Not The Smartest Americans

It looks like many Americans don’t have a clue about geography and politics. I think it’s a lack of education and disinterest for things happening outside the country. On one hand I have to laugh about it, on the other hand it’s just sad! Would be great if some people would look outside the box.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the impression every American is like that. I have many American friends they were ashamed when they saw that, but also laughed about their people :)

Check out the map they use, hilarious. And watch out France, Italy, Canada and who ever, they will kick your ass and will invade you!

Did you know that Kofi Anan is a coffee and Tony Blair an actor, oh and don’t forget my favorite singer Fidel Castro! Ever heard about Queen Elisabeth money?

I didn’t know that my country is in the axis of evil! Those damn Germans! And do you know who is throwing the rocks? BTW, did I miss the 3rd World War and how can everybody know where the Berlin Wall was, what a difficult question!

There is also a show “Smarter than a 5th grader”, pretty entertaining. Especially if they have candidates like her. Did you know that Europe is a country?

What are you thinking about that, can you laugh about it, or does it give you headaches how little some people know about the world?

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  1. avatar #1 - Casey Says:

    Those stupid Americans. Perhaps if more of them could find Indonesia on a map we could’ve donated more to the tsunami victims than we did (more than twice the amount of any other country)

    Or we could just continue to pay 22% of the UN’s budget every year. Roughly a quarter of their budget is paid every single year by the US… and it doesn’t really have much benefit for us here in our little box. If we pulled out, it would collapse on itself. Then who would illegally scam the world with the Oil-for-Food program? (among other non-investigated travesties).

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey Casey,

    I have to admit, you are right, that United States spend quite a lot money if not the most to help other nations. Best example is the Tsunami, where they spend the most in total

    But comparing to their population, they were on the second last place of the top 22 countries

    Not so good. :(

    Also your statement, that the US is paying 22% of the UN budget every year, which is $3 Billion, is totally correct and I’m honestly don’t know where would the UN be without the USA, probably barely exist.

    But when I confront you with the number $276 Billion, which was spent 2005 for military, you might think $3 Billion isn’t so much at all. It’s just a two day military expense!

    Numbers can be manipulating and showing something positive if they stay alone. But can be eye opening when you compare them!

    BTW, the $276 Billion are your tax! Oh, I forgot, our tax, I pay it too. :)

  3. avatar #4 - independent Says:

    I think a whole generation of Americans became complacent and ignorant of politics and geography because there was a growing sense that we no longer had competition in world affairs. With the rise of the EU and China, as well as our own losses during the last few years, there is a growing urgency to learn more about these things. I hope so, anyway!

  4. avatar #5 - Alex Says:

    Yeah, that might be a good reason why some Americans are ignorant. I hope so too, that they change their attitude. But I have to say, most of the Americans are really nice. It’s not the majority, as I experienced.

  5. avatar #6 - Tomek Says:

    Well……USA Is Simply Stupid..I Am Only A Kid(13) And I Unfortunately Live Here, However, I Am In The Top 2% Of America In Terms Of My Score(s) On The MCAS. I Am 50% Polish AND I WILL MOVE THERE RIGHT AFTER COLLEGE-I Am Sorry To All Americans But I Constantly Get Frusterated With These STUPID AMERICANS LOL =P

  6. avatar #7 - Tomek Says:

    LOL, Really, It Is Hard, I Live In Florida-Just Moved-And I Just Get Frustrated. It IS VERY Hard Lol………..I Mean Come On-For An Adult To Not Even Know Of A Country That Starts With The Letter U Is Just Sad….sigh* Oh Well…-_-

  7. avatar #8 - Alex Says:

    @Tomek, hope you will enjoy Europe more than the States, but be careful, everywhere are stupids, in some places more in some less. ;)

  8. avatar #9 - Orian Says:

    Why don’t they actually ask someone who doesn’t look like a high school drop out? It appears as if the producers of this rubbish intentionally ignored anyone in respectable dress (professionals) or anyone looking like they had any self respect or engagement with the world whatsoever.
    In typical slanderous BBC”ish” fashion, the reporters have intentionally skewed the feature so their subjects (and an entire country’s populace) appears stupid. Stupid is everywhere people. Apparently, so is bigotry. America has no monopoly on either.



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