Back Again! New Design and New Content!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


I’m back online! Finally!

But not online the Design changed, also the future posts will be a little bit different. I won’t talking only about my daily life, I also will talk about things I’m doing at my job and how. Tips, Tricks and little tutorials of Photoshop, Web design, newest Tools and about WordPress.

After almost 3 month I thought it’s time to be back :)

What can you expect?

I will put around 17.000 pictures on the website. Yes, no misspelling, 17.000. From my first day until today.Posts about my daily life, newest things going on in music and movie, funniest videos or pictures on the web and a lot about Web design in general.

A huge THANK YOU to my girlfriend Gretel, who had a lot patient while I was working on this website instead of spending time with her the last 3 month!

And a big thank you to Frank Bueltge. For his inspiration and help on this website. I owe him big times.

I really hope you will like this website and my future posts. Comments are always welcome and I’m thankful for any tips, suggestions or even critics.

If you find a bug, don’t eat it! Instead, please tell me. I will try to fix them asap.

And who wants to be up to date what going on, on this website, can subscribe to my RSS Feed (If you don’t know what’s RSS Feed, no worries a little tutorials will come soon.) or subscribe to my Email Newsletter

Don’t forget to leave your first comment! :)



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  1. avatar #1 - David Ford Says:

    Alex, I like the new website format very much! It has that “clean” look that every website goes for – and very few seem to achieve. Nice job, Herr Frison!

    However, about this matter of 17,000 pictures!!! That cannot be correct, can it? I mean, consider the math: If a newborn had one picture taken every day of its life, it would be over 46 years old before 17,000 photos were taken. And if one picture is worth a thousand words, your website would have the equivalent of 17 million words. And if an average book has 50,000 words in it, that means visiting your website is like reading 340 books, which is more than I read during my entire 16 years of formal education (by about 338 books, give or take one or two).

    And so, you may well ask, what is my point?

    Sorry, but I don’t really have one. Maybe next time, okay?

    However, I really do like your new website very much and I would think so whether you had a link to mine or not!

    Your pal,


  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey David,

    first of all thanks for your great comment and that you like the website.

    Because of the pictures, it’s right that I should be 46 years old by then, if I made a picture every day. But there were days I was cheating and made over 200, which is almost a year. So in this matter, your math is based on wrong conditions :) .

    Because of so many things to read, thats right, 1 pictures says 1000 words. Luckily the 1000 words in the picture are much, much faster to read then actually 1000 words.

    The conclusion is, you need much less time to read more books on my website as in your whole time of your education.

    So my point is: Stop going to School, Library or studying. Just go to my website, read all the pictures/books or posts and be a smartass in record time. :)

    Looking forward to see your point!

    Sincerely Professor, Dr. Alex

  3. avatar #3 - Rachael Says:

    Hey Alex! I like your new website. It looks great! I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but did I tell you I decided to go back to school for graphic design? For one of my classes, I have to build a website. It’s been interesting so far. I have a terrible teacher for that class. Well, I’ll let ya go. Great job on the website again!

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    Thanks Rachael,

    glad you like the website. I didn’t know that you started a class for graphic design. Sorry to hear your teacher is so bad. Whenever you need help, shoot me an email and I will see what I can do. And let me know when it’s done, would love to see it :)

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