56 Impressive Ads About Problems In The World, That Really Makes You Thinking

The last post in my series “creative ads” is about ads, which are talking to your conscience. They are really effective to show the problem of the world and open your eyes. They are about war, child soldiers, human rights, smoking, drink and drive, obesity, child abuse, hunger, environmental pollution and more. Really powerful pictures!

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Let’s start with the topic human rights:

Since the Olympic games are starting:

Amnesty International Olympia Sprint Ad

Another Olympic discipline

Amnesty International Olympia Bow Ad

It doesn’t happen here, but now!

Amnesty International Es geschieht nicht hier aber jetzt

Amnesty International Es geschieht nicht hier aber jetzt

Amnesty International Ad

Child soldiers in Angola

Amnesty International Angola War Ad

Child soldiers dream of simply being children.

Amnesty International Child Soldiers

Non smoking ads:

No Smoking Area Ad

No Smoking Lung Cancer

Stop second hand smoking!

No Smoking Second Hand Smoking

No Smoking Machine Ad

No Smoking Toothbrush Ad

Ad for responsible driving

Buckle Up Ad

Buckle Up Neck Ad

Dont Drink and Drive Ad

After 2 drinks, your attention while driving will diminish by up to 76%

Dont Drink and Drive Small People Ad

Don’t talk on your cell phone while driving!

Cell Phone Crash Ad

The problem with your weight

Every 5th child is overweight.

Obesity Bike Ad

Obesity Chair Ad

Obesity Slide Ad

Obesity is Suicide Ad

Obesity is Suicide Ad

Anorexia Mirror Ad

Ads to help and protect children

Child abuse

Child Abuse Ad

Child Abuse Girls Ad

Child Abuse Boys Ad

Every Kid needs a Family

Autism Ad

Anti drugs campaigns

Meth Beating Ad

Meth Sex Ad

Old Junkie Ad

World hunger

Hungry Trash Ad

People in Need – Pint of beer €4,50, 50 Liter of fresh water €1,50

People in Need

Handbag €32,- Food for one week €4,-

People in Need Bag Ad

Feed Children Ad

Ads to protect against diseases

Stop Aids – They protecting here too!

AIDS Hockey Ad

AIDS Nacked Ad

Do you really think you have clean hands?

Clean Hands Ad

Clean Hands Baby Ad

Don’t play with your health. Check your cholesterol!

Health Lego Ad

Ads to rescue animals


How many animals have to pay for your cosmetic?


Anti weapon ads

Land Mine Ad

No Weapon Ad

Water pollution and Water shortage

Non Drinking Water WTC Ad

Non Drinking Water Nuklear Bomb Ad

Water Ad

Keep the water clean! What comes around goes around!

Dirty Water Sushi Ad

Water Oil Ad

Water Muscheln Ad


Try living on this for three days

Red Cross Water Ad

And some other good ads

Help Yourself

Help Yourself

Video piracy kills the movie industry. Buy the original!

Video Piracy

Eskom Electricity Ad

It’s not an ad, but I think this makes you thinking too.

Parking for Disabled

What is your favorite, or do you know some more interesting ads? What did you think about these ads?

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  1. avatar #3 - rain Says:

    China is not as you imagine

  2. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    Hey rain, thanks for your comment. I’m sure China is not totally like this ad. First of all these ads try to exaggerate. But China also has many problems concerning human rights and rich and poor. Sure there are successful stories of modernized and open China, but there are also many problems out there. Unfortunately. I don’t want to talk about politics now and I do understand that nobody likes an ad like this about his own country, but even though it might be exaggerate, you shouldn’t close your eyes before these problems.

  3. avatar #5 - CoryMathews Says:

    China executes over 10,000 people a year, Thats the highest number of criminals killeded in a single country per year. Thats what the ad is about. Not day to day life

  4. avatar #6 - Alex Says:

    This is where you can see a successful ad, people talk about and see what the message is about. Like Cory says, I’m sure they don’t invent those numbers. You cannot deny this problem in China.

  5. avatar #7 - rain Says:

    I know that many Chinese there are indeed problems, including our friends on the Internet so that, very often we feel very helpless. As you said, we do not discuss political issues, everyone has everyone’s faith……
    (Sorry, because my English is so poor, so I only use google translation to expression mind , please understand)

  6. avatar #8 - Failsafe Says:

    Thanks for making this list, there’s some brilliant stuff in there. I wonder what agencies are behind some of these ads…

  7. avatar #9 - Alex Says:

    Hey Failsafe, thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately I don’t know them, since I collected them from friends, emails, internet and there were mostly no information who did it.

    @rain, don’t worry your English is good. As you said, everybody has it’s own opinion and faith.

  8. avatar #10 - Gianni Says:

    great selection of ads, it’s great to see creativity put to work for a good cause

  9. avatar #11 - Alex Says:

    @Gianni, yeah, imagine they would be boring and plain. Nobody would notice them and it wouldn’t get the attention they need.

  10. avatar #13 - Chelle Says:

    Man, some of those are just awful to look at, it is so sad to see all of the problems in our world!

    I am going to give you a well deserved stumble on this :) It must have taken a long time to write this post!

  11. avatar #14 - Alex Says:

    Thank you Chelle :) appreciate that. Indeed it is sad to see all the problems in the world and I hope those kind of ads can help a little bit.

  12. avatar #15 - Samuel Says:

    Your blog is really effective to show the problem of the world and open our eyes. It is interesting.

  13. avatar #16 - Alex Says:

    Thank you Samuel, glad it works for some people.

  14. avatar #17 - Car Parts Guy Says:

    Very good post…

  15. avatar #18 - Vem Says:

    Thanks for this selection of ads, very impressive !

  16. avatar #19 - Jozzy Says:

    Farther is what relates to distance, not further.

    (last ad)

  17. avatar #20 - Alex Says:

    Thanks Michael! Glad you enjoyed it.

  18. avatar #21 - Alex Says:

    Thank you Vem, I´m happy you liked it.

  19. avatar #22 - Shlomo Artzi Says:

    I was impressed especially with the non-smoking ads. The toothbrush-toothpaste one is nausiating – and effective! Hope it changes people’s minds about smoking.

  20. avatar #23 - Aibal is Do Follow Says:

    Those smoking ads are scary, and I imagine, pretty effective! The amnesty international ads are downright scary and thought-provoking.

  21. avatar #24 - Alex Says:

    @Shlomo, I hope so too.
    @Aibal, I guess then they hit the intention to be scary and provoking. :)

  22. avatar #25 - Francisca Says:

    very interesting and pleasing ad. The hungry ad is quiet loyal and can motivate the new helping hands in this world. These ads can break the rocky hearts and let us to know where we are.

  23. avatar #26 - Alex Says:

    Hey Francisca, exactly, I hope it reaches some rocky hearts.

  24. avatar #29 - bot_idiot Says:

    good pics
    bad world

  25. avatar #30 - Alex Says:

    @bot_idiot, unfortunately very true. :(

  26. avatar #31 - Doesn't Matter Says:

    Why is that we are so worried about other countries, when we are in a really bad state ourselves? it is not even worth worrying about a country that is communist because no matter what we do or say we will never be able to change their minds not only because we are politically powerless but because the people themselves are not willing to change.

  27. avatar #32 - blah Says:

    Thank you!!!!

  28. avatar #33 - Alex Says:

    @Doesn’t Matter, unfortunately it’s true, that we are politically powerless and SOME people are not willing to change, others are just powerless to do it.
    @blah, welcome. :)

  29. avatar #34 - irem Says:

    I came across this site while I was searching mirror. I think it is so impressive. These ads are so effective,too and I wonder who or which organization prepared them. If you inform me, I’ll be glad to you. By the way, whether they are prepared by anyone, the main messages reach the targeted people via these striking ads. Thanks for sharing.

  30. avatar #35 - Alex Says:

    Sorry Irem, but those are from different sources and organizations, I can’t tell you who did them. :(

  31. avatar #36 - InternationalConnection Says:


    Care to post a reliable link that says China kills 10,000 criminals a year? You simply stating that has no credibility whatsoever.

  32. avatar #37 - vecorG Says:

    I liked all ads especially social ads which are very true.

  33. avatar #38 - Oriana Giudici Says:

    Great series. My “favorite”? The Unicef one: “Every Child needs a Family”. That stopped me short. The kid really looks upset.

  34. avatar #39 - arti parkash Says:

    Great collection of amazing ads. I liked most about help yourself and no smoking….

  35. avatar #40 - Jethro Says:

    These ads are very creative! I like them.

  36. avatar #41 - Alex Says:

    Hey Jethro, glad you liked them. :)

  37. avatar #42 - dhwani Says:

    realy its a very effective and a\direct conveying ads.

  38. avatar #43 - amblipygid Says:

    The people of China are pathetic because they have neither the motivation nor the power to change. My people of the United States are even more pathetic because the have the power but no motivation to change. Only about twenty percent of voters did so in the last presidential election.


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