Christmas In Germany

After a loooong year I was back in Germany again, it was great to see my family and friends after such a long time. Even the time went really fast, I enjoyed the two weeks a lot.

The first two days I was in Frankfurt and stayed at my old good buddy Bernd. We went to the Frankfurt Christmas Market and some other bars, it was great. Especially the Gluehwein was fantastic.

After I went to the American Embassy to renew my visa, we drove to Damme, my little sweet home town.

Arriving at Damme and a warming welcome from my family and great lunch made me feel home again :)

In the evening I went to have some Squash practice for the tournament next day, where I sucked big time but the beer was good :)

After the tournament, there were a big Sauna and Jacuzzi Party with Champaign and beer, which was really fun, a great way to celebrate into my birthday. Click here to see some pics of the tournament :)

My birthday were pretty quite, I didn’t invite anyone, but everyone was welcomed. So we had a great little party with about 25 people. :) Read more about my birthday

Christmas Eve was really quiet and traditional. After Dinner and receiving our gifts we had some glasses of wine and played some games.

Please click the very left button under the gallery to see more photo albums!

Please click the very left button under the gallery to see more photo albums!

First Christmas Day was very traditional with Marcel, my brother, Joe and Alex. Drinking the rest of my birthday party ;) and going to the Brennbar when we had nothing left at home.

On 28th I had my 10th year reunion of my school. That was awesome! Here is the whole story to read and the second part.

Our first little Bar Tour was on the 30th, several bars and at the end bowling.

New Years Eve was as always great, Marcel, Daniel and I stayed until the end, we were the last one who left the party. Another tradition. ;) But it was the first time, that I had breakfast right after at Daniel’s house.Read more about the New Years Party.

My last tour through some bars was on Friday before I left, which we finished in the Brennbar at about 5 in the morning.

On Saturday I was on a Carnival Party, that was great, it was a long time ago that I was there. Music, Wine, Comedians and great laughter.

Sunday I spent time with my parents, since I actually didn’t see them very often while I was there.

The two weeks gone too fast and I didn’t get a chance to see all my friends and hang out with them, that’s a pitty, but I will do better next time!

My flight back was pretty normal, except my flight from Muenster to Frankfurt I was starting to read a book, my brother gave me for Christmas. It’s the soccer bible, things you never knew about soccer. And it looks like a bible, black cover, golden letters and the pages are also golden on the side. While I was reading a nun came by and sit next to me. She took her real bible out and I’m sure she thought I read the same :) That was pretty weird and funny.

How was your Christmas, did you enjoy it or were you happy when it was over?

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