. avatar #382 - ready to start Says:

    How are you guys doing? I see a lot of day 3 and 4 :) Great Job!!

  379. avatar #383 - Rose Says:

    I was wondering if I could have orange juice and fruits the day after the diet. Like have orange juice for breakfast then fruits for lunch. And if i can have fruits can they have other ingredients like almonds and honey.

  380. avatar #384 - Dan Says:

    Hi all. Im on my second day, going pretty good. I read that I used have several bathroom breaks throught out the day, but that hasnt been happing, only when I do the saltwater drink in am. Is this right?

  381. avatar #385 - Sue Says:

    Hey everybody, I’ll start the master cleanse next week and have got a question re tea. I’m a green tea addict…does anyone know if green tea works for the master cleanse? Thanks a lot!

  382. avatar #386 - Heather Says:

    My friend and I are going to go on this diet next week…my only concern is that im highly dependant on caffeine…any tips on how to get through the headaches

  383. avatar #387 - eno Says:

    I am so glad I have stumbled upon this website! I am wrapping up day one of the MC for me. So far, so good. I find myself wanting to fall back into my old habits- ie: snacking on the couch after getting home late from work tonight- but then I drink the lemonade and I’m ok. This site is very encouraging. I’m trying to make it to 10 days! Starting weight= 184…let’s see how it turns outs.

    Good luck to everyone!

  384. avatar #388 - Ivette Says:

    I am on Day 3 of my Lemonade diet, allready lost 5 pounds, and i am still hanging in there!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to finish.

  385. avatar #389 - V Says:

    I’m on my first day of this diet and I feel like eating. I enjoy the drink but its not like food. I hope to last at least 5 days with hope to boost my metabolism. My trainer said I will be so happy with the results.

  386. avatar #390 - Athena Says:

    hey just found this website i am going to start the diet twmro. will need support. we did yall find the syrup?

  387. avatar #391 - mel mel Says:

    Hey everyone I feel very ashamed bec ause i ate after day 6 is it safe to continue for three or two weeks? This time with will power?!

  388. avatar #392 - dominique johnson Says:

    i stoped my 10 cleanse on the 27th and lost 18 pounds.i started at 240 and ended at 222.I did the 4 day ease-out stage and gain 8 pounds..i feel so bad.can sumbody plz help me and tell me where i went wrong :(

  389. avatar #393 - Mayah Says:

    Hey Alex–

    I am on day 4 of the cleanse. Today is the worst. I feel so weak and tires. The lemonade is delsih.I use Grade A maple and I saw that you said its weaker then B but I cant find B at stores near me. I havent weighed myself and I dont want to. I wanna get cleansed and just see a slimmer me. Im so tempted to eat an apple. What do I do?

  390. avatar #394 - alex Says:

    Hey everyone i start my cleanse in two days im so excited starting weight 138……

  391. avatar #395 - Jameeka Says:

    Hello everyone!

    I’m on day 9 and I suprisingly feel greatly energized! Is’nt that strange? For someone that’s not eating at all, one would think energy would be the last feeling in the world! Day one and two were the worst for me, I kept thinking about food and I thought that perhaps I couldn’t do it, but I kept going and now it’s day 9! I’ve already lost 10pounds. The MC is great with the only exception being the salt water flush! I was doing every morning for the first few days and it was so nasty that I couldn’t do it any longer:( Can anyone tell me if this is a necessary?

  392. avatar #396 - heidilove Says:

    Hi! Great page. I am on day 3. I can only do 10 days this time as I have to travel, so I am going to do 7 and then 3 of the “ease in” as I heard that would be much safer than doing 10 days and missing the “ease in”.
    I am not taking the salt, as they make me vomit, but I drink the tea.
    I am 32 years old and about 35 pounds overweight. How much will I lose in the 7 days and then 3 days ease in? I know it is a stupid question, but I hear people saying they lost 12 pounds in 8 days and crazy stuff..but I don’t know if that speed of weight loss is just for bigger people or can it also be for people who have the same amount to lose as me? Also can I lose some weight on the “ease in” also?

  393. avatar #397 - Kayla Says:

    I am thinking of doing this diet next week for about 10 days and want to know the following: What kind of herbal tea should I take with this? Also can i drink mint tea i/o herbal tea? After the diet can I use this lemonade diet to replace 1 or 2 meals just to maintain once I have started eating regular foods?

  394. avatar #398 - zamie Says:

    Hi Alex,
    I absolutely love your article and the responses you have given to comments/questions asked.
    I decided to do a detox because I realized my body needed it. After most meals I felt nauseous for a while and just downright miserable. I started the Master Cleanse 6 days ago to cleanse/detox my body and hopefully lose some weight as well.
    My last weight was 217lbs, which was about 3 weeks before I started this detox. The first 3 days were the hardest and I chewed sugarless gum in an attempt to get rid of the awful taste that lingered in my mouth. I feel hungry at times but this is alleviated as soon as I have a serving of the cleanse. In the mornings I feel a little lighted but it passes with my first serving of cleanse.
    Thus far, the nausea is no more (yipeee)!!!!!!!!! I want to go for 40 days BUT I will listen to my body and stop if it tells me so (lol). Any advise?

  395. avatar #399 - clearingandcleaning Says:

    Hi there,
    Great comments, i have read through so many comments here and feel very inspired.
    I started the MC yesterday 3rd of May, the reason for me starting it is , i felt so toxic, and am heavy smoker. I just felt like crap.
    So i bought the MC got started yesterday, and ended up cheating, put the last ciggie out well over 24hours ago, and today stuck to the MC.
    I am on the Gum though i just felt as a heavy smoker i couldn’t cope without food and smokes all at once, but i do hope that within a few days of sticking to the MC i wont have a need for the Nic Gum any more.

    I pray i stick to it, and i am determent to give it 100% devotion.

  396. avatar #400 - Steph* Says:

    Hey everyone. Today I started the Master Cleanse Diet. I really want to lose about 10 lbs. Been trying for a year to lose the weight, but simply can’t. I’m looking forward to see if this diet will help me lose those pesty 10 lbs. Also, I’m looking forward to detoxifying my body. Wish me luck….. praying I can get through to the 10th day! :)

  397. avatar #401 - clearingandcleaning Says:

    Hi there,

    Good luck with it, You can do it if you put your mind to it.
    I am now on Day4, really i should call it day 3 , as Day 1 , i messed up. I wasn’t feeling any weight loss, and then this morning, i am feeling that some has fallen.
    So stick it out, 10lbs is not a lot to loose, i have 3 times that, others have done it so can we.


  398. avatar #402 - Holly Says:

    Hi- I just started day one of the diet and I am doing pretty good. I really hope to do it for at least 7 days. I graduate from college in 3 weeks and I want to be looking and feeling my best! I have a couple of questions..

    1) You said that tea is okay- can you specify? I would like to drink green tea in the morning, and maybe a chamomile tea at night. Also what about Smooth Move? Can that be used during the diet or only before and after?

    2) Can you chew sugar free gum?

    And thats all I can think of right now.. thanks!

  399. avatar #403 - sophie Says:

    Hi I’m 15 years old and want to do the MC so bad, seriously I freaked out about it so excited! Anyway, my mom isn’t allowing me to do so, she thinks I’m too young..
    So I’m doing it for 3 or 4 days, would that make any difference to my body? how much would I lose weightwise (I know I’m doing it for detoxication but still)

  400. avatar #404 - Alex Says:

    @Holly, green tea and chamomile tea is ok and many people using smooth move during this time. You can chew sugar free gum. Please check out the FAQ, since all your questions are answered there.

    @Sophie, sorry to say that, but your mom is right. You do a better favor for your body if you do some exercise. I know it sounds boring, but it’s the best way to lose weight, especially in your age. If you want to do it anyway, you shouldn’t do it more than 3-4 days.

  401. avatar #405 - lori Says:

    i’m going to start the master cleanse this weekend…has any one read the master cleanse secrets by Raylen Sterling????just wondering if it’s worth picking up from the bookstore…..

  402. avatar #406 - Josie Says:

    if you do this diet for like 3-4 days is it okay? will it still be as effective?

  403. avatar #407 - Josie Says:

    there are these 0 calorie candies/gum.. ice breakers, are those permitted?

  404. avatar #408 - Samantha Masters Says:

    Hi everyone!! I just completed the 6th day!!! Yay! Except that I can’t sleep, it’s basically morning now, and I’ve been craving carbs in a very insane way!! I actually almost caved in tonite, and was still on the verge of grabbing a bag of chips or something, so I came on here to get some support and advice, and have been pleasantly inspired to keep staying strong to complete this cleanse!!! Super thank-you!
    Love SAMANTHA!

  405. avatar #409 - sam3735 Says:

    i’d like to try this but nervouse any tips

  406. avatar #410 - Marta Says:

    Hi! I have started my first day, at the start was good until I have to cook for my kids and husband… the smell of food tastes sooo good… I was smelling it and imagining what it taste like until couple of hours later I ate my kids leftovers from the dinner… I stopped smoking 5 months ago, I thought that was difficult but not eating that is even more difficult. How should I resist the dinner times?
    P.S. my husband can’t cook, and he’s skinny for him to do this with me.

  407. avatar #411 - Misty Says:

    Going to start the MC tomorrow, never done it before. Everyone on here seems to have had a good experiance. Wish me luck!

  408. avatar #412 - montgomery Says:

    Hi, day one is almost over.
    i’ve only pooped once today.
    will table salt be okay to use for the swf?

  409. avatar #413 - Darla Says:

    I’m 14.5 and I don’t care if people say I’m too young to do this. I’m like 180 pounds and 14. I KNOW that that’s not healthy. All of my friends are skinny and I’m sooooo jealous. I’m going to be a freshman next year and there’s going to be tons of new people. I want to give myself a HUGE makeover and not be embarassed about my weight!

  410. avatar #414 - Alex Says:

    Hi Darla, since you KNOW that it is not healthy to do this in such a young age your REALLY SHOULDN’T do this. I understand your desperation and that you might be embarassed. But if you have such a will to lose weight, please do some exercise. Eat healthy and you won’t only lose weight, you will keep this weight. If you do this diet, I fear this will be only a short term thing but trust me, don’t make only a huge makeover on yourself. Make also a new makeover in your eating habits and exercise. Sign up in a fitness club or just set a goal at home like 20 sit ups every day. If you have the will, you have the power and you can do it. The best is, if you ask a friend to participate with you. Good luck!

  411. avatar #415 - Jade Says:

    AH! I started my master cleanse this morning and it is now 17.38! I am absolutely starving! LOL but coming on here has given me some insparation to carry on! definetly needed to do this, have had a terrible few weeks with eating crap and sugar and alcohol i dread to look and see what my insides must look like! Day 2 tomorrow, fingers crossed! Good luck everyone xx ( And Darla, you are far too young to be taking part in this your body is still growing! Try and run a few laps in the evening and eat properly, the rest will sort its self out)

  412. avatar #416 - webster Says:

    I know you’re not allowed to eat anything, but the lemonade mixture, water, tea, and laxatives, but I was concerned about birth control. Am I allowed to stay on that during this? I wanna do this again… I did it very successfully before. The I wasn’t on birthcontrol. I am now, id like to do this, but I know I don’t want to get pregnant either!

  413. avatar #417 - Marta Says:

    @#416 – webster
    Read the label of your laxative and see if you can get pregnant using it… i personally don’t think so and im sure you cant get pregnant when starving yourself… it’s not antibiotics that would mess up things…

  414. avatar #418 - clearingandcleaning Says:

    I did the Master Cleanse for 15days about 1month ago. I felt so fantastic on it, truly full of energy my skin glowed, and felt real joy within. It sure was worth it. I loved it that much that i am going to do another one, just preparing my self for it now. Weaning my way into it, and within a few days i will be fully on the MC. Its sure worth it, and as other’s mentioned , when ever your hungry the first few days drink a Lemon drink, and truly by d3 there is no Hunger at all. Oh i should mention i did the MC to Quit smoking, and i achieved that. And mind you i was a very heavy smoker 60 a day or more.

    Good Luck everyone

  415. avatar #419 - Lindsay Says:

    I just started the cleanse today, I bought 100% pure maple syrup. Ive been to 2 grocery stores now and cant find grade b syrup anywhere! so is 100& pure maple syrup still okay?

  416. avatar #420 - clearingandcleaning Says:

    Try and find the GradeB , it should be accessible from the health food stores? All the forums suggest GradeB but i guess if you cant then better 100% syrup than no cleanse at all.

    Good luck with it.
    Emma :)

  417. avatar #421 - Lindsay Says:

    i started the diet 2 days ago but i couldn’t help it after the 2nd day i ate food. For me the problem isn’t being hungry, my problem is that i eat when i bored. any tips? and is it okay to chew gum on the cleanse?

  418. avatar #422 - Leeann Says:

    Since this was so long ago that you did this, have you been able to keep the weight off? And i was wondering can you drink something else other than orange juice because i don’t like the taste of it.
    Thanks so much!

  419. avatar #423 - Ashley Says:

    AHHHHH! I started the cleanse last Monday (1 week ago today), and did great on the first day. The lemon drink actually made me sort of full, as I was constantly drinking it ALL day long. The bad part is that I felt I was doding so good, on Tuesday I ate and apple for breakfast. On Wednesday, I ate an apple cinnamon muffin. From there, I was doomed! LOL. That’s why I am extremely happy I found this website. Because I “re-started” the cleanse again today. I am doing good so far, but I hate sitting here at work because all I do is think about food, or going to Rite Aid next door and buying candy. Only 2 1/2 hours to go before I’m out and on my way home. I can’t wait! Then, I won’t focus so much on food. Wish me luck. =D

  420. avatar #424 - Lila Says:

    Hey guys i started the master cleanse 4 days ago. I really really want to do it for the full 40 days, but i’m not sure if i can pull it off. Any tips on how to stay motivated and focused? Oh and things i can do when i get bored? Thanks everyone i love all of your posts and thanks alex for making this blog. Thanks everyone!! :D

  421. avatar #425 - Morgan Says:

    Hi, i am going on hol on the 27th june and want to loose weight fast. is this possible, am i able to eat vegetables i.e. carrots and broccoli whilst on this? can u do this diet if you work full time. how many pounds do u think i can loose. i am 20 and need to loose weight fast!!!

  422. avatar #426 - Eunice Says:

    Hey guys! I started the lemonade diet today and I had a quick question. I bought bottled lemon juice just because I thought it would be easier, but I heard it had to be fresh squeezed lemonds. Do you think its ok or should i switch to fresh lemons?

    Also is it ok to keep my lemonade cold or should i keep it room temp?

  423. avatar #427 - Dana Says:

    Hi everyone! Today is my 3rd day on the clense and I feel really great. I realized that my body is not telling me that I am hungry and I am only craving food because my mind wants it. This is the true test of the saying “Mind over matter.” I can’t wait for my 10 days to be up so I can see the final results. If you ever doubt that you can finish this clense just ask yourself 1 question, am I actually hungry or do I just want to eat? Stay strong everyone!

  424. avatar #428 - Lila Says:

    @Eunice sorry but it has to be freshly squeezed lemons because there are enzymes in lemons that that help with the cleansing process, but you have to drink it within 24 hours or the enzymes die.

    anyway, i’m on day 6 of hopefully 40 and i feel great, but im kind of nervous because last time i did the mc, i failed after day 7 :( . These posts are really helping so thanks everyone and stay strong!!

  425. avatar #429 - Lilly Says:

    I did MC a couple months ago. I orginally started it as a weight loss jump start but as I started reading the health benfits it became more about that. My goal was 10 days, I made 9. I lost 10 lbs in that time and only gained 3 back.

    I think this is like anything else, if you use any diet or lose any weight and go back to bad eating habits then you will gain it back.

    I started it again yesterday as I have a cold/allergy thing that will not go away! I thought the MC would be perfect for that.

    I also will eat along the way but nothing big. If I think I can’t make it any further I read you could have 10 grapes and I guess there are some other foods, but I didn’t want to buy the book to find out what they are. I feel like if its a matter of 10 grapes or stopping all together then 10 grapes it is.

    @Lila, I dont think 7 days is a failure at all! That is amazing. This is not easy, especially when everyone around you is eating!!!

  426. avatar #430 - Lilly Says:


    Everything I have read says fresh squeeze lemons, I use limes, as the enzyme in them that cleanses the body only last for 24 hours. I don’t think it matters if it is cold or not. I prefer mine cold.

  427. avatar #431 - Krissy Says:

    Hello, I was reading a few articles online and Beyonce did the MC before her role in “Dreamgirls” and lost 22 lbs in 10 days! But, she did state that she ate veggies, not alot, but some throughout the 10 days. I think that if you doing this for quick weight loss, a veggie here and there won’t hurt, because you are obviously burning more calories than you’re eating. As a cleanse though, you should probably not eat anything like the directions state. I started today and because I’m only doing this for quick weight loss (I’m in a “Biggest Loser” competition, my weigh-in is in 2 weeks and I’ve only lose 5 lbs) I plan to eat 1-2 veggies a day and do my normal 1 hour cardio/sculpt workout. I want to win that $300! LOL. Good Luck everyone!

  428. avatar #432 - khim Says:

    i will try this tomorrow.. so excited. cant wait to see the results. i’ll do this to lose weight…. wish me luck guys..:)

  429. avatar #433 - Holly N. Says:

    hey i have been trying to get an answer to my question but just cant seem to find one so maybe you can help me out . i have tried time and time again to do this diet but just cant seem to stick to it becuase of the way the cayenne makes the lemonaid taste would it still work if i just made the lemonaid with just lemons and honey and just took cayenne pills maybe like twice a day ?!?!?!?!???????????

  430. avatar #434 - Andrea Says:

    Hello there, i’m starting the master cleanse diet tomorrow. I drank the laxative tea like you said at night (smooth move regular flavoring), so my body can get a head start. I bought the grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, spring water, and about 6 lemons. I plan on doing this for about 9 or 10 days.. I’m curious as to how many lemons I will have to buy? I could do the exact math, but I want a more realistic number? :)

  431. avatar #435 - Lila Says:

    Hi Holly N., of course you can do the cleanse without cayenne pepper. For some it is actually better to do the cleanse without the pepper because it can irritate your gastrointestinal system. Also, i think the cayenne pills would be pointless, just do the cleanse without the pepper all together, you’ll be fine. On the other hand, this may not be the answer you want, but you cannot do this cleanse with honey. Your body sees honey as plain sugar. Grade B Maple syrup is also more rich, so you will need less of it, therefore more cleansing and weight lose.

  432. avatar #436 - Lila Says:

    HI Andrea, what i do during the master cleanse is buy a gallon jug of water and every morning i make my lemonade for the entire day and each day i just refill the jug of water. Ok, per day i use 8 good sized organic lemons and 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of Grade B Maple Syrup. Ok, first, i empty a couple cups of water out of the jug. Then you just add the lemon juice and maple syrup, close the top, shake it, and then you’re good to go haha. Hope this helped.
    Lila :P

  433. avatar #437 - Andrea Says:

    Thank you. That seems more simpler to me then to have to break out the lemons every time I want a drink. :)

  434. avatar #438 - AlliraC Says:

    Today is my first day on the master cleanse, and my god am i feeling it. I am sooo hungry and have a killer headache.. will this pass? 10 days seem alot, but iam determined.. I for one have read this cleanse is amazing for shifting fluid etc, i have been holidaying and partying for the past year, and i really feel like i need to do this.

    Iam scared about the 10 day thing, but i know i can do this.. any suggestions on how to help stop the hunger pain??

    and can i have as many glasses of lemon juice i want a day? i read somwhere it was 6 8oz glasses a day

  435. avatar #439 - Steph Says:

    I’m already showing signs of weakness! It’s day one and we are going to a grill. How do i dodge the conversation of why aren’t you eating anything? Do you fancy a glass of wine?

    How do yuo do the salt water cleanse? Can you drink as much normal tea and milk as you like? Also, what kind of laxitives should I take?

    I need inspirarion!

  436. avatar #440 - Steph Says:

    Oh and can you definately eat absolutley nothing for ten days? What about a slice of ham?

  437. avatar #441 - Lila Says:

    Hey AlliraC, you can have as much lemonade as you want, just make sure you have a maximum of 1200 calories a day. when i do the cleanse i usually do a about 2 gallons of liquid throughout the day. i know its a lot but drinking a lot of liquid does take the hunger pain away.

    Hi Steph, just tell the truth. Say that you are doing a cleanse or detox for a couple of days to clear your body of toxins. They might be a little confused but one of two things should happen. They’ll be interested and want to hear more about it, or they will leave it alone. As for the food part of it, ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD is allowed while doing the cleanse. If you screw up and eat something please dont make it ham, make it something easily digestible like a vegetable or fruit, but keep in mind if you do that it will set you back and you wont have the same effect from the cleanse. My suggestion is to drink tea, any kind that you prefer.


  438. avatar #442 - Nicky Says:

    Hi there,

    Is it ok to put a small bit of the maple syrup in the tea to sweeten it a bit?
    I was wondering if you don’t use the whole amount of syrup in your lemonade concoction would it matter.

    (Day 1 and don’t like the taste of the tea)

  439. avatar #443 - Lila Says:

    Nicky, yeah that should be fine

  440. avatar #444 - shorty Says:

    I am on day 1, i think it is much easier for me to do this during the week than doing it during the weekend. I am not too hungry but i have last nights pizza on my mind and its killing me. I am doing this to detox and weight loss is also important for me as i have not been physically able to workout for the past 6 months and now i am. I don’t want to loose too much weight though say 10 pounds and i want to keep working out during this time. How long do you suggest i do it for in order to loose 10 pounds?

  441. avatar #445 - Megan Says:

    Hey everyone! Im on day four, and it’s been great so far! For all those asking about eating fruits and vegetables while on the diet, I have been and have still lost over a pound a day (and I don’t have that much weight to lose, either). Just keep the raw food snacking to a very minimum and you should be fine. I like to eat a handful of berries and a couple carrots throughout the day. Sometimes I even mix the berries with the lemonade concoction and ice in a blender for a fruit slush! Good luck everyone.

  442. avatar #446 - Lila Says:

    shorty, probably about 10 to 14 days because some of the weight you lose will be water weight and not fat loss and it will come right back once you start eating again. GOOD LUCK!!

  443. avatar #447 - Ana Says:

    hey i barely started today well i couldnt find that syrup so i bought a lite syrup with only 30 calories is that ok? will it still work ? and another question the laxative tea i cant find is it ok if i dont drink it ? i will still drink the salt water flush and the master cleanse though..

  444. avatar #448 - Lila Says:

    Hey Ana, please dont use the lite syrup for a couple of reasons. 1. your body needs the calories. 2. the lite syrup does not have the nutrients that real maple syrup has. 3. the lite syrup is probably filled with artificial flavors and sweeteners that are harmful to your body so my guess is that the cleanse won’t be affective.
    Oh and you don’t have to do the laxative teas, and if the salt water flush is not for you, then you can just take a tbsp or so of buffered vitamin C powder. Just make sure you do that on a day that you don’t have to leave your house for a while haha.

  445. avatar #449 - Heidi Says:

    Hi Alex, I have back issues and take a pain killer and muscule relaxant 4 times a day, will this hinder the results of this diet?

  446. avatar #450 - teresa Says:

    i started my mc today ive been doing pretty well but i was wondering does it matter if i work out or not..will i lose less weight if i dont work out will doing the master cleanser?

  447. avatar #451 - Vanessa Says:

    Kann man auch beim ahornsirup grad a nehmen? LG

  448. avatar #452 - kristine Says:

    hi guys, i wanna try the lemonade diet. But i have a question, is it really a MUST to use fresh lemonade juice? or can i just use the lemonade powder found in the grocery stores? please answer my question.. please.. thanks a lot!

  449. avatar #453 - Lila Says:

    Hey Kristine, sorry but you have to use real freshly squeezed lemon juice because there are live enzymes in the lemon juice that help a lot with the cleansing and nutrition part of this diet. Plus, it will taste sooooo much better if you use fresh lemons :D

  450. avatar #454 - kristine Says:

    thank you so much.. you see i’m like 100 lbs. and 45 kg. do you think its ok for me to use the lemonade diet? i really wanna loose my slightly fat belly.. thank you..

  451. avatar #455 - Lila Says:

    Kristine, hmm… it depends on how tall you are because 100 is really light. But if you really have belly fat then the master cleanse should be able to get rid of it for you.

  452. avatar #456 - kristine Says:

    im kinda petite, im like 5″1 tall. and my waist line is 25 or 26 i guess.. is it ok for me? Im worrying about my health..

  453. avatar #457 - Lila Says:

    you should be fine with the cleanse just dont do it for more than 10 days and make sure you have at least 1000 calories of maple syrup a day.

  454. avatar #458 - Nita Says:

    i will be starting the diet this weekend, i am scared out of mind, but i have everything that i believe i need for it, but i wanted to know What is it that we can eat exactly? And is there a certain amount that we should drink per day? I’m just really trying to get a meal plan out for the days while on it

  455. avatar #459 - kristine Says:

    ok,, thank you so much

  456. avatar #460 - Lila Says:

    YOU CANNOT EAT ANYTHING!!! only the lemonade drink. i would drink at least a gallon a day.

  457. avatar #461 - Nita Says:

    So should i not pay attention to those that said, you can eat veggies and fruit while on it? i was looking foward to those

  458. avatar #462 - Lila Says:

    sorry but if you eat any food then you wont entirely be giving your gastro intestinal tract a break, and it wont have a chance to cleanse/heal itself.

  459. avatar #463 - Kim Says:

    I am starting tomorrow I am so nervous. My start weight is 222.4. I really want to finish this. Any tips? I think I will be really hungry. I need lots of support from people who understand. Please HELP!!!

  460. avatar #464 - Nita Says:

    Kim,please le me know how yours go, my starting weight is 160. How long are you going on the diet?

  461. avatar #465 - aloeverauniverse Says:


    Great to see many motivated people here. I am looking st starting the lemonade diet again. I did it a few months back and have fallen right off track since. Looking back now, i felt super fantastic on the lemonade, and could of gone for ever, Never felt healthier, it is sure worth giving it a go, getting in the motivational state once again, to go at least30 days this time round, truly felt really amazing on the cleanse.
    Good luck everyone.


  462. avatar #466 - Nita Says:

    For the laxative herb tea, are we allowed to put anything in it, like sugar? And if i did not get to drink it the night before starting the diet, is it still ok, if i drink it on the morning i actually start the diet?

  463. avatar #467 - Kim Says:

    Hey Nita, Thanks for asking I actually just started today I have a slight headache but nithig major. So all in all it going pretty good. I am happy. My sart weight is 222lbs.

  464. avatar #468 - Slushy Says:

    For the ppl who cant stand the liquid form try to put your mixture in water bottles and put it in the freezer and every 2 hours or so shake it so it doesn’t get solid i find it taste better and it goes down better in slushy form!!!and Ive been on the master cleanse for 30 days and Ive lost a total of 49 ponds and i feel great and oddly my sense of smell is 10x’s better i can smell things from a mile away,and my energy is over the roof

  465. avatar #469 - NEKEISHA Says:


  466. avatar #470 - Emma Roberts Says:

    Hey! I want to try this, but not FULLY go on it. if you know what I mean. I want to workout, eat veggies, fruits and have ONE glass of “master cleanse”
    I don’t ONLY want to be on the cleanse for 10 or more days, I want to drink ONE glass of master cleanse with fruits and veggies everyday for 30 days.
    do you think that’s okay?
    And are there any side affects?
    Thanks so much!

  467. avatar #471 - Melissa Says:

    Hey everyone! The comments here are great and really motivate me to do this cleanse! I have been researching it for awhile now, and just now convinced by boyfriend that we should do this together. We are starting first thing tomorrow, and I look forward to reaping the great benefits, and living a healthier lifestyle! I literally read every single comment! Thanks!

  468. avatar #472 - akima Says:

    hey I really would like to try this out=) i have heard so much about this master cleanser.. but i had a q.. i know i am not allowed to eat any food during the cleansing period.. but can i drink a cup of coffee in the morning?

  469. avatar #473 - Erma Says:

    Hi I live in India and have very little access to the ingedients. Basically, I have lemons. I can find chilli powder in abundance and paprika but no cayanne peeper. also there is no real maple Syrup only the fake chemical kind. also only ionized salt no edible sea salt. Please give me good news and tell me something I can substitute. maybe honey for syrup and paprika? oh and no laxative teas. please advise….

  470. avatar #474 - punkin Says:

    i want to try it but im scared…i hope i can stick to it because i often have cravings…but if i loose the 20lbs i want, it will be well worth it…i think im going to give it a shot on monday…wish me luck!!

  471. avatar #475 - SHAWNICE Says:


  472. avatar #476 - aloevera Says:

    @ Shaunnice, hi there,

    Master cleanse is for everybody. I understand how your feeling, as i have felt that way over and over, When i did the Master Cleanse back in May, i had never felt better, Energetic, happiness within, excitement , clear headed, and the list goes on. Its the best cleanse i had ever done.
    Once you get past the first few days, You will feel Amazing, look amazing, and will have loads of Energy and life within. I am planning to venture back to the Cleanse, as i just loved the feelings it gave.
    Give it a ago with all your heart, you wont regret it.
    Good Luck to you.

    :) :)

  473. avatar #477 - aloevera Says:


    Good luck with the Master Cleanse, its amazing but true that there is little cravings if any whilst on the cleanse. I had little cravings, and mostly healthy ones. When ever you crave just tell yourself i can have that just not today.

    All the best with the Cleanse.
    I cant wait to start mine again.

    :) :)

  474. avatar #478 - Glory Says:

    I am 21, 5′7″ and I weigh 250 pounds. What is the most I could possibly lose on this diet in 10-15 days?

  475. avatar #479 - GRACE Says:


  476. avatar #480 - FanFan Says:

    heyyyy :) )
    i love ur website! it’s good to know so many ppl had try it and accomplish. it really motivate me.
    i’m planning to do it for 2wks. hopefully everything will be alright! i’m somewhat worried because i’m a waitress so it required a lot energy for walking and shouting.(hahaha)
    wish me LUCK :P

  477. avatar #481 - Vivian Says:

    Today is my first day of the Master Cleanse!
    Will attempt it for 10 days so I will have 4 days until my vacation.
    Will be seeking advice and encouragement here. Thanks for all the tips so far!

  478. avatar #482 - Vivian Says:

    Question: Is it okay to use Grade Medium Organic Maple Syrup?

  479. avatar #483 - Linda Says:

    Today is my first day as well. I am in good spirits but I am starving. I hope this feeling goes away like you guys say. Ready for day 2!

  480. avatar #484 - aloeverauniverse Says:

    Hi there ,

    Great to see so many starting this great cleanse. I will be starting in the coming few days once i grab the rest of my bits and pieces. I truly loved this cleanse last time i was doing it, felt truly amazing.
    @Linda, once you pass the 3rd day the huner truly disappears, as long as your in good spirit stay focused on the reason your doing the cleanse, and also rmember you will eat again one day but in a much better way, it really does get easier, GOOD LUCK.

    Good luck everyone cant wait to be joining you all.

  481. avatar #485 - Lili Says:

    Hi, I’m on day one and I’m really hoping that I can go through the whole 10 days, I was wondering if is ok to take herbal laxatives tabs instead of the tea?

  482. avatar #486 - aloeverauniverse Says:

    Hi Lili,

    I think that should be ok, as long as its a good laxitive. I do think though the tea is better, i normally put a bit of maple syrup in the tea to sweeten it a bit, doesnt taste so bad.

    I am on D1 today, on my first lemon drink. I would like to go 10days + , it is a amazing cleanse.

    Good luck with it.


  483. avatar #487 - Tonya Says:

    I am on day 6 of the lemonade master cleanse. I started my period yesterday. I am feeling full of energy but very bloated (like I’m retaining water but peeing every 20 minutes). I cleanse really well in the morning and mid afternoon and then only pee. Is all of this normal?

  484. avatar #488 - babs Says:

    hi i want to do the master cleanse and i live in canada. the grading system for maple syrup is different in the USA so there is no grade b maple syrup, anyone know what its called in canada?

  485. avatar #489 - aloeverauniverse Says:

    Hi Tonya,
    Congratulations on d6, that is really awesome achievement.
    Yes cleansing once or twice only a day is very normal.
    Glad your feeling a lot of energy, and feeling bloated will pass i have read some where that sometimes when we are fasting things that need to be healed will appear, so the bloated feeling could be something that is passing and healing, Keep up your great work, how long you planning on continuing the Cleanse?


  486. avatar #490 - Tonya Says:

    Until I reach day 10. The swelling has gone down in my foot. I wonder if it was the salt water drink in the mornings. I am trying just the tea for mornings today until Monday (day 10). Hoping that the salt may have had something to do with it. Thanks for your encouragement. I will keep you posted about the swelling thing. Has this happened to anyone before?

  487. avatar #491 - aloeverauniverse Says:


    I buy the tree syrup that comes from Canada grade C , i am not in Canada but there are people selling it specially for the MC. Good luck Canada is known to have great syrups.

    Now that mention the salt water flush i do remember having retension from the flush, but never lasted long. Hope by now the swelling has gone for you. You must be feeling really amazing, Monday is around the corner. May i ask how much you have lost so far?
    I am not actually weighing myself, i go by how my clothes are feeling.:)


  488. avatar #492 - olevia Says:

    My best friend and I did the master cleanse in 2007 for 12 days. I lost 15 pounds and my skin had a fascinating glow. I plan to start the cleanse tomorrow. My goal is to make it for 15 days. It will be tough but I know it can be done.

  489. avatar #493 - Esther Says:

    I will be starting the cleanse in a few days. Will it hurt to drink black coffee in the morning? I love my coffee.

  490. avatar #494 - esther Says:

    Will it mess up the cleanse to have a cup of blk coffee in the morning?

  491. avatar #495 - janny Says:

    Hey everyone,
    I am on day number 1 and its so difficult i want to eat something. Am planning to do it for 14 days and am hoping to see some results. Keep the comments coming they are motivating me.

  492. avatar #496 - Elizabeth Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m ending day 5, can’t believe I have made it so far. I was planing to do it for 10 days, but I might do it for longer, didn’t know you could do it for 40 days. Has anyone made it so long?!!. Good to see I am not alone doing the MC.

  493. avatar #497 - Julie Says:

    well its my day one!! and i am super excited to try this! i thik i can keep it up for fourteen days!!! :) i will tell you how it goes! good luck to everyone! :)

  494. avatar #498 - aloeverauniverse Says:

    Hello everyone..
    Great to see more great success here. i am planning another fast tomorrow.

    wishing everyone great luck.


  495. avatar #499 - Kimberly Says:

    Ok so i decided to try the mc n i actually started today n im glad day 1 is over. I hope i can make it through all ten days n if i make it i want to keep going. i found all my stuff at whole foods market n also i did the salt water flush in the morning and it was nasty i think im goin to do it on and off. Ive been drinking lots of water so i hope that helps me :)

  496. avatar #500 - lei Says:

    hi, i really wanted to try the master cleanse. but I have anemia and taking iron vitamins…would i be able to do this MC?

  497. avatar #501 - Hime Says:

    You’re giving out wrong information that could potentially be harmful to some people. You do NOT drink laxative tea morning AND night. The book says (and everyone agrees..) that you drink the tea once a day (the book says to do so at night). In the morning you’re supposed to do a salt water flush. Many people skip this part, but that doesn’t mean you should drink a second cup of laxative tea…that’s just too much. You drink one cup of tea a day, regardless of whether you do a salt water flush in the morning or not.

  498. avatar #502 - Valentina Says:

    Hi! I’m on day 5 now of the cleanse and I am craving food! Healthy food but still! The last 4 days I was not craving anything, it was actually easier than I had thought it would be but today, the grapes and apples my grandmother bought keep calling my name =( I really don’t want to cheat especially half way thru! Any advice ?

  499. avatar #503 - NoelleMelana Says:

    Soo I am starting the MC tomorrow & I am wayyy excited! I’m really anxious to acquire a new outlook on eating & nutrition :) I’m planning on running every morning monday-Friday and hopefully I’ll succeed in completing a full 40 days :)

    & for the many people who had trouble finding Grade B maple syrup, you can find it at Trader Joe’s. That’s where I got mine. Anyway, good luck to all of you & cross your fingers!

  500. avatar #504 - Christine Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Okay i want to start this master diet sounds so easy but pretty hard if you really think about it. :/ I really would like to do it… but i keep down talking myself saying… i will stop on the 2nd or 4th day! Okay and how many days is this diet?

  501. avatar #505 - Denise Says:

    I enjoy the taste of the mixture. I really want to do it for the 10 days or more but I find it so hard because I weaken while I am making dinner for my family!

  502. avatar #506 - Fan Says:

    Hello everyone, i officially pass through the third day of this detox program. Now I’m about to go to bed and looking forward for the fourth day :)
    my goal is 10 days.
    i have to say i LOVE it!!!! 3days i lost about 4 lbs already!!! woo hooooo!!!!

  503. avatar #507 - Rhonda Says:

    I’m on day 2. Let’s hope it’s easier than day 1…lol

  504. avatar #508 - Nis Says:

    Day 1 of the MC!!! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Mainly nervous because in the last year i have become addicted to my pot of coffee. I’ve tried weaning myself off several times and each time I experience the headache. Already i’m having this headache-but in the last hour it has gone down. I’m not really doing this for weight loss, more so to rid my body of these ‘toxins’-as i have never been one to have normal BM’s. Good luck to all those on this. Hunger-not so bad (although not going to lie-my boss eating Chinese has been somewhat of a tease). Will continue to update on my journey!

  505. avatar #509 - Rhonda Says:

    Well I have to tell everyone the bad news…I only lasted until the end of day 3. I was hungry and I couldn’t stand to drink one more sip of that crap. I wanted to do this so bad.
    Good luck to everyone!

  506. avatar #510 - Waheed Says:

    I’ve started my MC diet today but the cayenne pepper i fonded are not organic, does it make a difference or I can go on with the same.


  507. avatar #511 - nahid Says:

    well MC is not so easy that i am realising now..its my day 2 and feeling good but my mind is hungry not my stomach.i really want to do this i want to look slim and have to shed 10 kilos….wish me luck

  508. avatar #512 - shorty Says:

    This is about my fourth attempt at the MC. I really want to do it for 10 days. Today is day one and i am not feeling hungry yet, so far so good. Will let you know of the results in 10 days.

  509. avatar #513 - shorty Says:

    Its day 3 and my whole body hurts. I continued working out hectically and i guess thats why. Looking forward to the next three days as i think i will feel a lot better, more energized, great looking skin and much thinner (i hope). 7 days to go!

  510. avatar #514 - Jose Says:

    So I quit smoking and mostly quit drinking this summer. I have begun excercisig more regularly…and have found myself drinking much more water. But something I’ve noticed is that with my increased H20 consumption I have had increased gassiness. I have been reading a lot about colon cleanse, and am glad I discovered this forum. I am planning on doing the master cleanse but am also interested in using bentonite mud. Do you think I should use the bentonite before or after the MC. Also what are your thoughts around using fennel seed to help get through cravings during the MC. I really want to be successful, but I know myself…I’m a big guy and I really enjoy eating! I am also doing kick boxing classes twice a week, which are pretty physically intense…what has been your experience over the years…how do folks handle physical execration while on the MC? Thanks!

  511. avatar #515 - oj cepeda Says:

    Well today is day #3 and I feel good… day 2 was horrible. Im trying to do it for at least 5 days.. Ive lost a total of about 12 pounds in 3 days!!! dont ask me how! :) 2 more days n then right after thanksgiving im doing it again for the full 10 days!

  512. avatar #516 - Jose Says:

    oj.. That sounds great! I think Im going to begin after Thanksgiving. I am also thinking about doing a couple short cleanses before I do the ten day one.

  513. avatar #517 - mya Says:

    please help..I have only just started my MC on day 2 i ate a pear in the morning as i was feeling very weak and wobbly but throughout the whole day i’ve been feeling alot better and more determined. does that mean it wont work coz i had a pear? thank you :)

  514. avatar #518 - Alex Says:

    Hi Mya,

    if you ate a pear once it won’t kill the purpose, but if possible don’t eat anything else for the rest of the time. The first 2 days are the hardest anyway. :)

  515. avatar #519 - mya Says:

    thank you alex :) :) no i wont be eating anything else.

  516. avatar #520 - Samantha Says:

    Hi there. I’ve read every single comment on this blog. Thank you for encouraging me on my journey – I am on day 3 of my mc and today I don’t feel very good. I have had a headache/runny/blocked nose today.

    Today, I’m also craving chicken, yet I’ve been vegetarian for 15 years! strange! !

    I am planning on doing this for a min of 10 days – hopefully 20…..time will tell.

  517. avatar #521 - sophie Says:

    Hi Everyone :) I just start today DAY 1 . A little spicy (do not put too much cayenne) i can’t wait to see the result … I will try to do 10 days If i can go more i’ll do 14 My birthday coming up so i really want look good and finally lost my 20 extra pounds… What about alchool and cigarettes ?!?

  518. avatar #522 - sophie Says:

    Hi everyone this is my DAY 1 I’m planning on doing 10 to 14 days … I’m wondering if alchool and cigarettes will be not good ?

  519. avatar #523 - JayGat Says:

    Can u eat crackers while on the diet?

  520. avatar #524 - lovethecleanse Says:

    I am on day 7 of this cleans and I feel great! I am a little conserned about coming off this cleanse properly and changing me eating habits in the future.

  521. avatar #525 - Zara Says:

    i hav been on the master cleanse for 4 days and have not pooped as of yet…what should i do? i already drnk laxative tea twice a day! HELP!!

  522. avatar #526 - lovethecleanse Says:

    finished day 10!!! Today I am drinking orange juice, then tomorowhomemade vegetable soup broth. I feel great and recommend this cleanse to any one who wants to feel better. Just be sure to know that you must change your eating habits after the cleanse or you may gain extra pounds. Otherwise go for it..I did with no regrets!

  523. avatar #527 - Raina Says:

    Hello everyone, I’ve done TMC before and absolutely love it. I live in China and can get any product there easily but right now i’m visiting my family in Uzbekistan where u can’t find anything like maple syrup or molasses or sugar cane. I heard you can also use apple syrup or raw honey instead? I would like to start the cleanse in a couple of days but wouldn’t want to do it if replacing maple syrup doesn’t work. Please advise

  524. avatar #528 - Yazmine Says:

    hi i am 15 years old and i want to start the MC but i am going back to school, would i have troubloe? like wouold i have to go to the restroom alot? would i like fart like out of no where? and i play soccer can i do the master cleanse while im in soccer and school? please reply !

  525. avatar #529 - SeSe Says:

    Hello Everyone this is my second time on the MC. Last time I did it for 10 days in 2007 and I lost about 10 pds. But I didn’t do well with coming off the cleanse. I was so hungry and starting eating again like I did before going on the fast after the 3rd day. This time I am going do it with a different mindset. And I am hoping to come out this time with a better eating habits. All the best to everyone! And I know I will make it! Peace and Blessings.

  526. avatar #530 - Mary Says:

    Day one – do you mix the water with orange juice – if so what is the ratio?

  527. avatar #531 - Heather Says:

    I was wondering, how do I keep the weight off after I stop the diet?

  528. avatar #532 - Stefani Says:

    Can I use organic honey instead of maple syrup? I can’t eat maple…:(

  529. avatar #533 - Monika Says:

    i would assume just to do it to taste for the orange juice
    i officially start the cleanse on wednesday but for the next few days im just going to be easing in.
    i can already tell its going to be hard but im excited to see the results.
    being in the first year in university and living in residence theres a lot of crappy food around here but its going to be exciting to see the results

  530. avatar #534 - maggie Says:

    Thanks for all the comments. I know it will help me stay on the cleanse. I’m on my second day. I’m a huge surgar junky and hope to get rid of the cravings!

  531. avatar #535 - mroppie Says:

    I am on day one, the lemonade is not as revolting as I thought. I want to do my best to keep at it for 7 days, I want the experience to help me kickstart my Rosemary Conley solo slim diet.

  532. avatar #536 - Court Says:

    What was your starting weight and ending weight after the fast. I am 150. I was hoping to get to 135 in 10 days. But ill be happy with 140. My luck ill only lose 5 lbs.

  533. avatar #537 - Court Says:

    Did you workout while on the cleanse. I was thinking light cardio. (walking on treadmill 30 minutes might speed up weight loss)

  534. avatar #538 - Jose Says:

    I am on day three. I went to kickboxing last night which is by no means light excercise. I think I had my best work out yet. I got several compliments from the instructor as where I ussually get more critiques. I felt light and energetic. I even went in the sauna for about 15 minutes after my my hour of Kickboxing. I feel good and not really having hunger issues. I did come home last night and the fam had ordered pizza…It smelled wonderful…and looked delicous, but I didnt want to eat it. The smell was more annoying…especially when they made cookies later that night. I just went to bed early..didnt want to hang with the smell of fresh chocolate ship cookies. I think the hardest part so far has been the salt water flush. Its kinda difficult to stomach that much salt water…also it makes me feel a little crampy before my bm. Other than that I think it has been a very positive experience. Im still not sure how long I will go…I guess as long as feels right. Im not going to deprive myself if I start feeling weak or sick.

  535. avatar #539 - lisa norman Says:

    i started this mc this morning , but i carnt seem to stomach the cayenne pepper, would capsuals be better

  536. avatar #540 - Jose Says:

    Beginning of day 4. Feel good…. And have been surprisingly calm and relaxed. Especially since my boss is on vaca and I’m second in charge, everyone is bringing every issue to me. I worked out again last night for about 40 min. On the elliptical machine & spent about 10 min in sauna stretching. Feeling a little dry this morning, so I think i’m going to skip the workout tonight and just drink lots of water.

  537. avatar #541 - Jose Says:

    End of day four doing well still. Not looking forward to the whole morning ritual thing… Salt water is nasty :-(
    I’m looking forward to next Wednesday, day 10… I think I can do it!

  538. avatar #542 - Jose Says:

    Okay, day 6 is here! Over the hump….Yay! I’m off to do the salt water flush. Then I’m going to kick boxing. Wish me luck!

  539. avatar #543 - Jaszie Says:

    Today is day 1, and im making it through. 3hrs and 20mins till day 2. Im going for ten days so wish me luck! ;)

  540. avatar #544 - patrice Says:

    Day 4 am not sure I could call it that because am eating when I get extremely hungry but only healthy veggies and fruits and am surprised to see that I’ve lost 5 pounds everyone is differet though so maybe it won’t work for someone else so try sticking to not eating I will certaintly try I read something very interestig today and would like to share it it say that we all have parasites in us that send signals to our brain telling it were hungry which is not true it just wants us to eat meag so it play around in the fat from the meat which is why we who eat meat is never totally satisfied with a bowl of salad but just stop anc think am I still hungry maybe I need a rest maybe am thirsty try drinking a cup of tea really wanna do this cleanse without eating but I will wait till I get home over the weekend to start over.

  541. avatar #545 - patrice Says:

    Am 223 pounds and hope to lose 50 pounds how long should I stay on the cleanse?li might sound crazzy but I think the seasalt water is the best thing about this cleanse I could drink half a gallon in 5 minutes flat so am constantly going off sometimes I can’t get off the toilet bowl.

  542. avatar #546 - QueenLeo80 Says:

    I’m on Day 2 with the Master Cleanse doing good today but cheated on Day 1 when I got home. I’m feeling better after the rush of going to the restroom half of the day. I’m writing a day to day blog on my progress

  543. avatar #547 - QueenLeo80 Says:

    @patrice I have seen you can stay on the cleanse for 30 days however it is also recommended to stay on the cleanse for a min of 14 days. I am planning to stay on the cleanse for 30 days. You can click on my name to see how I am doing with this journey

  544. avatar #548 - QueenLeo80 Says:

    Reading a few post. looks like the battle is within to get through the fasting. Keep up the good work

  545. avatar #549 - Mark kofler Says:

    Day 2….its a weird feeling not eating, I love food so much and always ate as much as I could of the best steak , fish , pizza, ribs what ever I loved it all. I work out alot and am about 20lbs over weight now from lots of food and booze the last 6 months. I am not hungry and the lemonade helps when I am. I am doing this for the detox effect, after 40 years of pigging out I want to give my body a rest. Ill keep you posted….

  546. avatar #550 - QueenLeo80 Says:

    @mark yes i feel the same way my life revolved around eating cause i love to eat also. please keep us posted.

  547. avatar #551 - Kimi Says:

    Hi Alex,
    I was wondering after the MC the fresh squeezed orange juice.. Does that mean you have to freshly squeeze it yourself? And is the a limit to how much of the orange juice you can drink once coming off the MC?
    Thanks for all the information on it, can’t wait to start!

  548. avatar #552 - Thando Says:

    i am on day 3 of the MC and i am proud to say I havent cheated. i only drink rooiboss tea sugarless in the evenings. i don’t even feel hungry today. i am so sure i can do this for 10 days. strongs people we can do this

  549. avatar #553 - QueenLeo80 Says:

    I’m on Day 9 and feeling good. The Sea Salt Flush is hard but I still drink alot of water and not so much of the maple mix. I’m not hungry anymore but I do get minor hunger pains and small banana helps and I move on. Read my blog to find out the details.

  550. avatar #554 - cindy Says:

    Hi, I am trying thw master cleanse for 10 days. I have been really bad for the first 3 days, been nibbling when I am hungry. I know you are not supposed to eat, can I still continue with the cleanse or have I messed it up?

  551. avatar #555 - YA Says:

    well this if my first day of the master cleanser i strarted this morning and boy does it make you go to the restroom but i will get back at you all and let you know how it whent and give you my experience and results.

  552. avatar #556 - Lou Says:

    This is my third time to do the MC and I’m on day four. The first time was successful, my goal was to lose weight and I lost about 11 and gained back about 7 so a net of 4lb weight loss. The 2nd time I lost 13lbs and after ward I decided it best to try being a vegetarian and have a gluten free lifestyle. I love meat certain meats (chicken, ham sandwiches and turkey dinners) so I only stayed off meat for a month and half until Christmas came around! But I stayed on the gluten free diet and I feel it’s really helped my digestive system. I’m on the MC now because I was in a car accident 6 weeks ago and had to stop exercise because of my neck injury and as a result I put on weight and became depressed. I’m now taking control of my body and feel absolutely wonderful about it! My question is: does anyone else drink teas other than the laxative? I like ginger and camomile but don’t know if I should drink it. The book never specified. Sorry for such a loooong note!

  553. avatar #557 - Lou Says:

    @Kimi, I just drank the fresh orange juice from Tropicana that says “Not from concentrate” and about 6 8oz glass of it. You can dilute it with water too to stave off hunger cravings but the OJ is soooo good after being so long without regular food.
    @QueenLeo80, when I do the salt water flush, I take the salt in a little glass, add about 2-3 tablespoons of warm water and drink it back real fast then drink a liter of warm spring water (microwaved). It works perfectly and you don’t have that gag reflux having to drink two pints of that nasty stuff!

  554. avatar #558 - Shini Says:

    Hi it’s my first day on the detox, so far it’s been really good! I have not felt hungry n have had no headaches, I’ve also had 2 liters of water, I really am hoping to do 20 days , wish me look, I wil be bak on Monday once I’ve passed my 3 rd day xx

  555. avatar #559 - Sam Smith Says:

    so i have read alot into the master cleanser and want to try it. my volleyball coach in high school would always do the diet 2 weeks once a year and I always found it interesting and thought it would take alot of determination. well i went to walmart and got all the stuff and ready to start in the morning. I am drinking tea before bed and was told to drink it in the morning then start the lemonade mixture. should i do the sea salt flush the first day or in the middle of the 10 days. also does any one have any advice or suggestions? Thanks!

  556. avatar #560 - M.E.R. Says:

    I am trying this tomorrow..I started to try it today, but I am stuck in the middle of San Diego waiting to get to the airport and I wanted to go to a cafe. But, tomorrow I’m gunna try it again for 2 or 3 days. I’d love to lose weight, and cleanse. But I am already kinda slim, I don’t want to lose more than 10lbs- I lose weight fast. Any suggestions, the drink tastes so gross..the cayenne pepper burns my throat.

  557. avatar #561 - MirandaKate Says:

    I have read into this diet extensively and have decided to try it! I know I eat too much and I have a few physical set backs that make exercising difficult. I am excited to see what changes this diet will make to my body and life style. I plan on doing the diet for six days and the “after diet” for four; with a total of ten days. This will be extremely hard for me (like most people), but I am ready for the fight! I will keep you all updated on my progress.

  558. avatar #562 - MirandaKate Says:

    SO I have completed my first day on the diet. It wasn’t hard in the morning…but at about 2-5pm it was horrible. This has made me really notice how much food is all around us! It’s crazy! I almost gave up a few times today…and I am starving right now, but I am holding on!

  559. avatar #563 - Sameera Says:

    I was just going through the website and the many testimonials.
    I want to try this diet but without the laxative and cayenne pepper etc.
    Will it help if I take the Lemonade in the glass with just 1 teaspoon of normal sugar?
    Please advice.

  560. avatar #564 - Michelle Says:

    So today is my first day of the MC and it’s hard not eating anything…. I plan to do this for 10 days…. Any advice for me would be great thanks…

  561. avatar #565 - Megan Says:

    im a 17 year old girl so because I am still a student and workout a lot I was wondering if this was going to cause any problems. I know that I’m going to feel week so I’m going to stop working out during the cleanse, but what about school? will it be a problem? =( PLS HELP!!

  562. avatar #566 - Jaszie Says:

    Doing the cleanse for the second time, but this time im doing it for 14 days instead of 10. wish me luck 1st day is tomorrow!

  563. avatar #567 - webster Says:

    I did the mc diet about this time last year with great results. I am 23 now and normally I am 103 pounds.( I am only 5 ft and very petite) I went through some things and was drinking beer basically every day. (Bad I know) but now I am SOBER but I gained 16lbs in one year from drinking everyday. and wanting to cleanse my body now since I had such great success with the cleanse before. Last time I lost 16 pounds so I am hoping I will have the same success this time and no more drinking! Wish me luck. This time I will not drink after my cleanse. I wish everyone luck and success on the mc diet!

  564. avatar #568 - Manda Says:

    Hi, I already know alot about this diet and I know people who have went on it & had great results. I’ve been planning on going on it for a about a month now but there is the possibility that I am pregnant. Only about 2 weeks. I know that you recomended to “vic” not to go on it if she was pregnant but I am curious, would there be an affect on a 2 week embryo by detoxng through this diet??

  565. avatar #569 - Amber Says:

    Im going to try the MC tomorrow or maybe saturday. Does anyone know if the syrup we boil down at my house would work?

  566. avatar #570 - michellem Says:

    So I just started the MC today and I feel great!!! Although I was only able to find the Grade A organic Maple Syrup I read that the only effect is that it would make you feel weaker. Is it okay for me to add a dab/ .25 tsp of honey to help out with this? Let me know asap!


  567. avatar #571 - Patricia Says:


    I have been on this diet for 3 days with no success. Today i got very frustrated and began eating sweets. I have been struggling with headches and bowel problems for over 3 months, so i was hoping this diet will help me clean out my system. I want to believe the reason for me not achieving any result is because i still have the same eating rutine just in a smaller portion.

    I really hope that you reply.


  568. avatar #572 - Brandie Says:

    Im on my second day of the Master Cleanse!! Its a little diffcult just because i miss chewing actual food, and i see my family eating and cooking in the house, but reading ppls post gives in more motivation to complete the 10 days. I know i can do it wish me luck !!!!! =)

  569. avatar #573 - Shan Says:

    Well it is my first day , and I’m not going to lie I cheated but I just drunk the tea tonight ! Ima get back on track .. I have support from my family and some friends , so to hear all of your stories make me want to try even harder !

  570. avatar #574 - Kiki Says:

    I bought all my ingredients online today, should get to my house in a few days. I am so excited to begin. I have no set amount of days I want to it. I just want to continue until I lose enough weight to be healthy. I am at 170 and a healthy weight varies from 130-150 for my height. So 150 or less! here I come =)

  571. avatar #575 - Dominique Says:

    Whew..Day 5 has come to an end. Just 5 more to go! No one expects 16 & 17 year old siblings to partake in this but It’s an amazing experience. My younger brother & I have dedicated ourselves to this diet & it has been quite successful ! Surprisingly, I have yet to contract a headache & the 1st two days were a BREEZE!! IT’S ALL A MENTAL THING!!!! Although I’m doing this for a cleanse, it feels good to fit into my old jeans :)

  572. avatar #576 - Gina Says:

    This is my 3rd time doing the cleanse. 1st time was surprisingly easy for me. Maybe got a headache on Day 2, had cravings throughout, but made it thru Day 10. And, I felt amazing. Full of energy. Glowing skin. Dropped some extra pounds. Vowed I would do it once or twice a year. And even said I would replace a meal with the lemonade, because I enjoyed it so much.

    So, I tried again a few months ago, but couldn’t keep the lemonade down. Within 10 minutes of sipping it, I was throwing it back up. Tried to just start off with water and couldn’t keep that down either.

    This time around, I am at the end of Day 2. It’s been rough. Tired. Headaches. Out of it. Hunger hasn’t been an issue though…just take a sip of the lemonade once I start to feel hungry. Unfortunately, maybe because of my last experience, the lemonade is not pleasant at all. Hold my nose when sipping it down and drinking a ton of water to mask the taste. It’s going to be a loooong 8 more days. I had a good amount of BM on Day 1, but nothing stirred today. I have a day off tomorrow, so I will do my 1st SWF to hopefully get things moving again.

    Is it weird that we all so openly talk about our BMs? LOL.

    Keep going everyone! It’s so worth it. It helps me to make short goals to get to (mine is get to Friday)…then set another short one (get through the weekend)…then the last goal (get to Day 10 since you’ve gotten that far).

  573. avatar #577 - Annabala Says:

    i AM STARTING TODAY! I am feeling sooo hungry but i really badly need to lose like at least 15 pounds in 2 weeks so i am gonna TRY MY BEST TO Keep to this! TIPS!!!

  574. avatar #578 - Sienna Says:

    I am on my 7th day of the master cleanse and I feel very weak and hungry. The lemonade gives some sort of relief but I still feel hunger for something else. I am also exercising almost every day so I am thinking that my body needs protein? I need to exercise because I want to loose weight as well and so far I have only lost 4 lbs which I only think is water.. The SWF goes very well – I don’t need the tea. This cleanse doesn’t seem to work for me, as I don’t feel better – just exhausted, weak and cold. Maybe I should have some fish along the side like Beyonce did so I don’t deplete my protein reserves completely? Any comments on that? It would be very much appreciated! Great blog!

  575. avatar #579 - hocuspocus Says:

    Just finished day 2! But don’t know if u could call it that! Had a tiny piece of cheese (times 2) and a pack of crisps! Am lying in bed soooo hungry..but I’m glad I’ve read that day 2 is the hardest! Can’t wait for day 7 when it apparently gets easier!

  576. avatar #580 - Andrew Says:

    Hey everyone. This is my 2nd time on this detox and I am on day 8. I will only do it for 10 days this time and i will do 14 days when I start again in July. I am trying to take hold of my health and release the need to gravitate to foods that cause the build up in my body. I haven’t had any headaches this go round but last year I quit after day 1 because of the pain. Its been pretty easy I guess cause my mind and body are ready for a change. The cravings for fresh foods like salad and fish and the distaste for greasy foods is amazing!!! I plan to moderate my eating after 4 days of drinking OJ and broth after my set is over. I have been walking during my diet and i Like the fact I am still energized. Good luck to all who are on it and for those thinking of it, its all mental. Think of it as a challenge and you will be ok…

  577. avatar #581 - gypsy Says:

    I am ending day three of the MC…I have done it before twice for ten days. This time though I am at day three and have only used the bathroom on day one and not very much!!..salt water flush is just staying in my belly all day!!! I have problems with constipation but this is crazy…fiber pills won’t work and the “smooth move” tea doesn’t work for me either. I am drinking tons of water and being active. I feel like all of that salt staying in my body for two days is not good..Please give me a suggestion on how to better “eliminate”

  578. avatar #582 - Fabienne Says:

    I have been looking online for a quick fast way to lose a few pounds and I found this detox. I have to admit the mixture sounds HORRIBLE and the fact that you cant eat ANYTHING for 10 whole days reallly scares me. BUT after reading everyones stories and hearing the pros and cons of doing this cleanse, I decided that im going to give it a try. Does anyone know if it has to be a laxative tea or can I drink the tea of my choice such as ginger tea? Please let me know, so I can follow this correctly. If im going to do it I want to give 100%! I’ll be going tomorrow to buy everything so please wish me luck!

  579. avatar #583 - judy Says:

    This is day one of the master cleanse for me. I feel good so far. My husband is doing it too but all he talks about is food and i feel as if i will not make it i need motivation

  580. avatar #584 - Jennifer Says:

    Ok I am on day 2
    I was wondering if we can et cucumber due to the fact it is just water based?

  581. avatar #585 - Raeanne Says:

    Okay, so i seen a Youtube video on this and wanted to try it so I think i will start after Easter. I’m just not entirely sure how my mom will take it, but I’m very curious and it seems like a great way to get rid of chemicals and other such naste things in the body. My mom just had a kid a year or so ago and I think i will ask her if she wants to do it with me.

  582. avatar #586 - laila Says:

    i was wondering if we can smoke during the process and if it is necessary to have laxative or any kind of tea with or can just drink lemonade. Plz do let me know as i am thinking of starting this diet

  583. avatar #587 - lemonadegirl Says:

    what is THE best herbal laxative tea to use??

  584. avatar #588 - Sarah Says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m on day 4, and I have to say everyday has been very very hard…my family has made amzing breakfasts and desserts everyday, brought chocolates home, and just today they bought more groceries. Thankfully, I haven’t quit like I have for the past year on other cleanses or diets. I did my p90x chest and back routine day 2 and cardio x yesterdy. Today, I spent a while clening the house, and I don’t plan on working out. Mood today-grumpy…hungry :/ I understand that this is cleanse, that my body definitely should do, but I feel the need to do this for the quick weight loss too. Hopefully, I lose around twenty in ten days. I know we all can do it if we keep our focus right! It’s great reading your comments!

  585. avatar #589 - Star Says:

    Day 1:

    April 22, 2011 – Master Cleanse Diet. starting weight 165.8. Ok last night I did the dieter’s laxative tea, ugh! Yesterday morning I did the sea salt flush, YUCK! but it worked within 10 min. I drank my lemonade drink. I did my dieter’s tea last night.

    Day 2:

    April 23,2011: Weight this morning 162.4 I Lost 3.4 lbs and feeling GREAT! Did the sea salt flush in the afternoon. Did the lemonade drink all today. Had a headache that is my only complaint. Will do the dieter’s tea tonight.

  586. avatar #590 - Star Says:

    Oh I must add that on the first day I walked on the treadmill 1 hour. And today 23rd, I walked on the treadmill 40 minutes.

  587. avatar #591 - Star Says:


    Do a deep massage of your stomach after you do the SWF. You have to massage your stomach on each side as deep as you can and then the top and bottom of your stomach. It will start moving through you. If you need to, put your feet up on something while sitting on toilet (TMI). Let me know if this helps you.

  588. avatar #592 - Star Says:

    Day 3: I haven’t weighed myself this morning. I did the SWF and I am still going. YUCK. Yesterday I was hungry like no tomorrow. I hope today is better than yesterday. I will do the treadmill in another hour for at least 40 – 60 minutes. I am going to MO for my husband graduation on May 10th, and I hope I come close to my goal of 140 – 145lbs.

  589. avatar #593 - Star Says:


    It has to be a laxative tea.

  590. avatar #594 - Star Says:


    I use the Super Dieter’s tea you can get that at the grocery store. However, most people are using the smooth move tea from GNC or a store like that.

  591. avatar #595 - Star Says:

    Day 4: I did the SWF this morning. I weighed myself and I am now at 162.0 I lost 3.8 lbs since starting.

  592. avatar #596 - Star Says:

    Day 5: Yesterday I did not eat anything went to bootcamp for a fast workout over a 45 min timeframe. Woke up this morning and I weighed myself I am now 159.2. I am down 6.6lbs.

  593. avatar #597 - Liza Says:

    Hi! Im doing the die on my 4th day already…. Its been great te first two days i did feel a bit tired and dizzy butnow much better…

    My question is how soon can i do this again… can i do it once a month?? or ??

  594. avatar #598 - togimini Says:

    my question is… how long can you be on it without being in danger?

  595. avatar #599 - ClassySassy Says:

    Well it’s May 2nd, I am on day one of the MC…..I just went through the am of wanting to eat soooo bad. I like reading the success stories. I mainly want to do this for the detoxification but I also need to lose weight. Food is one of my fave things and so are a few drinks during the weekend. This is going to be more than a challenge for me. Wish me luck and thanks for all the great stories.

  596. avatar #600 - ClassySassy Says:

    I forgot to ask, does anybody know if it’s ok to continue taking vitamins?

  597. avatar #601 - Gen Says:

    My sister, mom and I are going to try this!!! I was wondering do i just basically cary a bottle with lemonade in it and drink when im thirsty or do i carry water with me and drink when i get thirsty and then insted of eating meals i dring the lemonade. Or how often should we drink the lemonade?

  598. avatar #602 - Rosa Says:

    I was wondering if there was anytthing else I can drink other than the seasalt water for the laxative because I am having a hard time doing this… Thanks

  599. avatar #603 - Lou Says:

    @ Rosa – drink a tea called “Smooth Move”. The only problem I found with this drink was that you will cramp and with the SWF you won’t. Good luck!

  600. avatar #604 - Jaga Says:

    Hey everyone,
    I am on 2 nd day. Unfortunately when i drink Senna Leaf tea, my stomach is sooooo painfull, almost kill me. Can i eat prune insteat of tea. Or even it is pain I should keep to drink that tea. Give me some advise please.

  601. avatar #605 - Miri Says:

    Halo…Im starting on the cleansing Monday…If I cant get laxative tea or Seas Salt can hy use Epson salt for my stomach and must I do that everyday or how….

  602. avatar #606 - Jenn Says:

    when you do this diet can i take a vitamin supplament once a day ?

  603. avatar #607 - Marilyn Says:

    I started my Lemonade Diet on Monday,and i have to say that my left knee is feeling great and i’m able to walk up the stairs and not feel out of breath. I lost in 5 days 7lbs now that is great. Will Power that is the way to go.

  604. avatar #608 - Robyn Says:

    Day 5 for me! I’m hungry ,but It’s going good. Trying for 21 more days , has anyone else ever made it that far?

  605. avatar #609 - Nour Says:

    Can I do it for 20 days? I want to loose 15kg so I think it’s the only way. I’ve been eating 600 calories per day for the past couple of weeks and I find it too easy. I’ve lost weight but I want it to be faster. I want to do it next week because I’ll be done with all my exams and it will be during the vacation. Thank you for your advices.

  606. avatar #610 - Kayle Says:

    hi,my husband and i want to try this,but we are both taking meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol…is this safe to do while taking these meds?

  607. avatar #611 - Red Says:

    I am on day one and soooooooooooo hungry, but I am sticking to my guns! Thanks for the wonderful tips!

  608. avatar #612 - Red Says:

    Day 2 and 3 pounds lost. Probably water eh? I dunno. Still hungry but I think it is more of a mind thing because those damn commercials full of food LoL! Driving me nuts but staying strong!

  609. avatar #613 - Nicole Says:

    I was wondering if you can take fish oil pills with this because I’m thinking of getting on the diet :D

  610. avatar #614 - Nicole Says:

    Also, do you think it would be a bad idea to go on roller coasters when your on the diet?

  611. avatar #615 - Storie Says:

    Hi well im 12 years old and i guess a little over weight would this be safe for me? And could i eat like veggies or anything like that? Because we r supposed to eat at lunch time At my school and they would thing something was up.

  612. avatar #616 - Sam Says:

    This is really interesting to me. (lemonade diet) I use to do a no carb diet but this ones a body toxic clenser so it would be good. With the no carb diet I lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks but I rather clean the toxic out my body.

  613. avatar #617 - Louise Says:

    Storie – not a good idea for a 12-yr old to follow the lemonade diet. You need your full nutrition as you develop into your teen years.

  614. avatar #618 - Louise Says:

    I’m on day 7 and feeling good although I had hoped the cleanse would help ease the pain from a neck injury I got in a car accident a few months back and it hasn’t. It’s my 4th time on the cleanse since May 2010. It does make you feel good to have control over your body and I can do my runs while on the drink and still have energy for the rest of the day! It’s not a good diet though as weight does come back on gradually.

  615. avatar #619 - Hannah Says:

    Day One: Going great, taking natural appetite suppressants which seem to be helping, do you think this is allowed?
    Hopefully, will carry on feeling this motivated!!

  616. avatar #620 - Louise Says:

    on first day of orange juice now, and it’s delicious! I lost probably near 10lbs and my experience is that a few more will come off as I ease back into food – with only OJ first and part 2nd day and broth for next, that’s normal to still lose some weight. I feel good though and neck pain not as bad last few days.

    @ Hannah – don’t take anything while onthis. You are supposed to be detoxing which means not taking anything except the lemon drink and swf/tea.

  617. avatar #621 - mariah Says:

    i am 11 years old and i weigh like 120 pounds. i really wanna lose this weight. i want to start this diet tomorrow but not cuz i wanna get rid of everything in my body,cuz i wanna be skinny. is this a good idea? please help me understand if i should do this or not. what is the best laxative to drink?

  618. avatar #622 - mariah Says:

    also,when i am done this diet will my body be used to the laxative tea and still want it?

  619. avatar #623 - Alex Says:

    Hey Mariah, you shouldn’t do it at all with 11 years! Please do some exercise and eat more healthy. It’s not just a phrase, it actually works. For you young body, this kind of losing weight is not good for you. Any diet is not good for you. You make it even worse. Do some kind of sport you enjoy!

  620. avatar #624 - Jen Says:

    My fiance and I are on our first day of the Master Cleanse. Its been a good day but my fiance is struggeling with the hunger. I’m trying to keep him strong, if anyone has any words of inspiration for us plz feel free to share!We are going to try and make it to 10 days~ wish us luck and good luck to everyone else!

  621. avatar #625 - Jen Says:

    …o yeah and my fiance is worried about not eating and working all week, will u please explain to him if it is safe or not so hes not worried anymore. I know he can do this and i really want him to make it! thanks again!

  622. avatar #626 - Jen Says:

    day 2! feeling great, a little hungry but thats expected… as long as i keep drinking plenty of the juice i feel fully sustained. this is definately not a cleanse for everyone, but it is for me! my fiance couldnt make it last night but its ok, i think that maybe he is not ready yet but thats ok atleast he is supporting me doing it still. one day he will be able to do it too~ much love~

  623. avatar #627 - mia Says:

    can i put honey or maple syrup in the tea?

  624. avatar #628 - mia Says:

    I just started today feeling a little hungry but going well im @ 140lbs. I was also wondering if the salt water flush was the only alternative for a flush?

  625. avatar #629 - Kassie Says:

    @ mariah and storie your body at those ages require more nutrients then the MC will give you. However you might try something called a RAW diet you can check it on youtube its all fruits and veggies and juice they will give you what you need to develop properly and still loose weight.

    I am 27 years old and at 5′2 weighed in at around 220lbs earlier this year. I am thinking on using the MC as ether part of the refeed from my water diet or as a replacement for it I haven’t decided which yet but i am used to the fasting so I don’t think it would be a bad thing for me to up my caloric intake in this way and may help keep me healthy longer

  626. avatar #630 - Brittney Says:

    Hello My name is Brittney Bean and I understand that before you do this “Master Cleanse” you are recommended to drink a tea that also cleans you out. Well, there is a all natural non-toxic tea that I recommend called “Tea 4Life”. If you would like to know more about this please visit, and if you would like to order please call 1-888-454-3374 Be sure to give ID# 7030933. Believe me I drink this tea all the time and it really works. These products are listed in the (PDR), Physicians Desk Reference Book!

  627. avatar #631 - quin Says:

    why orange juice?! why not apple or a fresh veg juice?

  628. avatar #632 - Anne Says:

    Hi. I’m planning on doing the Master Cleanse soon. I was wondering if it was okay to drink a glass super greens / green vibrance while on the cleanse. My boyfriend is worried that I’m going to disappear if I don’t drink that supplement.

  629. avatar #633 - Tammy Says:

    I’m at the end of day 4. I feel exhausted, my bones and muscles ache and I’m feeling very nauseous. The hunger has subsided however. Any tips or suggestions?

    Also, can I drink flavoured or fruity herbal decaf tea or just laxitive tea?

  630. avatar #634 - Kassie Says:

    hi I am on day 2 of this diet and I cant seem to drink more then 4 8oz glasses of the lemonade. I am not suffering hunger pains i take a lot of the pepper should this be ok

  631. avatar #635 - alisha renee Says:

    i have just started the 10 day challenge and Ive read of alot of success but i do wonder i am not able to get grade B maple syrup. could that cause me to not loose weight?

  632. avatar #636 - Leslie Says:

    Hello there. I am 18 years old and I just finished day 2. ^_^ I had a ton of cravings…worst part is my mom chose these past two days to cook the most delicious foods..It was very hard to stay away from them but I did. I lost 2 kilos on the first day so I got very motivated after that. Going for 11 days. Wish me luck. ^_^

  633. avatar #637 - Heather Says:

    It is my first day of the MC and I am so excited! I think I want to do it for about 2 weeks. I love the lemonade!!

  634. avatar #638 - Kayla Says:


    I am starting the Master Cleanse tomorrow. I am a bit nervous because I work 8am to 5pm. I am just curious if this is going affect how many times a day I use the restroom, or even if I will be tired/grumpy at work. Any tips or comments will be helpful :) Thanks!

  635. avatar #639 - Kassie Says:

    Kayla you will be at your grumpiest on days 3 and 4. As this is a liquid diet you may need to use the restroom more frequently of it but you can actually fix that by taking you lemon-aid at times when it is convenient for you to do so as in 2 servings about an hour before work 2 servings at lunch 2 serving at dinner and one serving carried throughout the day to curve hunger pangs. Which trust me will happen on day 3 and 4 which is why i recommended setting those on the weekend. You can also expect to ether add 2 to 4 hours to your sleep schedule at some point honestly I recommend as a nap as it will help with the grumpies.

    All gleaming bits of wisdom from my family and boyfriend evadently I was a B*&#h to deal with before iii struch mt ballence but am all good now.

  636. avatar #640 - niomi Says:

    Is it a MUST to drink the laxative tea everyday TWICE a day?? i wanna start this diet this weekend but i just wanna get tha part clear first…the feedback is really positive and has me motivated enough to give it a try…i will b back with my experience.

  637. avatar #641 - Patricia Casey Says:

    Hello there. Tomorrow is my first day of the master cleanse and I have to say im nervous because I have a 5 yr old I have to cook for and Im hoping i dont cave and sample his food while I’m making it. My husband now wants to join me in this cleanse but is afraid his acid reflux will act up. Any ideas?

  638. avatar #642 - Kassie Says:

    Patricia the diet actually helps acid reflux i have it to and i’m on day 8 if he gets a flair to take more of the pepper it counter acts it

  639. avatar #643 - Patricia Casey Says:

    Kassie thank you so much. I will post back and let you know how it goes.

  640. avatar #644 - enternameherenow Says:

    hey. i was thinking about doing this cleanse but i’m anemic and can’t really go very long without food without getting terribly sick. do you guys think it’d be okayes if i took iron supplements during this or like any type of over the counter drugs for symptoms or should i just consult my doctor?

  641. avatar #645 - Patricia Casey Says:

    One more question, what is the minimum that a 180 lb man should have as far as servings go. My husband does not like the taste and wants to drink as little as possible but enough that he wont get sick because he is lacking the energy he should have because of the maple syrup in it.

  642. avatar #646 - Kassie Says:

    between 4 and 6 is what i manage to get down and i weigh 200lbs if i get sleepy at that i eat half an avicodo shhh dont tell started this thing at 220lbs i dont think i’m doing bad

  643. avatar #647 - Patricia Casey Says:

    Thank you so much.

  644. avatar #648 - Patricia Casey Says:

    Day 1 down and now starting day 2, yesterday was tough but this morning I weighed myself and have lost 2 lbs and my husband has lost 4 so needless to say we are moving foward with day 2.

  645. avatar #649 - Louise Says:

    @Patricia – each person doing the cleanse should take 8-10 glasses a day no matter what your weight so try to have your husband drink this much each day so that the hunger pangs will stay away. good luck with the rest of the cleanse. I’ve done four and since I’ve done them I’ve cut back significantly on meat and eat much healthier now – I used to have a great deal of problems with my stomach and it’s all gone now!

  646. avatar #650 - Patricia Casey Says:

    @Louise, thank you for the info. Here’s another question. Im having a hard time with the cayenne, would it be okay if everytime I had my serving if I took some cayenne pills?

  647. avatar #651 - Louise Says:

    @ Patricia, I found a website that says you can – here’s the link:

    Don’t forget to take it though – the pepper gives you the nutrition you need and helps to rebuild the tissue in the stomach.

  648. avatar #652 - Patricia Casey Says:

    @Louise-Thank you sooooooo much. This is going to make it possible for me to stay on this cleanse as well as my husband.

  649. avatar #653 - Amy Says:

    I have gained quite a bit of weight over the last few months. I am just waiting for my maple syrup to arrive. I am hoping to loose 6lbs or more. I am going away the beginning of august and need to feel good about myself. Wish me luck!

  650. avatar #654 - Patricia Casey Says:

    @Amy-I’m on day 3 and half lost 3 1/2 lbs. Hang in there.

  651. avatar #655 - Neha Says:


  652. avatar #656 - Kassie Says:

    sorry to say neha but that is a bad idea it will cause you to go into starvation mode if you completely cut the sugars what you could do is cut it in half and that should help i put 2 tea spoons in 32 oz of the lemonaid however you will be hungry if you do so

  653. avatar #657 - Amy Says:

    Syrup arrived today. The mixture doesn’t taste too bad actually but it’s early days yet. I’ll keep you all posted on how I’m doing :)

  654. avatar #658 - Amy Says:

    Day 3: Lost 3 1\2 lbs. Plus half an inch around my waist and an inch off each thigh. And I’m feeling good :)

  655. avatar #659 - Ashley Says:

    I started the MC this morning with a saltwater cleanse and have had the drinks.. I was wondering if you are supposed to drink salt water in the morning and the green tea lax at night, or if you just pick one or the other.

  656. avatar #660 - Kassie Says:

    all of the above Ashley its what works best for you however one of each it best because even if the saltwater is nasty it works best

  657. avatar #661 - Virginia Says:

    I’m on my six day and I have lost 9 pounds, still can’t find maple b, and I’m using A, can I end up not getting enough nutrition ?

  658. avatar #662 - laura Says:

    hi every1 have loved reading all your stories. im starting on sat with two friends. im aiming firstly for 10 days then 20 then 30 then hopfully 40 . i weigh 200lb and although im just detoxing im interested to see if i do suffer any weight loss. ill keep you all daily posted :) love laura xx

  659. avatar #663 - Louise Says:

    @Laura, I’m not sure you should be aiming beyond 10 days at this point. If you’re aiming for weight loss only, this is not the right diet for you – you will lose weight but you have to change your eating habits after you finish the cleanse in order to maintain the weight loss, otherwise the weight will all come back. Believe me – I’ve done this cleanse 4 times and although I try to eat healthy afterward each time, I alwasy end up putting at least half the weight back on (or more!).

  660. avatar #664 - Kassie Says:

    good for you Laura the detox part of this diet is great and your right to set your goals to 10 day increments best not to set a huge goal at first it can lead to emotional damage should you not meet your goal. The first 4 days are the hardest as far as i can tell. However as many have said you will regain your weight if you dont change your diet after however my mother who jumped off my fitness boat as it were has not regained any of her weight she is fallowing the life regenerator on youtube and it seems to be working well for her however if you like meat you wont like his diet plan much ;)

  661. avatar #665 - Virginia Says:

    Hi, everyone I’m on day 7 and I’m getting the answer why i over eat. Where can we go and do if not go out to eat, boredom !! Any get together or party food is the main attraction! And if I’m not eating with people is like I’m an out cast, even if you eat small portions! With this MC I feel like An out cast, when do we all started using food to bond? Well, this is my second time I do then MC and last time it was just 5 days, but this time I’m going for 14! Don’t matter if people feel offended of me not having food in my mouth 24/7!! It’s like peer pressure all over again! Lol

  662. avatar #666 - laura Says:

    @louise – as i said im not doing this as a diet, im just interested to see what will happen weight wise. the main reason for me doing this diet is so after im finished i will only introduce foods such as salads and fruit rather than chocolate and carbs. i have done my research and ive found 40days asthe max people have done safely.
    @kassie – thank you :) . maybe im acting dumb but what is the life regenerator?
    @virginia – well done you :) i know exactly were your coming from with the eating out of boredom in think thats going to be my nemesis but im going to try and work through my adiction to unhealthy food.good luck x

  663. avatar #667 - Louise Says:

    @Laura – good luck and keep posting! one thing that I hated about the cleanse was being soooo cold, I had to keep sweaters everywhere (car, work, etc)!

  664. avatar #668 - laura Says:

    @louise – thank you. how strange :s lol. illbe back every day posting my progressx

  665. avatar #669 - L80nRed Says:

    I’m over 40 yrs old and I’m on a few meds. Is the MC safe for older adults and people on meds (i.e. high bp, high cholesterol, mood stabilizers)? Meds taken with food is obvious.

  666. avatar #670 - Virginia Says:

    Day 1 again ! 10 days ago I did 8, now going for 14days!

  667. avatar #671 - Louise Says:

    am wondering how is Laura doing. good luck Virginia, 14 days won’t be easy but you’ll feel great after!

  668. avatar #672 - patricia Says:

    today is my first day of the master cleanse but i didnt start it wit the laxative tea is that ok

  669. avatar #673 - patricia Says:

    so i started the mc yesterday and last nite i has some sena but i have not been to the bathroom as yet

  670. avatar #674 - Little C Says:

    Peace Everyone: this is day 24 for me on the MC and I am looking for a way to finish early LOL. The aim is 30 days. The MC is starting to get on my nerves and I feel like my body is starting to reject it. Have now lost 18 pounds of the 31 pound goal. Any suggestions on how to keep it going for the next 6 days without bring it back up?

  671. avatar #675 - kellykelly Says:

    Hi everyone I’ve been using faucet water and haven’t been drinking the tea or laxitives is that ok and also I’ve read somewhere that nstead of cayeene pepperu could use ground ginger is that ok as well?

  672. avatar #676 - jenn Says:

    Can you drink regular tea?

  673. avatar #677 - Beth Says:

    Good Day…so i started a juice fast today, according to “How to keep slim, healthy, and young with juice fasting.” by Paavo Airola.

    For some reason, even tho I had the book, “The Master Cleanser,” I used this other book as my guide.

    The book recommends a colonic, (MC does not.) which i did yesterday and an enema each morning??? (MC does not.)

    While resting this afternoon, i picked up the MC book and read it entirely. I promptly walked into my kitchen and made a lemonade drink following its recipe. Luckily I had organic lemons.

    I’m thinking that maybe I will continue the juice fasting for 3 days (since i already started), break it by friday — since labor day weekend will soon be upon us, and start back up with the MC next week and run the full 10 days.


  674. avatar #678 - Barbra Gordon Says:

    I tried the Master Cleanse, and it was OK. But I now have a better cleanse. Im a very healthy person. I am on my second Dr Max Powers “15 Day Cleanse” and it has really been worth it. I am down 12 lbs! My body feels great, I am not hungry at all.

    I just want to say for anyone thinking about this…JUST DO IT =) I recommend the cleanse, its awesome.

  675. avatar #679 - Ash Says:

    Hey..So I am about to start the diet and I want to know apart from the lemonade what else do I drink? Like, do I have to drink the salt water in the morning and if yes, should I do it everyday. And also, the herbal tea morning and evening, is it necessary too?
    I will really appreciate any other advice too.

  676. avatar #680 - Ash Says:

    And how long do I have to wait minimum before doing the diet again?

  677. avatar #681 - Ash Says:

    One more thing, can I substitute the Grade B maple syrup with honey because where I live they don’t sell it.

  678. avatar #682 - rachel Says:

    Will the lemonade diet make you need to use the bathroom a lot throughout the day ?

  679. avatar #683 - sass Says:

    Hi, was considering doing the cleanse after having my last baby can`t seem to lose the double chin and the belly fat etc all over. Was just reading some of the comments. Was wondering if i dont eat when im hungry i get headaches or get weak till i eat sometimes shaky, that kind of feeling, because blood sugar is low. im not a diabetic or anything no medications etc, just wondering how this diet does with the eating part and how i feel and what to do about that if and when it happens thanks. Just wondering how the lemon and honey drink can make you get what your body needs ?

  680. avatar #684 - Louise Says:

    Hi sass – it’s very good as a detox but not a good diet as the weight usually comes back on – not all as long as you eat healthy after but the detox is only meant to clean the waste out of your bod. But you can kick start your diet with the detox! Don’t use honey – you need the maple syrup. I did a lot of research before I did my first detox – they are some good books at the library on the lemon detox as well as tons of websites. Good luck!

  681. avatar #685 - Nat Says:

    ahhh this message board rules (and i’ve been reading a ton of MC message boards)! i’m on day 4 of the MC and shockingly my boyfriend is doing it with me haha. i chewed 1 piece of gum 3 of the 4 days even though it’s a really big no no but i got rid of all my gum tonight so i wouldn’t slip again. i’ve been drinking smooth move tea but it doesn’t work. i did the SLF twice and it worked like a charm so i think i have to do that more often :( . the 1st time i did it i was gagging and couldnt finish it but then the next day after i saw my bf chug it the whole thing in 2 minutes, i brought my A game and powered through it like a champ :)

  682. avatar #686 - Evangeline Says:

    Today is day 5 for me, and I’ve only lost 3 pounds, I feel as if I am doing something wrong. I’m using the Smooth Move and it’s not doing the job for me, I’m getting a little discouraged. I will be patient and give a few more days before giving up. Reading this message board HELPS a lot.

  683. avatar #687 - Elena Says:

    I have read over the comments and the instruction of master cleanser, but do you think it would affect my anemia? Also is it bad for someone of 17(me) yrs old to do this?

  684. avatar #688 - Jessica Says:

    I will be starting this tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  685. avatar #689 - Kenyetta Says:

    I started this cleanse on Monday and I have lost 5pds. I did it b4 and lost a lot of weight, can’t remember how much but I was very proud of myself. I am going for a full 28 days, I would atleast like to lose 30pds within those days if not more. wish me luck!! In all I want to lose 50pds

  686. avatar #690 - Sacha Says:

    This website is really reassuring and informative. I am starting tomorrow, I am realistically aiming for 14 days, but in a dream world I would do a full 40 days. I am starting out at 5′4″ 170 lbs….boo. Let the games begin!

  687. avatar #691 - Sacha Says:

    Yesterday was day 1 and it went well. I woke up feeling just fine. I am going to give the SWF for the first time today. Hopefully it’s not as bad as some people say. I think I will be able to stay on this the full 10 days and maybe even go further. The best part was that I weigh 165.7 this morning. Hooray 4.3 lbs down!

  688. avatar #692 - gracie Says:

    i love seeing all the comments & it’s good to see some recent postings too!

    i plan on doing 10 days, so day 1 was yesterday & it went well. i do think i may scale back on the pepper because towards the end of the drink it became super spicy!

    day 1-160lb & now it’s 158lbs :)

  689. avatar #693 - Sacha Says:

    It’s been 5 days and I have lost about 7 lbs. I have also finally worked out the perfect formula and maximum efficiency when preparing my drink for the day. I was doing really well and didn’t even think about cheating and was feeling great….until I made my family mashed potatoes for dinner ( my favorite thing ever). I caved and had a heaping spoonful. My stomach hurts now and needless to say I was scared straight and it shan’t happen again.

  690. avatar #694 - gracie Says:

    day 5 for me & still hanging in there! stomach growls, but i just take some gulps of MC or water & its cool…

    LOL@ Sacha! i feel ya! sometimes i see yummies & wanna just shove it in my mouth, but i just walk away! :P

    tips that help me were:
    -find an “anchor” item like a ring, necklace, picture or something related to why you are doing this MC & when you feel tempted, touch or look @ it 2 help ya get focused :)
    -when some1 is cooking, stay out of the kitchen! this way you won’t feel as hungry or wanna snack!
    -if you’re cooking, keep the water or MC near so when you feel the need 2 “just try” food, drink MC or water instead!
    - most importantly, just keep reminding yourself you’ve had a lot of bad days, so giving yourself 10, 20 or 40 good days to better youself is worth it & YOU can do it!!

    good luck to all!

    day 1- 160lbs down 158lbs
    day 2- 158lbs down 153lbs
    day 3- 153lbs down 150lbs
    day 4- 150lbs down 148lbs :)

  691. avatar #695 - adamsbro Says:

    I started today day one and half way through I threw up all stomach bile grosse I know but is this normal how often will this happen? Was planning on 14 days but if day one makes me this sick how can I continue?

  692. avatar #696 - BeeLee Says:

    So I started on Tuesday it is now Friday. I must say like you I don’t feel a difference in energy and I’m surprised I am not hungry. The first day I thought about food a lot and by the second day it went away. I’m realizing I eat sometimes out of boredom haha I wanted to try the cleanse to kind of restart my system before I get into a regular exercise and strict no gluten diet. I was not a junk/fast food eater before but am still surprised I’m not having major restroom issues (first day but that’s really it). Does this mean it is not working? I’m a bit scared of the salt water flush but should I try it? Someone posted the weight was slow to come off the first week and it wasn’t until the last few days that it dramatically increased….maybe this is my case? Thanks for any advice folks.

  693. avatar #697 - BeeLee Says:

    P.S. So this may be too much info or graphic for some but really I don’t know who to ask haha I was expecting tar like stools but honestly they are cayenne spice color sometimes lemon. I guess I’m just concerned it is not working for me =o/

  694. avatar #698 - Jazmine Says:

    hi. im on day 3 of the MC. my housemates are always cooking, so not helping with controlling cravings. but iv succeeded so far, but LORD knows im starvinggggg. My problem is i cannot drink more than 900ml of the lemonade. plus the syrup is hard to find, the 1 i bought lasted 2 days, and when i got back to the store it was not there. So i bought molasses. ITS DISGUSTING to say the least, now i do not enjoy the lemonade solution as i did with syrup, i just force it down. I have high blood pressure i just hope this starvation doesn’t make it worse seeing as im already shaky+headache..

  695. avatar #699 - prinsesapimply Says:

    today is my first day…..wish i could survive it. =) so its just water maple&lemon and tea?

  696. avatar #700 - Jazmine Says:

    im on day i cheated.. had a pack of mentos.. i couldn’t resist.. but thats all i had.. no more from now… im gona stick to the diet.. however, i think im going to go to day 8.. cos day 10 seems like forever and a decade..

  697. avatar #701 - Elisha Says:

    I’m on my 1st day on MC…I hope I could make it until the 10th day… :)

  698. avatar #702 - Vihitha Says:

    I’m starting it tomorrow:) I’m aiming for 10 days.. I hope it goes well! Btw.. this blog is great. Amazing job!

  699. avatar #703 - lizzie Says:

    Hi! I will do this master cleanse to detox and for losing weight. Im 5′3 and weigh 163lbs. My doc told me that I should start to lose weight as its affecting my health. I will try to do this for 10 days and then aftes the 4 days break, I will do the diet recommended by my doctor. I think I badly need a detox first. I will however change some of the usual ingredients instead of using maple syrup, I would be using sugar cane as I think it would be more beneficial to me. Then instead of using senna or salt water flush as a laxative, i will just use a laxative liquid as it is easy to take. I would be drinking 5 glasses of 350ml sugarcane w lemon and cayenne pepper. I would also do a 7 min run and 23 mins of walking in the treadmill everyday. Is there anyone who have used sugarcane before instead of the maple syrup? Hope I would survive on this. Wish me luck! I will start tom.

  700. avatar #704 - Patrick Says:

    *Note- I have dot the master clese more times than I can count usually for 3-5 days evey 4 months. You CAN eat some fruits and vegetables as long as they are organic and you dont exceed 3 servings a day. The goal is simple. you body will dump anything in it given the chance. During the master cleanse you are only giving it certain foods to limit the intake or toxins in. Everything else wll eventually come out. There is absolutely no ned to do this for 40 days. I would suggest 14 days the max. Anything after you are loosing critical musle mass.

  701. avatar #705 - Patrick Says:

    Correction… I have done the Master Cleanse. Sorry for the spelling. Bad keys.

  702. avatar #706 - Steph Says:

    I started the MC yesterday and already cheated, I feel so dissapointed, Now I wonder what I should do. Should I continue to drink the Lemonade blend and just make sure I dont eat anymore and add that day at the end, or do I need to wait a few days and start over?

  703. avatar #707 - Sunny Says:

    Hi everyone, today is day 6 for me on the MC and this is the first day I’ve actually been able to say “I FEEL GREAT!” By day four I was close to quitting. But I have not even cheated and im proud of that. My Co worker started it with me and has cheated several times. I’m determined to hang in there. Even though the lemonade at this point is too sweet for me, I’ve found that its definetly true that the more you drink the better! For energy and when your really hungry. Before I started I weighed 262 and as of day 6 I’m down to 252. 11 pounds, not bad right? I began this cleanse not even realizing I would lose weight. I did it so that I could retrain my body to eat the best possible foods. Ive been a vegetarian for 2 years now but still crave meat terribly sometimes. Now I’m craving veggies and other things that are good for my body. I now know I CAN make it through the total 14 day process and continue to eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies. I’ve read almost all of the posts here and its been extremely helpful and has helped also with distraction from food! Haha. Alex your really cool:-) thanks for all your positive comments to everyone!

  704. avatar #708 - Sunny Says:

    P.S: For all those who say master cleanse is bad for you or things of that nature, you will never understand WHY it IS good for you unless you experience it. Don’t knock it till you try it ;)

  705. avatar #709 - kayley Says:

    i am now on day 1 of the diet.. going well.
    Just had a question… i couldn’t find the grade B maple syrup so can i just use the pure maple syrup ? And can i drink normal tea ?

  706. avatar #710 - jasmine e Says:

    I have been thinking about doing the mc for about 8 months now. I am 22 yrs old 5′1 and weigh 220lb so it is time for me to lose weight and train myself to eat better.I have gained about 70lbs since 2008 and i hate it. I have tried the work outs but I often dont have the energy. I am also have anemia but no other health conditions.I often eat once a day anyway, not because i am starving myself but because i only want to eat a meal when i get hungry but i snack throughout the day. I guess I just want to know if it would be ok to take iron pills along with the mc and be ok? If so I am hoping to have the energy to work out by day 5 or 6. I plan to do the full 10 days and if i feel i can continue i would like to go up to 15, 20, 25 and 30. I know this will be a challenge so i am taking the next 5 days to get everything i need and prepare myself mentally. If I dont get a response I will still be doing the mc. on March 20th 2012 i will start my 1st day. Wish me luck and thank you for any responses in advance. #great blog alex

  707. avatar #711 - Aly Says:

    Day 2 and all I can think about is food. I weighed myself today for the first time since my scale was broken when I started. I’m 5′4″ & 139.6. My ultimate goal is between 120-125 which was my weight most of my life. I hope to reach this goal by my 33rd birthday on June 1st. This site has helped inspire me!

  708. avatar #712 - Cat Says:

    Hello everyone!! I am so excited to hear all the comments, most of them are very encouraging.. Im starting the cleanse today, I have read up on it and decided that I need to jump start my body into a healthier me.. I just turned 40 in Jan. and I am feeling a little low and a little more heavy! If you all know what I mean? We are going on a cruise June 17th and I want to loose a little bit and feel good in a bathing suit.. So wish me luck everyone..I need will power!!!!!

  709. avatar #713 - Ann Says:

    Hi there..
    Congrats to all of u who have made it so far!
    I’ve been reading coments every single day since I started
    My MC. I was in my day 4 today and I completely mess up
    everything. I was doing quite great, keeping away from food,
    I lost 5lbs in 4 days, which is great. Im only 122lbs and 5′3
    so I wanted to loose at least 10lbs. But today I was carving
    some food so bad so I ended up drinking a full glass of orange juice to wake up my digestive system followed by a vegetarian blended soup and at night I had a slice of pizza :-O I feel really bad now as this is my third attemp :(
    Ooh well, it looks like my will power didn’t go any further.
    I’ll just carry on exercising & eating healthy.
    Good luck to everyone & keep strong!

  710. avatar #714 - Joan Says:

    Hi everyone, im on my 4th day and still i find it very hard. I have a migraine and when i dont take coffee my headache is triggered again so whenever i feel it coming i drink a cup of coffee, well i think it is better than to take medicine/pain reliever for it. just like the rest i feel weak and i look pale,is this normal? my craving still hits me and sometimes i feel like cheating im just thankful that im am able to control myself. i just hope i can make it to the 10 day :)

  711. avatar #715 - Louise Says:

    Joan, I have just finished my 7th cleanse and now know the best way to start the MC is to gradually weine myself off caffeine before the first day because the caffeine withdrawals are THE WORST! My advice to you is don’t drink coffee when the headache comes on – take a pain killer. The coffee just keeps the caffeine in your system (even if it’s decaf as there is a minor amount of caffeine in decaf belief it or not!).

  712. avatar #716 - tina Says:

    hey m planning on starting d mc ,got the following :natural coarse sea salt,pure cane sugar instaed of marple syrup,lemons cayenne pepper and lipton green mint tea instaed of the laxative herb ? will this work?

  713. avatar #717 - sophie Says:

    no you will have to follow the recipe !!

  714. avatar #718 - sungwe Says:

    started the diet today and i feel sick, wish me luck

  715. avatar #719 - Juanita Says:

    Someone help!!!

  716. avatar #720 - louise Says:

    the headache is from caffeine withdrawal so take a painkiller to help it. Increase your lemonade drinks the first few days which should help with stave off the hunger pangs. Good luck!

  717. avatar #721 - Jessiva Says:

    Hello everyone!

    I am on day 7 today and the only day i was craving was on Day 5.
    I was almost going to give up, but i couldn’t let myself, as i have finished off almost half of the cleanse.
    I first intended to do only seven days of the cleanse. But now i am extending to do 10 days. Maybe will end up doing fourteen. I have not put any pressure on myself.
    I have done the apple cleanse myself last year, where i was only allowed to eat apples for 7 days. And also in limited amount.
    However i felt dizzy and tired on that diet.
    But on the MC, i am so impressed that i do not feel tired at all! I am actually just as energized as i would be with food.
    Sometimes i feel my stomach growling, but then i drink a bit juice and it is fine. I have better sleep, better skin, and i am so much more positive. (Except day 5..that was a bad day urgh)
    Only thing is, maybe because i have done an apple cleanse last year my body has adapted to cleanses..because i feel like i am not losing much weight. I don’t weigh myself, but i measure myself with clothes whether i’d fit in or not.
    I have read a post above, that there is a stronger weight loss after the 7th day. So let’s hope for that. :)

    Anyways, this master cleanse gives you a great positive outcome and i am proud of you all who did! <3 cheers

  718. avatar #722 - LATONYA Says:


  719. avatar #723 - Gloria Says:

    Hello. I went to Dr. Bernard Jensens in the late 80’s and we did a similar Cleanse for 10 days. By the 9th day I was Euphoric. In a good way. I have been 20 lbs over weight for about 15 years, have psoriasis and arthritis. Take indocin for pain management. Going to try and go without medication. Would the medication inhibit the theraputic value of the cleanse? Thank you.

  720. avatar #724 - Terri Says:

    I heard and read about this cleansing and the amazing results of some persons. I am gonna take the challenge and start tomorrow but i could only get the grade A maple syrup.

  721. avatar #725 - Mark Gainer Says:

    I weight 218 when I started the cleanse, then lost 24 pounds. I expected to level at 198 which I did for a month or so. Then I started to go up slowly to about 204 in a matter of 4 months. I started the cleanse again but just for 3 days and went back down to 198 and this is how I maintain my weight.
    I do the eliptical about 9 miles a week and I lift weights, not heavy for muscle mass. I have a slow metabolism because I’m 60.

  722. avatar #726 - Carrie Says:

    I’m on day 3 and I have a headache but not hungry . I have done the salt water flush for 3 mornings now . It’s so nasty but it works great . I’m aiming for 7 days but we will see . I feel fatter but it’s prob because it’s that time of month for me . I want to lose 10 pounds so wish me luck . ????????????

  723. avatar #727 - Louise Says:

    The headache is probably just caffeine withdrawal. I usually try to go off caffeine slowly before the cleanse. Good luck with your 7 days! I plan to start mine the day after I’m home from vacation in August!!!

  724. avatar #728 - elenaz Says:

    Hey everyone I after reading all your comments I feel ready to start a MC I’m 29 weighing 113 kg and wish to feel great and loose just a big on weight planning to go for 10 days and more..wish me luck!!!!!

  725. avatar #729 - rida Says:

    I can not find any syrup.can I make this drink without syrup?
    What if I eat fruits and veggies through the diet.Its okay if I loose weight few pounds

  726. avatar #730 - Sade Says:

    These comments really have helped me to want to continue my journey with the lemonade detox. I started yesterday 9/16/2015 weighing in at 167 lbs @ 5′2. Im using Grade A maple syrup and sea salt water before bed and before work in the a.m. After reading this blog, i see i need to do the laxative tea and Grade B syrup. Im hungry but no headache. Im doing this for 10 days without a doubt. Will start the tea today (day 2) and Grade B maple syrup. I do feel a little weak. Will update at 5 days and then 10. Thank you everyone for the insight and updates! This really helps!

  727. avatar #731 - Margaret Says:

    Don’t do a Master Cleanse! Anything but that. Try a Bio Cleanse Detox if you want something effective. At least no salt water flushes, yuck.

  728. avatar #732 - Cecel Says:

    Hi everyone, is it possible to stop in 2 days only for some reason?


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