10th Year Reunion Party 2007 Part I

On December 28th we had our 10th year reunion of my class. It was absolutely great to see all my old buddies since a long time. And almost everybody was there. Most of them didn’t really changed, except many of them have family now, crazy.

We already start drinking beer on the way to school, I didn’t do that very often when I actually went there back in the days ;)

Welcomed by our old teacher and a glass of champaign we saw a little presentation how the school system changed and what changes had been at school since we were gone. After that we went through the school, quite different now. Almost every class has computers on their desks, pretty high tech nowadays. At the end we visited the school museum, where they have all old computers typing machines, monitors and printers. That was really interesting to see really old Apple’s, Atari’s and Commodore’s.

Shortly after we went to the bar in the break hall. While we were drinking our beer we were talking to all our old class mates and teachers. It was awesome. Daniel and I were the last one there, the others were already waiting at the Pillhuhn, a really cool bar where we were the last time over 10 years ago. But it was still the same, nothing changed. Really awesome pictures of the after party at Pillhuhn and walking, not driving, through the drive through of McDonald’s are coming in my next post very soon. Sign up for my news feed or email superscription to be up to date :)

And how did you like your reunion party with your old class mates, was it interesting, surprising, funny or just a disappointment? Tell me your story of your party.

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