VectorMagic – Convert Bitmap Graphic To Vector Graphic Online

Now you can use a program online to convert your bitmap graphics in vector graphics for freeVectorMagic. So if you don’t have an expensive program like Adobe Illustrator you just can use this program, which was developed by some smart guys at Stanford University. unfortunately since last week you have to pay for the service. Not much though.

Hae!? What?!!? Excuse Me?!?

For everybody who doesn’t know what is Vector or Bitmap, here is the video of this program how to use it and a short explanation:

Bitmap Graphic and Vector Graphic – What’s the different?

Logo BitmapBitmap graphics are composed of pixels, each of which contains specific color information

Usually the larger the display size, the larger the file size. A disadvantage of a Bitmap Graphic is when you scale it to a bigger size, the image gets chunky looking. The filename extension of a bitmapped type is usually PSD, BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF and some more.

You can not see any difference between the two logos in this post, but if you click on them, you see it 400% bigger. Now you clearly see the difference between both files.

Logo VectorVector Graphic – Geometry is King

Vector graphics consist of points, lines, and curves which, when combined, can form complex objects. These objects can be filled with solid colors, gradients, and even patterns. Vector graphics are mathematical creations. It can be scaled at any size without losing any quality.

Here a quick Comparison:


Bitmap Graphic

Vektor Graphic

Able to scale without any quality lost

Nope, the image gets pixelate


File size

File size gets bigger if the image is bigger

File size remains the same independent the image size

Working on Photos

For sure

Not really, the photo loses on detail

Working on a simple Logo Graphic

You can, but not the best solution

Of course

Convert to the other format

possible, but needs work

No problem at all

When to use?


Logos and other graphic, which you will use in different sizes

There are much more difference between Bitmap and Vector, if you are more interested, you can check out this excellent post :)

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  1. avatar #1 - Fiona Says:

    I am Very happy that you had posted some information about Bitmap and Vector graphics. I used a lot of this information for my School project and it helped me very much! So a big thank’s for that! ^.^ :D You have Made me very happy. Tschuss! xx

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey Fiona,

    glad I could help with this post. :)

    Hope I will write more helpful posts for you and every reader.

  3. avatar #3 - Fiona Says:

    THANKS! will be much apresiated! :D

  4. avatar #4 - Matthew Pibworth Says:

    you is da bomb. ctrl c + ctrl v ftw ^^

  5. avatar #5 - tina turner Says:

    wow this is great old chao old buddy :D give me a kiss

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