67 Unbelievable Creative Ads! Ads Don’t Have To Be Stupid and Boring!

This list of following ads impresses with genius creativity and cleverness. I have to say, the creator of these ads did a tremendous job!

In the next days I will post some other really cool and creative ads, for example ads that speak to your conscience or ads which are perfectly combined with the environment. Don’t miss them and get free daily updates via email or RSS Feed.

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Part 3: 57 Outrageous Ads Perfectly Put In Scene!
Part 4: 9 Funny Fitness Ads With Guaranty To Success!
Part 5: 56 Impressive Ads About Problems In The World, That Really Makes You Thinking

Here are some ads with animals:

Bug funeral

Bug Funeral Ad

Cat Food Ad

Glassex Cleaner Ad

Brandt Refrigerator Ad

Some smart ads with shadows:

Star Wars Shadow Ad

Jeep Shadow Ad

Lego Shadow Ship Ad

Lego Shadow Dinosaurier Ad

Lego Shadow Plane Ad

Lego Shadow Tank Ad

Ads with knifes:

WMF Knife Ad

WMF Knife Ad

Shampoo for strengthening your hair

Shampoo Knife Ad

Some good Sony Ads:

Sony Widescreen

Sony Vault CDs Ad

Sony Vault Files Ad

Sony Vaio Lightweight Ad

Sony Playstation Ad

Ads for food and drinks:

Heinz Ketchup Ad

Heinz Ketchup Hot Ad

Hot Sauce Ad

Really big burgers at Burger King

Burger King Plast Ad

Burger King Late Night Ad

Pepsi Twist Ad

Perrier Ad

Iced Strong Coffee Ad

Nescafe Ad

Absolut Vodka Pregnant Ad

Absolut Vodka Ad

Between heaven and hell

Astra Ad

Bit Bier Ad

Bitburger Bier Ad

Carlsberg Bottles Ad

Batteries with Power:

Panasonic Battery Ad

Duracell Ad

Smart car commercials:

Citroen Ad

Volkswagen Ad

BMW Car of the World Ad

Smart Ad

Pretty big car

Mercedes Van Ad

And some other great commercials:

For example against bad breath

Mundwasser Ad

Clorets Ad

Axe Effect Ad

ATT India Ad

Telefonica Scotland Japan Ad

Telefonica Sweden Turkey Ad

Australian Post Ad

Bic Stift Ad

Comedy Central, not one minute without comedy

Comedy Central Funeral Ad

Comedy Central Rollstuhl Ad

Eurostar London Lovers Ad

Foot Odor Ad

Hansaplast Ad

HP Printer Ad

Orion Telescope

A camera with a damn good wide-angle lens

Panasonic Lumix Ad

Puma Website Ad

Rolling Stones Magazine Ad

Rubiks Ad

Russian Opera Ad

A really quiet vacuum cleaner

Siemens Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks a Ton Ad

Sunmilk – unforgettable hair

Sunmilk Ad

Welt Kompakt

A Wonderbra draws attention

Wonderbra Ad

Oh my God, England was never so cheap!

Lufthansa Ad

Alright guys, that’s it for today. Hope you liked it. Which ad was your favorite or did I forgot a really good one? In the next couple of days I will post some other great congenial ads. So stay tuned and get free updates via email or RSS Feed.

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  1. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey Sascha, thanks for the link to my website. You can also see this post in German at http://afrison.de/kreative-lustige-werbung/820/

  2. avatar #4 - Website Design Perth Says:

    “Do you want any fries with that ketchup…”

    That is an absolute classic advertisement. Thanks for bringing us these – more please :)

  3. avatar #6 - Alex Says:

    @Henrik, yeah, that is one of my favourite too. Just posted a new post with 54 more creative ads. Check them out!

  4. avatar #8 - Ed Says:

    Hi! Great compilation of creative ads! I’d like to use some of the coffee ads for my blog, coffeetickle.blogspot.com but I’ll be linking it back to your site…thanks! :)

  5. avatar #9 - Alex Says:

    Hey Ed, sure you can use them and thanks for linking :)

  6. avatar #10 - www,singlewrench.com Says:

    Very nice list!

  7. avatar #11 - Alex Says:

    Thank you Rich!

  8. avatar #12 - Jack Smith Says:

    As far as i suggest Your Web site acts a great role in providing information to targeted visitors. I recognize or rated it as excellent.

  9. avatar #13 - akash Says:

    Why don’t these pages work on Firefox?

  10. avatar #14 - Alex Says:

    @akash, they actually do. Try again please.

  11. avatar #16 - Irish Gift Store Says:

    Those really are some great ads! I wish I was as creative as some of those folks. I really like the Lego ones, and errr…maybe the Brazilian ones too!

  12. avatar #17 - Birgit Says:

    great collection, every single one is a highlight! :)

  13. avatar #18 - Alex Says:

    @Birgit -
    danke für dein Kompliment. :)

    Deine Seite ist auch ziemlich hübsch gemacht! Gefällt mir!

  14. avatar #19 - sanjay Says:

    fantastic collections, i liked all ads and also bookmarked your site.

  15. avatar #20 - Alex Says:

    @sanjay -
    Thank you sanjay, always nice to know that you bookmarked my site :)

  16. avatar #23 - Tha Music Blogging Machine Says:

    Some of these ads are really, really good.
    I like the sony ones and the legos ones.
    They’re so good

  17. avatar #24 - Alex Says:

    @Tha Music Blogging Machine, glad you are like them, not long ago, I saw another post only with Lego ads, check it out: http://speckyboy.com/2009/03/1.....ut-bricks/

  18. avatar #25 - Fred de ConseilsMarketing.fr Says:

    hi !

    Thanks for the pictures, very nice masterpieces !!

    If you want to see more I made a Top 500 (Yes a Top 500 !), of the most creative and most beautiful street Marketing ads since 2 years ;D

    Just visit my blog :


  19. avatar #26 - Alex Says:

    Wow Fred, that is a huge collection, thank you for your link, some I didn’t see before. I’m also going to plan to post some new ones in the future. Glad you like my tiny collection aswell :)

  20. avatar #27 - Chas Says:

    You neglected to mention….the ads need to work. There is no point is making interesting ads if they don’t create a response from the reader.

    My guess is that all those ads made no money at all for the company. Tell us which of those caused you to purchase something and you’ll be on track.

  21. avatar #28 - Alex Says:

    @Chas, I think most of them do work, people pay attention and remember those creative ads. I think you are wrong, even though people didn’t buy because of these ads, the companies left a positive impression to the people. And if you are right, ok, but those ads amused me ;)

  22. avatar #29 - Anton Says:

    Man I love creative adds – post moooorrrreeee!

  23. avatar #30 - Alex Says:

    @Anton, glad to hear that :)

    (sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation in South Africa)

  24. avatar #32 - StevenH Says:

    Technically the last one says
    “My God, England is becoming so cheap!”

  25. avatar #34 - Shaji Aryakara Says:

    Good work and better creations

  26. avatar #36 - ali Says:
  27. avatar #37 - Alex Says:

    Hey Ali, thanks for the link, there were some good ones. :)

  28. avatar #38 - Sumoth g mohanan Says:

    all are very good creatives

  29. avatar #39 - ravi Says:

    ha ha ha ha

  30. avatar #40 - Dom Says:

    My favourite has got to be the London for Lovers ad – a good adverting job although I am biased being from the UK. Great looking website.

  31. avatar #41 - Alex Says:

    Hey Dom, glad you liking the website. :)

  32. avatar #42 - Sere Says:

    great site!

  33. avatar #43 - Toena Ils Says:

    Pear + fish ad was very good. Didn’t love the lego ones. Cheers T

  34. avatar #44 - Mew Says:

    I really like your post, it’s the best ads collection I’ve ever seen.
    Thanks for excellent inspiration.

  35. avatar #45 - Alex Says:

    Thanks a lot Mew, glad you like the collection. :)


  36. avatar #46 - Anas Says:

    loooool f*** funny :D ….Brilliance Ideas ^^

  37. avatar #47 - Kimbo Says:


  38. avatar #48 - creative advertising Says:

    Another excellent series! Very inspiring!

  39. avatar #49 - Funny Pictures and Jokes Says:

    i can only say wow.
    I like these ads as our world is changing and we need these type of fresh ideas for advertising.

  40. avatar #50 - Imaffiliate Says:

    Some great ads here Alex, although one did sort of leave a bit of an impression on me.

    I normally have a dash of lime in most of my drinks, but after seeing your Pepsi advert, I’m not sure I will look at my drink in quite the same way anymore.



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