Popular Blogs And Their First Post – Interresting Find!

I checked out the very first posts of some popular blogs and put a collection of interesting and fun first posts together. Many blogs started as a hobby and they never would have imagine how successful their blog would become. Other started with the goal to change the world or at least the world of their readership.

I’m sure you have also a great first post, then leave a link in the comment area. And if you miss your favorite blog, don’t be mad. Either I didn’t know the blog or I couldn’t find the first post because of none existing archive, or the first post was just not interesting at all. Hope you also interested what the first post of some well known blogs were:

copyblogger Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: copyblogger
Title: SOLD
Date: 01.09.2006
What’s the 1st post about: On the first post, copyblogger had just one comment and it was written 4 month later. Brian was writing about selling, and he had a great point at the end of the post: “Visitors to your blog do not expect to be sold to, and they’ll leave mighty fast if they get a contrary impression. But you’re still selling. You’re just selling correctly.” Looks like he is still selling perfectly, since he has such a huge readership!

daily blog tips Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: DailyBlogTips
Title: Welcome to Daily Blog Tips
Date: 11.03.2006
What’s the 1st post about:Daniel knew right from the start “Quality content is obviously the corner stone for any blog, but sometimes the content alone will not suffice. Even great content might get lost on the Internet if not supported by promotion, search engine optimization and other activities. With that problem in mind I decided to create Daily Blog Tips, a place where you will find simple yet effective tips to improve your blog.” And many readers are glad for his tips to improve their blog with success!

gigaom Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: GIGAOM
Title: Jilted by broadband
Date: 05.19.2001
What’s the 1st post about: Comparing to some other blogs, GIGAOM exists quite a long time already. The world of broadband in 2001. GIGAOM is talking about the recession of broadband development and how slow it grows. It’s also metioned that TechNet having a goal to have 100 million homes connected at 50 times the fastest current rate by 2010. Can anybody tell me if they made it? It is interesting to read what the perspective of broadband was, back in 2001.
Pretty funny, just 10 days ago somebody comment on this post first! Of course with a very informative comment: “First!”

Website: chrisBROGAN
Title: Version 3.0
Date: 03.23.2004
What’s the 1st post about: Chris is writing about the way to version 3.0, which was using blogger. Now he uses WordPress and his blog is probably on version 5.0 or so.

kottke Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: kottke.org
Title: Why?
Date: 03.14.1998
What’s the 1st post about: “I decided I needed to start writing things down. Because I forget.” We are glad you do, so we can read what you write! He also gives a cool reason why he isn’t using a private diary. Funny that he is using the word “diary”, I guess back in 1998 the word “blog” wasn’t really common for writing a public “diary” online. ;)

Michelle Malkin
Website: Michelle Malkin
Title: Extreme makeover
Date: 06.08.2004
What’s the 1st post about: Michelle had an extreme makeover of her website and if you like to check out how the website looked like back in the days, check out this link. You will also see it was powered by Movable Type. Now it’s running on WordPress and looks nicer, especially in 2004 they were using a 800px layout, since 800×600 was the most used resolution by then.

dooce Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: dooce
Title: Thinking
Date: 05.06.2001
What’s the 1st post about: This one is quite funny and weird, but read yourself, no wonder comments closed, would be interesting what others would say. ;)

crunchgear Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: CrunchGear
Title: Mighty Morphin’ Car Panels
Date: 08.09.2006
What’s the 1st post about: Their first post is about a pretty nifty invention, which should have been on the market in 2008. Anybody heard about it yet? I didn’t: “Joachim Tandler, a car safety researcher in Germany, is working on a project for the first shape-shifting car. The car will use hood-mounted cameras and radar to spot a vehicle that is going to hit your car for a side collision.”

The Pioneer Woman
Website: The Pioneer Woman
Title: About Pioneer Woman
Date: 05.01.2006
What’s the 1st post about: Ree is doing what you normally also do first in real life , when you meet someone the first time – she introduced herself. She also introduced her family and what her blog is about. Very nice introduction, I have to say!

the consumerist
Title: Mars’ CocoaVia: Life by Chocolate
Date: 11.01.2005
What’s the 1st post about: A comment about Mars’ stupid promotion “An Apple a Day for Health? Mars Recommends Two Bars of Chocolate”. Still in 2009, an apple is healthier than any chocolate. :)

Stuff White People Like
Website: Stuff White People Like
Title: #1 Coffee
Date: 01.18.2008
What’s the 1st post about: They start their blog with a thing, which helps many readers to start their day – coffee! “But I promise you that the first person at your school to drink coffee was a white person.” Interesting statement and I’m sure a great start for a very active conversation. No wonder this post has already 1670 responses! Not bad for a first post!

seth godin's BLOG
Website: seth godin’s BLOG
Title: Boring
Date: 01.15.2002
What’s the 1st post about: His first post was about shopping, hmm, I’m glad not all of his posts are that boring as this one. :D . Even though he is right with his last sentence, true, true.

Website: GAWKER
Title: Reader-submitted designs for the new WTC
Date: 12.01.2002
What’s the 1st post about: About reader submitted designs for the new WTC, a pretty cool idea, what they show on this post. But as we know, the winner looks totally different. Check out the creative entry on GAWKER!

techcrunch Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: TechCrunch
Title: Technorati Beta Profile
Date: 06.11.2005
What’s the 1st post about: In 2005 Technorati was for TechCrunch already Web 2.0 “old school” and they introducing the “new” Technorati Beta – pretty old school nowadays. ;)

lifehacker Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: lifehacker
Title: Lifehacker Terms of Use
Date: 01.01.2005
What’s the 1st post about: Ok, that is interesting, or rather not. Lifehackers first post is their terms of use. I fall asleep!

gizmodo Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: GIZMODO
Title: Review of the Panasonic Palmcorder PV-DV952
Date: 08.01.2002
What’s the 1st post about: Review of a Panasonic Palmcorder with a 16MB smartcard, wow! That is so great! Good that were aren’t in 2002 anymore. :)

Website: BlogPerfume
Title: CMS: Wordpress – Appealing Open Source Weblog Platform
Date: 11.12.2007
What’s the 1st post about: BlogPerfume is already mentioning in 2007, that WordPress is a great alternative to use it for a CMS solution. Some people just starting to realize that in 2009 and considering WordPress as a serious alternative to Drupal or Joomla.

noupe Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: noupe
Title: Secret to Enormous Client Leads
Date: 10.20.2007
What’s the 1st post about: An interesting post about generate client leads but only 3 comments, glad this didn’t stop him from writing and we are thankful to read more of his great posts.

Justin Tadlock
Website: Justin Tadlock
Title: Welcome To My Site
Date: 04.15.2003
What’s the 1st post about: Back in the old times, he is talking about “iframe” and “guestbook”, I guess in 2003 a blog and WordPress sounded like a vegetable and an intellectual news magazine for him. ;) But who else knew about blogging and WordPress at this time, not many I guess. A stable version of WordPress was not even released yet, the developing started in 2003.

Website: bartelmedesign
Title: ASP Kurse
Date: 07.06.2002
What’s the 1st post about: He started to write in German first, before he changed to English.

IFOH Designs
Website: IFOH Designs
Title: A lot of thought went into this…
Date: 11.06.2007
What’s the 1st post about: As many do, Matt learned from other bloggers. It’s a good first post to see, that everybody can start a blog and be as good as the most popular bloggers in the world. There is no special technique, recipe to it. Read Matt’s post, he included some really good advices of Jeff Atwood into his first post.

productive dreams
Website: ProductiveDreams
Title: Finally, productivedreams is up!
Date: 09.20.2008
What’s the 1st post about: It took him 6 month to have his blog online, the time was worth it. As he stated, as a designer you are never happy with your design, so you work on it until you just gave up or you created the perfect design. For many bloggers it’s difficult to start with the right post. But he creates some great posts nowadays, I’m sure many people stay connected. BTW, hello-world is still in his permalink. ;)

veerle's blog
Website: veerle’s blog
Title: 16 Years Illusion, Sportpaleis Antwerp
Date: 09.29.2003
What’s the 1st post about: She was writing about… no, not design, it was about a weekend, when she was out to see the best DJ’s of the World in Antwerp. Her post reminds me of the good old days, when I also liked the DJs she is mentioning and I was out with friends all night long until the next morning 6 or 7 a.m.

Fun with WordPress
Website: Fun with WordPress
Title: The difficult first post
Date: 10.21.2007
What’s the 1st post about: He did very well, it didn’t look difficult at all. From the first post you can see, he has fun, not only with WordPress, also writing the posts.

Francesco Mugnai
Website: Francesco Mugnai
Title: Ciao Mondo
Date: 05.17.2008
What’s the 1st post about: His first post was in Italian, I’m glad he is writing in English now, so I can understand his great posts. Unbelievable that it’s only been a year that he started his blog, he always provides fantastic posts!

vladstudio Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Title: Blog / I have been interviewed!
Date: 01.17.2007
What’s the 1st post about: He has been interviewed, a link to an interview of him. I’m sure it wasn’t the last one.

Website: 1stwebdesigner
Title: New site and design
Date: 08.30.2008
What’s the 1st post about: “I warn you already that this site is still under construction”, I guess that’s not the case anymore. ;) “I created this page to summarize good web content for designers, web-developers and freelancers – just like me.” Glad to have such a great place to find quality content.

bittbox Popular Blogs And Their First Post   Interresting Find!
Website: bittbox
Title: Announcement: The Time Has Come
Date: 11.04.2007
What’s the 1st post about: What a brave move, he quit his job and start full time blogging and freelancing. A fresh start for Jay and I’m sure it was the best decision he ever made. Very good posts and designs, no wonder he made the jump. He is pretty good to do so.

Website: MA.TT
Title: Airport
Date: 06.16.2002
What’s the 1st post about: The founder of WordPress. Matt is talking about the higher security at the airport and the loss of freedom. Interesting post. A time, when WordPress didn’t even exist as an idea!

I hope you liked this list, and like I said, if you have also a great first post, or you know one, don’t hesitate to post in the comment area.

Oh, I almost forgot, here is my first post: Stupid Diary

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    Interesting post. My first blog post, “Welcome to my site,” definitely wasn’t on WordPress. Heck, it wasn’t even a real blogging platform. I’d put it all together in a HTML file and just stuck it on the site.

    I guess in 2003 a blog and WordPress sounded like a vegetable and an intellectual news magazine for him.

    That’s pretty much spot-on.

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