Sarah Brightman – Symphony A Cover Of The Great German Song Simphonie By Silbermond

Sarah Brightman released a great pop opera album a month ago. It has some really good songs and I noticed she covered a great song by the German Band Silbermond. Symphony, which also is the name of the album was a big hit 2004 in Germany by Silbermond. Symphonie (German title) was not the only hit of Silbermond. You can check out some other great songs of them here.

Sad, that this song wasn’t internationally popular because it was in German, and this girl has an awesome voice too, she doesn’t have to hide it in front of Sarah Brightman ;) . But I’m pretty sure, Silbermond is a bit proud to have their song covered by Sarah Brightman. :)

Check out the link below for the song, it may inspire you to get singing lessons at

Symphony by Sarah Brightman Sarah Brightman   Symphony A Cover Of The Great German Song Simphonie By Silbermond

Original Song Symphonie by Silbermond (backstage, acoustic guitar)

Symphonie by Silbermond (on stage, e-guitar)

There are much more great songs by Silbermond, check them out on Youtube or listen to one of them here. My favorite song of this band is “unendlich” which you can listen here. All their songs have great lyrics, unfortunately most of you cannot understand them :( . But at least you can enjoy on this song the instrumental part at the end of the song. Plain beautiful!

If you like this kind of music, check out “Juli”, “Wir sind Helden”, “Echt”, “Sportfreunde Stiller” and much more on, there is a whole armada of young German bands like these.

Let me know if you like other German bands, even if you cannot speak any German. Maybe I can recommend you some other German bands, who have the same style like the one you already know :)

Popularity: 2% [?]

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  1. avatar #1 - Emmaaar Says:

    I got the Sarah Brightman version because I absoultely love the original and, even though I do speak German I have trouble understanding most of it.

    I like this new version. The music is more intense but I think Stefanie Kloß actually has a more… powerful voice. Perhaps powerful isn’t the right word but I’m more partial to the German version.

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey Emmaaar,

    thanks for your comment. I hope you show your Australian mates how good German music is :)

    Both versions are good. I think in any language would this be a hit.

  3. avatar #3 - Keira Says:

    I just came across the english version of this song while she was performing it on telly this morning. Wasnt really paying attention until I realised that I recognised it. I love Silbermond, and think the Stephanie has an amazing voice, and that actually Sarah just doesnt do it justice. Glad other non-germans appreciate this great band.

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    It’s cool to know that non-germans like German music. Thought that wouldn’t be the case.

    Thanks for your comment Keira

  5. avatar #5 - Germanophile Says:

    German music is great. There are even Chinese fans (myself included). I also enjoy music from Juli and especially Nena. I translate the songs and memorize them, then share them with friends. It’s a great way to learn German, but even for those who don’t understand it, the music is still very enjoyable. I’m even starting to prefer German music over English now.

    This cover version by Sarah Brightman is good too. : )

  6. avatar #6 - Alex Says:

    Hallo Germanophile,

    great to hear that there are some Chinese fans out there :D . Juli is a real good Band and Nena is a classic. I probably will write a list soon, about German Bands who could have been superstars world wide with their quality of songs if they would sing English and not German. So stay tuned, maybe I will list some you never even heard about it. It’s sad, that really good songs in another language are only a hit in their country, just because it’s not in English.

  7. avatar #7 - Germanophile Says:

    Another singer whose music I like is Christina Stürmer, from Austria. She has a strong voice and accent that really distinguishes her music. To see which other German language songs/artists I enjoy, check out my playlists in the weblink.

    Yes, it’s unfortunate that bands only become widely popular if they sing in English. Personally, I feel there’s no reason why I can’t enjoy music just for the sound of it, even if I don’t understand the lyrics, as long as the melody/rhythm appeals to me. There are many songs in my playlists that I haven’t translated, yet I still listen to them often. Another unfortunate effect of the language barrier is that people outside of those countries from where the music originates have a hard time accessing and buying that music due to its limited popularity. For example, iTunes Canada carries only a partial list of Nena’s songs, and I can’t sign up for iTunes Germany since I don’t have a verifiable address there. Do you know of any (legal) music download services that carry complete works of foreign artists in mp3 format?

  8. avatar #8 - Alex Says:

    Hey Germanophile,

    Christina is also very good, she sing the official Soccer European Championship 2008 right now, it calls ‘Fieber’ (fever). Because of the problems to buy German music I checked some sides out, but there is now legal way to download all the German hits. Send me an email on my contact page and maybe I can help you to sign up on itunes Germany. But no promise.

  9. avatar #9 - Mauricio Says:

    Silbermond ist besser….. nichts wie das Original

    definitely the voice of Stefanie is 1000 times better than the Sarah Brightman, although it is a compliment to me as to many followers of Silbermond, that make a cover, despite that I do not like the voice of Sarah Brightman and her style is so pop, I recommend a banda German calls me a lot of attention even though I am no great fan is Etwas good style of music to Silbermond but did not become as good as the music that makes Silbermond.

  10. avatar #10 - Alex Says:

    @Mauricio, I think so too. It’s nice, that international stars cover some German songs :)

  11. avatar #11 - Tickets Says:

    I love Sara Brightman. She has a beautiful voice and she is a very beautiful woman. Nice post and nice videos you have here.

  12. avatar #12 - Daniel Dociu Says:

    Hey Alex,
    As flattered as I may be by your use of my images in the clip, I must call you on using some unauthorized ones without permission. It can cause unnecessary trouble. Not with me, but with NCsoft’s Legal Department, as they own the rights to my work. The images Sarah used were all run through an approval process and accompanied by copyright disclaimers. I’m afraid that any images beyond the five that were part of my agreement with Sarah’s producers on one hand and NCsoft Management on the other could lead to complications.

    Sorry for the bad news,

    Daniel Dociu

  13. avatar #13 - Alex Says:

    Hey Daniel, thanks for pointing that out. First of all, it’s just a capture of the video, and by coincident it took a capture of this picture. I don’t actually have to do anything with it, since it is on youtube. So Youtube probably should take the video off. But I will do it to and search for another video without your pictures, which are very nice by the way. :)

    You know, it’s just funny that they might charge a lawsuit against people who might use their stuff or copy their things, but they don’t even have their own music and copy it from other artists. Even though, they surely pay for the rights. ;)

    But you are right, the guy who actually created the video shouldn’t have used your pictures for the video, although I think those are people who are supporting this artist and like her very much and don’t want to harm anybody with it. But these are just my 2 cents and law is law and copyright is copyright. I hope you still enjoyed the post. Keep up the great work of your photographs, any portofolio available?

  14. avatar #14 - Alex Says:

    I changed it, hope that is not a picture of you too ;)

  15. avatar #15 - Vince Says:

    Only one picture in that new video, what are the odds? lol

    By the way, the other three embedded videos don’t seem to work when I click them. I think they’ve been removed by YouTube.

  16. avatar #16 - Vince Says:

    Oops. I tried again…videos #2 and #3 work but only when I copy and paste their links into a new window. The 4th one really has been yanked.

  17. avatar #17 - Anonymous Says:

    Its the copyright issue crap that is going on (on YouTube and elsewhere) that has REALLY prevented the song being known anywhere. A great example of how record companies are actively blocking music from being played anywhere (unless they get paid for it) and thus preventing the songs being known, anywhere. I was fortunate enough to hear this song on an underground MP3 competition, where it represented Germany… and I was blown away. I’d NEVER have heard it, had the companies had their way. Such backward thinking is actively preventing recognition of good material. Long live Creative Commons! Example: Most of the videos on this page are blocked in my country… HOWEVER, all you have to do is bounce of another country’s IP, and they are visible again. Pointless company policies.

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