Summer Vacation – But Not Forever!

modelo beer mexico strand Summer Vacation   But Not Forever!
Alright my lovely readers, it’s time for a few days of summer vacation, or let’s say a few months. Currently, I have just too much to do and before more projects on my desk get piled I prefer a well-deserved break. I will use the new available time to work on other projects or for wpSEO and WP Engineer, which require full concentration. A blog post is not done in a minute, especially if you write in bilingual.

I had only planned 2 months, July and August, but since my girlfriend and I go to South Africa in mid-September, the summer break might go on until early October. But don’t worry, I will come back, with new posts, new motivation, and hopefully with you as loyal readers – unless I got eaten by lions.

Meanwhile, I will gladly continue to respond to comments and also optimize the website. A complete renovation of the site won’t happen, only some fine-tuning and optimizing the performance will take place.

During my blog-abstinence, I will take care of long overdue projects, designing websites, starting new projects and who knows, starting to create my portfolio website finally. Until then, it is still a long way. But at least I finished designing my logo, kind of. After over a year of reflection, review, revise and start over from scratch, I believe I have my final logo for my 1 man web design agency. I hope you will like it. I’m curious myself. To be seen after the summer break.

So expect a quiet time on NotANiche until beginning of October.

I wish you an unforgettable summer and I really hope to see you soon on my website again!

P.S. I hope I will take more adventurous photos in South Africa, like the one above, which I took 3 years ago. ;)

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  1. avatar #1 - Bibi Says:

    Beautiful shot Alex!

    Have fun on your break!

  2. avatar #2 - K2 Says:

    Best wishes for your vacation.Enjoy!

  3. avatar #3 - Laura Says:

    It is so nice. I will not go this summer on vacations, because I will get the baby for a month. I congratulate you on an excellent choice.

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    Thank you Bibi, I know, I should have been a professional photograph. ;)

    I will put some pics of our South A trip online, hope they will be great too.

    We were deciding between Dallas and Cape Town, but since nobody is missing us in Texas we booked the flight to Cape Town. :P

    Maybe next year Dallas!

  5. avatar #5 - Alex Says:

    Thank you guys, appreciate that!

  6. avatar #6 - Yuen Says:

    Alex, come back soon with us and take fresh!!!

  7. avatar #7 - Sergei Says:

    It is really a great fun to read your post as this helps to relax a lot and be free quite a lot. I am sure many people would definitely like it.

  8. avatar #8 - Alex Says:

    @Yuen, just got back, will do put some new things online, no worries :)

  9. avatar #9 - Alex Says:

    Nice to hear that Sergei, sorry for my late respond since I was in South Africa without internet.

  10. avatar #10 - Yuen Says:

    Oh, I heard about South Africa has some wifi spots (may be beta) that people can be connected in a radius of 50km.

  11. avatar #11 - Yuen Says:

    Anyways, welcome back! ;-)
    It’s so fun to see you here although I don’t know what fun is it :-?

  12. avatar #12 - Alex Says:

    Thanks Yuen! I didn’t see any WiFi Spots even in a radius of 5km. Once I had a urgent problem with a client and had to go to a gas station with WiFi late at night, that was fun. :)

  13. avatar #13 - SEO Shukla Says:

    the pic you took in your vacation is owesome outstanding.

  14. avatar #14 - Recyclage Electronique Says:

    hey of luck for your vacation.i wish i could have one sooner.a delightful vacation.and yah i must say you shared a awesome pic of that place.

  15. avatar #15 - Portable Recorders Says:

    That is a really cool photo you have on your blog there.. :) Cool!

  16. avatar #16 - thrasheri @ tabata timer Says:

    Cmon man i still have to work for few months and then i get my vacation. That picture looks awesome that you took.

  17. avatar #17 - Alex Says:

    Thanks a lot thrasheri :)

  18. avatar #18 - Vakantie Blog Says:

    Pfff, the picture makes me want to skip the next 5-6 months ;)

  19. avatar #19 - jaffa Says:

    Great thing.

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