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Screenshot of old Website 2.0Since July 2006 (left you can see a screenshot of my previous design 2.0) I’m writing on everything what’s about my life. Because it’s Not A Niche!

My Life: family, friends, Dallas, Fort Worth, Sevilla, Seville, Damme, Germany, Spain

My Job: Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Photoshop, WordPress, in a Nutshell – Web & Design

My Interests: Squash, Soccer, Tennis, Sports in General, Music, Movies and Traveling.

I like to distribute tips and tricks to the blog community mainly in web and design. But also have some suggestions for your daily life. Sometime I will put some photos online and update what’s happening in my little life. You also can find some posts about music and movies I like or something funny.

I hope you will like the website and if you want to stay tuned, just sign up for my RSS Feed or subscribe via email to my website.

… me, myself and I

Alex FrisonSo what can I tell you about my boring life, let’s see…?

My name is Alexander Frison, most people just call me Alex. Currently I live in my hometown Damme, Germany after 4 great years in Dallas, TX. But I also often in Amsterdam, where my girl friend Gretel studies physical therapy.

Since September 1st 2008 I work as a freelance webdesigner and open for your website project. You can see my recent work at Alex Frison Webdesign. I would be happy to work with you together on a your website project. Also referals to projects are worth it.

My hobbies and passions are:
Having fun with friends and get to know new people. Soccer (Werder Bremen), squash (when I’m not injured), music (quite everything what’s on the market), watching movies and last but not least traveling and exploring the world.

Some Milestones in my life:

My first dayOn 23rd of December 1976, I enter the world! And the disaster starts. The beginning of the end. Born, grew up in a little city called Damme by Osnabrück in the North West of Germany. I spend there a great and unforgetable childhood and youth.

My first day in school1983 My first day in school. End of all fun. But it wasn’t enough, that I had to go to school. No! My Mom had to wear me this stupid clothe. What the heck! From then on I was the clown in my class which never changed until our graduation.

Abiparty1997 I had my graduation at WG Lohne. After that I served one year for the military in Germany, since it’s mandatory. They had the best beer ever. Ice cold and on tap. Wonderful! Even though, I was happy when the year at military was over.

Dominican  Republic1998 I started my career at Grimme. This picture is not from work, I wish though. It was taken in the Dominican Republic when I enjoyed my last vacation before I start the serious life of work. We had an absolutely blast there!

Squashpark Damme1998 – 2000 Next to my job at Grimme, I also had a Squash Center. That was incredible. I really loved it. But very stressful next to my job. Unfortunately it burned down by end of 2000 and my dream to be an owner of a Squash Center was over. :(

Kuda Marketing and IT Supervisor2000 I was working for Kuda Phonebase as IT and Marketing Supervisor. Didn’t I look hidous? But I really liked my tie with Snoopy. My job there was pretty diversified, server administration, hard- and software installation, printing catalog and administration of the website.

Seville Family2002 I started to explore the world. From 2002 until 2004 I lived in Seville, Spain and worked as a webmaster and web designer at CLIC. The best time of my life. I got to know people from all over the world and there were loads of parties. I loved the city.

2004-10-elternusaday-01.jpg2004 I end up in Fort Worth, Texas. I worked there as a webmaster and web designer for TexasBank. A great bank with a personal touch. Unfortunately we got together with Compass Bank and almost everybody got laid off in our department.

NASCAR Race2006 until 2008 I was working at Interstate Batteries. Great job as Web Graphic Designer with an awesome team and challenging tasks.

After 4 year USA, I’m back in Europe to stay closer to my family. I work freelance as a webdesigner, hosting provider, blogger and consultant. Kind of All Inclusive, No worries Package for your website. Everybody who has a future project is welcome to contact me. :)

A short overview of websites I did recently: My personal website (2007) Franchise website (2008) Website to recover data loss (2008) Online Shop (2007) FAQ about batteries (2007)

…and many more!

That’s about my career and some milestones in my life.

I’m not a friend who likes a lot to talk about himself. So I asked some friends if they can tell anything about me. Unfortunately not many answered, maybe cause I deleted all 52 comments, where they said I’m an ass! ;)

But here are some nice one:

If you need help Alex is always there- FOR FREE! Down to Earth, Honest, Calm but Wild.


extremely focused and diligent in his work. He is a reliable friend who is very caring. He is a good teacher who is always willing to take the time to share his knowledge…he is one of the most social guys I know!


Who wants to read all comments or add some, can do this here.

I hope you will visit my website more often and you leave a helpful or nice comment. And if you don’t want miss a thing, just sign up on my rss feed or subscribe to my email newsletter.

Cheers mate!


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