A Surprise Trip To Las Vegas

Last Saturday I surprised my girlfriend Gretel with a weekend trip to Las Vegas. She has never been there, so before we go back to Europe, I thought I should take the opportunity as long we live in the States. She thought we are going to an event of my company and we would pick up a co-worker’s wife from the airport before we go. Richard, a good friend and great co-worker, was so nice to help with the surprise. He picked us up and told her, that we have to drive to the airport to pick up his wife. She totally believed him and didn’t expect anything else.

When we arrived at the airport i asked Gretel to leave the car while we are waiting for her. When I told her that we better should check in, she was quite confused. After a first shock and realization we are going to Las Vegas, she was very excited and happy. But when we went to the check-in, we found out we are too late!

I looked at the arrival time instead of the departure time. Instead 4:05 pm I thought we are flying at 5:15pm. That was my surprise then. At 4:10pm they told us we cannot checkin and the plane is ready to start. Shit!

But we got lucky, for some reason the plane didn’t start and had 1 hour delay. So we were able to check in. Afterward I made it right ;)

Arrived at our hotel Treasure Island, they told us there is no king size bed available anymore. They asked if we are ok with the penthouse on the top floor. Heck yeah! And we also got a bottle of champagne. Again lucky. :)

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After settle down for a minute in our hotel room we walked a little bit on the Strip and went to the Wynn , where we ate quite a bit and viewed the hotel. To be honest I wasn’t so impressed with the Wynn . I expected more.

But Gretel still couldn’t believe that we were in Las Vegas, she was overwhelmed.

After an exciting and exhausting day we slept until noon, before we got out to see the rest of the famous Strip. The Venetian was beautiful, Cesars Palace was interesting and Bellagio is great anyways.

In New York New York, we went on the rollercoaster. A horrifying venture for Gretel, she hates rollercoaster. But somehow I was able to convince her to go on the ride.

When we were on the ride, I thought she is going to die right away. She was breathing like a pregnant woman, when she wasn’t screaming. I think her pulse was 380 and she didn’t enjoy the beautiful view at all. She was just happy when it was over. On my side, I had a lot fun, not because of the ride, but the show Gretel was presenting next to me. :)

In the evening we went to the Bellagio for dinner and watched “O” of Cirque du Soleil. Another little surprise for Gretel. The show was fantastic, the stage is unbelievable, with water. You cannot find something similar. I saw several times a show of Cirque du Soleil, but that was outstanding.

Afterwards we walked along the Strip and watched the beautiful fountain in front of the Bellagio. A must see when you are in Las Vegas!

Later on we played a little bit in the casinos, I lost a lot money, had to sell my car, my whole retirement savings gone and Gretel left me for a rich guy. Ok, it wasn’t so bad, only $50. :)

After a long beautiful day and some cocktails at the end, we went back to our hotel room, oh wait, I mean Penthouse. ;)

We spend our last day at the pool and went to Circus Circus, where we took some great pictures, but I will show some in a couple of weeks. They are really great.

We also went to Downtown Las Vegas, where are the real old casinos. That was interesting too. I wish we would have seen them by night, but we didn’t have any time for that.

A fun weekend trip was over quickly. We didn’t won any money though, but for sure some beautiful memories!

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  1. avatar #1 - Jenna Says:

    Lucky! Sounds like you had a great trip! I’m jealous! : ]

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Thank you Jenna,

    it really was :) . Just do it too. It wasn’t too expensive either.

  3. avatar #3 - Ronald Says:

    LOL, your views say 404 right now. I got confused for a sec.

    It’s good to know you and Gretel had a good time. I’m glad I had a chance to hang out with both of you, so I can imagine the excitement you two had in Vegas. I used to live there when I was younger for five years. I rode the New York, New York rollercoaster quite a bit!

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    Hey Ron, no worries, my 404 page looks a little bit different ;)

    If you wanna check, here it is

    It was even listed on a post on Smashing Magazine for original 404 pages :)

    There will be one picture, which particular fits to you and your past, check it out.

    Las Vegas was very exciting, especially for Gretel, since she has never been there.

  5. avatar #5 - Ptah Dunbar Says:

    Nice! My man Alex knows how to plan a romantic trip! haha
    Glad you had fun in Vegas! Looking at that one picture of you standing by the motorcycle, you could probably be mistaken for Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider! lol

    Can’t wait to go there some day.. probably sooner then later but we’ll see.

  6. avatar #6 - Alex Says:

    Hey Ptah,

    I was Cage’s double in Ghost Rider, I did the sexy scenes ;)

    You definitely should go there, but wait until you are 21!

  7. avatar #7 - Reliable Hosting Says:

    Wow. That really sounds like a great trip!

    Amanda <3

  8. avatar #8 - Alex Says:

    It really was, thanks Amanda

  9. avatar #9 - Vegas Deals Says:

    Las Vegas was really a great place and you won’t be tired seeing the place even a thousand times. All the pictures were great and I can’t wait to visit this place for second time around.

  10. avatar #10 - Alex Says:

    Hey Vegas Deals,

    In Vegas there is always something new to explore. I can imagine why people go there again and again. Glad you liked the pictures.

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