Photoshop CS4 – As Real As It Gets – Brilliant Idea!

The front end of Photoshop CS4 in a real world. What a brilliant idea!

Here you can see the make of and here the picture in original size.

photoshop cs4 real Photoshop CS4   As Real As It Gets   Brilliant Idea!

Via I Believe in Advertising

Popularity: 10% [?]

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  1. avatar #1 - Yuen Says:

    Well, excellent interface!
    I already downloaded in two days ago but didn’t install yet. On this weekend when I back home, I’ll do an order to try and use it for my pending project.
    Thanks about this screenshot, Alex! :)

  2. avatar #2 - Yuen Says:

    Ah, right now my Photoshop version is 7.0
    A long time I didn’t buy anything from Adobe. So, do you guys have any experience about Adobe? Do they sell their products in OEM for personal user?

  3. avatar #3 - Kevin Says:

    i have cs3 installed on my computer and i barely use it :D by the way excellent screenshot :)

  4. avatar #4 - karadeniz Says:

    Really I like this program it’s an excellent interface!

  5. avatar #5 - Alex Says:

    @karadeniz -
    Yeah and it looks so real ;)
    Maybe you should use it more, glad you like the screenshot
    Did you install the new version yet, but don’t be disappointed, it will look a tiny bit different than this screenshot ;)

  6. avatar #6 - Yuen Says:

    Omg, lol… I though the pic you show us above is new Photoshop’s interface… Well, I’m really disappointed because I was mistake.
    For anyone who didn’t try Photoshop CS4 yet, here is my screenshot of Photoshop CS4 interface (first time opening;default).

  7. avatar #7 - Petite Says:

    I use Photoshop when I was in college, but three years later, I stopped using it. Great screenshot. It makes me wanna use Photoshop again. Wow.

  8. avatar #8 - Alex Says:

    Hey Yuen, even though your Photoshop looks different, I hope you enjoy it, I’m still on CS3, makes me jealous, that you have the new one :)

    Hi Petite, yeah, Photoshop is great, I guess if you start using it, it’s so much fun. I can’t imagine to work without it. Thanks for your comment.

  9. avatar #9 - Lisa Says:

    Exceptional interface ! It makes me eager to use it.

  10. avatar #10 - Tracy - Surveillance Cameras Says:

    I got a copy a couple of weeks ago but have not installed it yet. There is so much going on I planned on waiting till after the Holidays to learn the new features and what not. I can’t wait to get started though.

  11. avatar #11 - Roger Hamilton Says:

    I actually thought that was the real CS4 interface! I guess that isn’t the case.. come to think of it, I think that as a real interface would be a little too fancy.

  12. avatar #12 - Alex Says:

    @Roger Hamilton -
    True, that might be too fancy though. But maybe in CS 5 ;)

  13. avatar #13 - Roger Hamilton Says:

    Aha CS5. How fast will that take? If I’m not wrong, the transition from CS3 to CS4 was pretty fast. Maybe we will get a 3D interface.

  14. avatar #14 - Brian Says:

    Exceptional interface ! It makes me eager to use it.

  15. avatar #16 - CS5 Photoshop Says:

    CS5 is a massive jump forward
    There is a video of the new feature on for any who want to take a look

  16. avatar #17 - Alex Says:

    @CS5 Photoshop, thanks for the link!

  17. avatar #18 - Israel-cctv Says:

    Adobe CS4 Master collection is a great thing to have

  18. avatar #19 - israel blacksmith Says:

    Yes I agree its a great tool especially dreamweaver

  19. avatar #20 - ?????? ????? Says:

    Wow i liked the pattern, is it real!?

  20. avatar #21 - hatzad Says:

    thanks for sharing! :-)

  21. avatar #22 - ???? Says:

    ownloaded in and install it – its a – 10 indeed


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