54 Outrageous Ads Perfectly Put In Scene!

Third part of creative and effective ads. This time you see a list of ads which perfectly fits to the environment.

Everybody who didn’t see part 1,2 or 4 and 5 should check them out:
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Nike Just Do It

Mr Clean Ad

Tampax Ad

Ultra Slim Sony Cyber Shot T1

Ad for a laxative tea

Abführmittel Ad

Duracell Ad

Jobs in Town Ad

Jobs in Town Ad

Jobs in Town Ad

Jobs in Town Ad

Jobs in Town Ad

Jobs in Town Ad

Jobs in Town Ad

BW Mini Ad

Casino Ad

Radio Air Guitar

Watch Ad

Amusement Park Ad

3M Ad

Barbecue Ad

BBC World Ad

Beer Ad

Bic Ad

Camera Ad

Camera Poll Ad

Canadian Airline Ad

Cingular Drop Calls Ad

Coffee Ad

Coffe Cup Ad

Detergent Ad

FedEX Ad

Funeral Ad

Insurance Ad

Italian Restaurant Ad

Jeep Parking Ad

Kill Bill Ad

Labello Ad

Matchbox Ad

Mc Donalds Ad

National Geographics Channel

Pacific Airlines Ad

Ravensburger Puzzle

Sony Playstation Ad

Spiderman Bug Ad

TipEx Ad

Towel Ad

Viagra Ad

Virgin Atlantic

Whatever AD

Whatever Drink Ad

Zwilling Knifes

Wind Surf Ad

Ski Vacation Ad

That’s all for today. Hope you liked it. Which ad was your favorite or did I forgot a really good one? In the next couple of days I will post some other great congenial ads. So stay tuned and get free updates via email or RSS Feed.

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  1. avatar #1 - Pooja Says:

    Your blog is nice one.Try to post in Indiha.com

  2. avatar #2 - IE Says:

    I like the shark bus and the tampon one, I think I posted on the wrong entry before

  3. avatar #3 - Alex Says:

    Thanks Pooja, maybe I should do it. Didn’t know about this site, even though I’m not from India :)

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    Hey IE, I saw your other comment, no worries, I deleted it. Glad you like the ads and thanks for your comment.

  5. avatar #5 - jeeremie Says:

    Wow! Great. I am still laughing!

  6. avatar #7 - Alex Says:

    Hehehe, Jeeremie, that is the best compliment you can give :D

  7. avatar #8 - Pasty Muncher Says:

    Superb – I especially like the ones that say “life’s too short to stick with crap jobs

  8. avatar #10 - Website Design Perth Says:

    Thanks for another superb collection. I’d seen some before but not those ‘wrong job’ ambient executions. Killer clever. Would be nice to have clients with that kind ‘open-to-outside-the-box-thinking’ … on yeah, and the budget to pay for them!

  9. avatar #15 - rachael persons Says:

    this is great! i’m still laughing!

  10. avatar #16 - Jack Smith Says:

    As far as i suggest Your Web site acts a great role in providing information to targeted visitors. I recognize or rated it as excellent.

  11. avatar #17 - Alex Says:

    @Rachael, Website Design Perth and Pasty Muncher, thanks for your comments and glad you like them.
    I’m sure the budget for most of these ads are enormous. But looks like they help, if Rachael is still laughing. :)

  12. avatar #19 - Mariya Says:

    Incredible :-) you made my day

  13. avatar #20 - Alex Says:

    Hey Mariya, it´s always nice to know that I made someones day, can´t think of a better compliment :)

  14. avatar #21 - necdetkaragulle Says:

    they are very enjoyable and cleverly

  15. avatar #22 - Valery Buchinsky Says:

    Already seen some of those but nice to see them again! There are great new additions!

  16. avatar #24 - Alex Says:

    @Valery and necdetkaragulle, glad you liked the ads. :)

  17. avatar #25 - Saad Masood Says:

    they r cooool

  18. avatar #26 - Hairstyle Says:

    Awesome pictures, I especially love the there are better ways to make a career one.

  19. avatar #27 - Alex Says:

    @Hairstyle, yeah it is a really good and clever campaign, one of my favorites aswell.
    @Saad, thanks for your comment, I love to make people laugh :D

  20. avatar #29 - dudeguy Says:

    What the hell? I can’t even see the postal ad. Don’t post something in such bad quality if it has text in it.

  21. avatar #30 - Alex Says:

    Hey dudeguy,

    sorry that you can’t read it, this is why I wrote the text of the ad, if there is one, next to the ad.

  22. avatar #31 - binary Says:


  23. avatar #32 - web design romania Says:

    Awesome Ads, especially the last one :)

  24. avatar #33 - dan Says:

    I see these ads all over the internet. How many people think these are real? these are just concept ads and resumes for graphic designers and have never been displayed outside of a computer screen. I see maybe 3 that may have set as a real public work but the rest are clever photoshop work meant to show the buyer what the artist can do.

    I think a lot get this but I’m just tired of morons thinking this stuff is out there.

  25. avatar #34 - Alex Says:

    @Dan, thanks for your comment. First of all, it doesn’t matter if these ads are real or not, it’s about the idea. And second, most of them are real, certainly more than 3. Do me a favor and tell me which 3 you might think are real. Because I saw 3 of them personally in public. Would be great if anybody else let via comment know if they see some ads in real. Nevertheless, real or not, I like the ideas and if they aren’t display in the real world, they should go ahead and do it as quick as possible. :)
    @binary, I’m not so good in binaries, but thanks anyways :)
    @web design romania, thanks for yoru compliment!

  26. avatar #35 - Atul Verma Says:

    Hi, great ad………

  27. avatar #37 - Mridula Says:

    Hey, dese ads r lovely. Any idea wat the kissing point ad is for.

  28. avatar #38 - Alex Says:

    @Mridula, thanks for your compliment, it’s for a lipstick to have smooth lips.

  29. avatar #39 - ad creative Says:

    I really like the viagra ad. Are these copywrite protected?

  30. avatar #40 - manel garcia Says:

    Really great post, just looking forward for more ads like this. keep on working like that on your blog.

    regards from barcelona.

  31. avatar #41 - Alex Says:

    @ad creative, since these are ads, they don’t mind that they got republished.
    Hola Manel, will do and gracias for the compliment!

    (sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation in South Africa)

  32. avatar #42 - fatih Says:

    What the hell? I can’t even see the postal ad. Don’t post something in such bad quality if it has text in it.

  33. avatar #43 - Alex Says:

    Hey Fatih, the text is not important on this ad, smart people get the idea without it. ;)

    Sorry to put in on, btw, you have a very beautiful website!

    And yes, no “thank you” needed for the other 53 ads you were able to read and enjoyed. :P

  34. avatar #44 - mustafa Says:

    tks for your sharing

  35. avatar #45 - madi Says:

    woooooooow dear thats trully amaizing…

  36. avatar #46 - madi Says:

    i am from pakistan and student of mass communication…i get alot of ideas from your site for my ad project..thankss

  37. avatar #47 - hi Says:

    wow,i’m wowinnnnnng
    these r great minds

  38. avatar #48 - Web design Says:

    Really nice advertise indeed!

  39. avatar #49 - travel Says:


  40. avatar #50 - Altaf Says:

    very cool, inspiring and funny tooo.

  41. avatar #51 - sharpsh007er Says:

    I haven’t seen most of these before, even though I’m a huge fan of cool ads. Way to go :D

  42. avatar #52 - GxMice Says:

    awsome pictures, very life like :p

  43. avatar #53 - Negar Says:

    wow….. you know… that’s cool… like!

  44. avatar #54 - Michelle Says:

    Is the Nike ad a real one?

  45. avatar #55 - Alex Says:

    Actually, I doubt that, but if so, it’s a good one. :)

  46. avatar #56 - Website Design Guy Perth Says:

    I really love the sale ad for the airline. Very very clever.

  47. avatar #57 - Diana Says:

    OMG. These are so good!

  48. avatar #58 - Mikie Says:

    Love these. I’m studying my degree in advertising at the moment, and this sort of collection makes for great inspiration.

  49. avatar #59 - Alex Says:

    Great to hear you like these great inspirations. :D

  50. avatar #60 - bj Says:

    these r hilarious but some i did not get at all hahahahshahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah

  51. avatar #62 - Austin Gun Trust Says:

    Nice! I enjoyed all of it. Where do you come across ads like these?

  52. avatar #63 - Amanda Jones Says:

    Great collection, some of these are really clever indeed.

  53. avatar #64 - Jayne Simmons Says:

    Ads like these are so engaging and can really get people talking about the brand. Thanks for putting these together.


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