Saying Goodbye Wasn’t Easy!

It took me a while, but know I’m back working and writing, 3 weeks later than I was planing. :)

Finally we settled down in Germany, got most of the stuff organized and my computer is running on full speed now with a nice Intel Core2 Quad, 8GB RAM and an additional new 1 Terabyte Hard drive. I think that should get me going. ;)

It’s good to be back home, get to see my family and meet my old friends. Especially if the weather is so great since we are back in Europe.

But first let me review the last weeks in Dallas, which were flying by in lightning speed. It went so fast, unbelievable. Luckily we got a chance to meet most of our friends for the last time and enjoyed their company very much! It was great to see them but also sad as we knew it will be the last time for quite a long while.

We will miss our friends, colleagues, a great job, our apartment, the good weather, Texas steak, cheap gas, Pete’s Piano Bar, Texans friendliness, Stockyards, Mavericks and more… and endless list and we would like to say thank you for great and unforgettable years in Texas!

Before we left, Gretel and I made some really cool pictures as a cowboy (Damn Little Quick Gun Alex) and bar lady (Miss Texas Queen Beauty Gretel) ;)

We took quite a lot pictures with our friends the last couple nights we were out. At the Happy Hour with my co-workers, my last day at work with colleagues and at the German restaurant. The last weekend at Hooters only with the guys and ending up with Casey at Hooters. Gretel with the girls at Melting Pot, at the Cubanita with Mary and Kaivan, with David eating Japanese and Brook and Preston saying goodbye and our last supper at Hook Line & Sinker (great and cool restaurant).

Right before we head to Germany we had a farewell by our really good friends Soili and Sami from Finland and Dirk and Estera at the airport. And a huge THANK YOU to Sascha and Linda, that we were able to stay at their house for a week – sorry for the mess!

We really hope to see everybody soon, either in Europe or USA. Right now it feels like I’m on vacation and I will be back in 10 days again, but this time it looks like, these 10 days will be looong and my boss won’t call me anyways, asking where I am at, since they found a great replacement with Matt!

While we were moving out, we also found a nest on our balcony, unfortunately the parents left it after I hang it down, but what should we do, the apartment complex would throw it out anyways :(

The last hours in our apartment:

And here are some pictures of our Garage Sales:

Now there is a new chapter ahead of Gretel and myself. She is starting her studies for physical therapy mid August in Amsterdam and I accepted the challenge to work for me, myself and I – freelancing as a web designer, hosting provider, web consultant and blogger. :)

But first we have to find a small apartment or house in Amsterdam. We will see how that goes, but this is a whole different story …to be continued!

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  1. avatar #1 - TV Bracket Says:

    I was so apprehensive moving from Missouri to Colorado, but in the end I had so many friends and great stories to tell. I cannot imagine how you feel going to a whole other country.

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey TV Bracket, it is quite a big step to go to a whole other country, because I won’t see anybody so soon again. :(

    But still have a lot memories of great friends and great stories as you have :)

  3. avatar #3 - Dental Marketing Says:

    By far, the biggest moving in my life is when I must go to other places for college. It was more than 800 kilo meters from my hometown. That was days full of tear at the first days after moving. But, when I had to left that city and back to my hometown I can feel a big missing inside my heart…Sometimes, I want to visit that city again and meet my college friends again.

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    Yeah, sometimes it’s not easy to leave your friends behind.

  5. avatar #5 - Terey Johnson Says:

    As far as i suggest Your Web site acts a great role in providing information to targeted visitors. I recognize or rated it as excellent.

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