Joining The Challenge Of 31 Days To Build A Better Blog At! U2?

darren rowse problogger Joining The Challenge Of 31 Days To Build A Better Blog At! U2?
Darren Rowse of is doing a 31 days challenge to build a better blog (31DBBB)

I thought, hey that might be fun to join, and see what tasks he has every day to build a better blog. I’m some days behind, the challenge started on Monday already, but I think that won’t hurt. I might be going behind the tasks anyway, since I won’t write every day, but maybe some of the tasks I might skip or they don’t necessary require to write a post or several tasks can be made on one day.

Besides that, I will report about his tasks and my personal succeed how I can, will, won’t, can’t handle, solve, finish them.

So far he had some really good tasks for the participants.

First day: Write an Elevator Pitch!

Good one, luckily I kind of had my pitch already in my head, not really written down, but I was able to tell people in the elevator, what’s my website is all about. Wanna hear? Monday my friends, meanwhile you can think of your own elevator pitch of your website and if you don’t have a website, maybe you like to suggest an elevator pitch for my website, who knows, it might be even better than my. :)

Second day: Write a List Post!

What a coincident, I just wrote a little list post on thursday. Will see how you like it, might come out on Wednesday. :)

Third Day: Promote a Blog Post!

I sure will, see how the promotion of the list post will go.

Next one is

Fourth Day: Analyze a Top Blog in Your Niche!

Oki doki, this is where I fail, since I’m not in any niche, I can skip that one. Even though, there is danger in this task, instead of just analyzing the top blog, many would rather copy them. As Darren said, don’t copy, be unique. I hope many will follow his advice.

And so far the

Fifth Day: Email a Blog Reader!

A way to be more personal with your readers. Hmm, ok, but I try to answer every comment on my website, is this personal enough, or should I write an email to one of you guys?

If you didn’t already joined, it’s still not to late, or just subscribe to my blog and read the next weeks, how I wrestle through the tasks. :)

BTW, I will still continue and write about all the stuff I think are interesting and fun, so don’t worry, will keep going. :D

I wish everybody an Happy Easter or if you don’t celebrate Easter, an awesome weekend!

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  1. avatar #1 - Superbadfriend Says:

    Well hello there! I have chosen to email you as part of the 31 days.

    Hope this is going well for you. I actually deleted all of my posts so I can start over, but now I am sad that three years of hard work is all gone. GAH!

    I like you blog. Gonna stick around and read some more. Just thought I’d say hello first.

    Look forward to hearing from you. :)


  2. avatar #2 - Superbadfriend Says:

    I meant to write “YOUR” ooops!

  3. avatar #3 - Alex Says:

    Wow! You really did delete all your posts! I hope you have a backup and change your mind. Even though, I wish you luck for a great new start and I’m really glad you like my blog and thank you very much for writing me, I really appreciate that. :)

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