Simple Trick To Never Forget Your Stuff When Leaving The House

Does this problem ring a bell? Every morning when I leave the house I forget at least one thing I have to take with me. Mostly things I have to take every day.

Over the years my list of “things-to-remember” has got longer and longer and as time goes bye I’m becoming more forgetful. But maybe it’s because of the beer and too much sun, which you can see in the photo. ;)

In my case, I have 6 things to grab before I leave the house. How in the world can I remember them?!?

1. My keys
2. My glasses, yeah, can become an issue when you’re half blind ;)
3. My wallet
4. My watch
5. My cell phone
6. My badge, to get into the office

Every time I left the house I would forget at least one thing on my list and have to go back to my apartment.

I used to always ask myself: “Keys, Glasses, Watch, Wallet…yeah! Everything with me!” But as soon as I got downstairs or was already sitting at my desk – it would hit me – DAMN! forgot my cell phone! Aaaagain!

After a while I thought, why not just count the stuff you need to grab every morning, since it’s always 6? Do I have my 6 things? 1,2,3,4,5….hmmm, what did I forget? Think Alex, think! Oh, right, my watch!

Pretty simple huh? This tactic helped quite a lot. Since then I have never forget anything. Unless it is something more I have to take, but then I will just have to remember that one extra thing. That’s it.

How about you? Do you forget at least one thing every morning or do you have another way to remember all your stuff? If so, please write a comment or just say thank you!, since I have found the solution to your every day misery ;)

This is not valid for women, since they have everything in their purse!

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  1. avatar #1 - Ruslan Says:

    Another good strategy is to put everything in one place before going to bed, like a desk or kitchen counter, so you can see it before leaving the house. But I am sure in five years somebody will come up with an idea to integrate it all in a cell phone. Like keyless car access using your phone or integrated pass to your work. Till then-use scotch tape to keep it all together :)

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey Ruslan,

    I tried your strategy as well, but never works out perfectly, because some time I forgot to put everything on the kitchen counter. But the idea with the all in one cell phone is great. Let’s look at this post in 5 years and see if there is some kind of gadget which can do all of this :)

  3. avatar #3 - Rio Says:

    I like your idea of counting the everyday things that you need to take to work (watch, wallet, …). I use several tricks to remember other items to take to work. When I identify an item that I need to take to work I either immediately place the item in the driver’s seat of the car or place it in front of the door leading to the door. In the morning when I have a mistake proof way of ‘running’ into the item.

    On a related note if I have a critical errand to run after work I leave myself a note on my car seat. I’m amazed at the end of busy day of work how I forgot about errand, but the note reminds me. I now only have to leave a blank piece of paper on my car seat that triggers my memory.


  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    Hey Rio, I do the same thing, when I have stuff which doesn’t belong to my 6 basics, I leave it at the front door so I can’t forget!

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