Finally – Firefox 3 Is Out!

Firefox 3To be honest, it was a little bit lame, that they released the final version at 10:00 am Pacific Time and not much earlier, since everybody was waiting in Asia and Europe for the download, but at least it is out now. Get the new version and if you don’t know Firefox, then try it out and throw Internet Explorer out of the “Window”, you won’t need it anymore!

Have fun browsing the World Wide Web!

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  1. avatar #1 - Peter Says:

    Firefox 3 rocks and is super fast as promised. Optimize your FF3 experience with Firefox’s recommended add-on, the Me.dium Social Toolbar. Find us on AMO:

    Friend pjn, gfigg, and jenniferlauren so we can surf around together in Me.dium and talk about how Fx3 kicks @$$!!

  2. avatar #2 - facts about niagara falls Says:

    I did my part…downloading it TWICE. I received my email reminder and immediately went and downloaded it. Unfortunately, the download on the page they sent me to was RC3 instead of version 3 final release. They sent out those reminders before posting the final version! So, I had to go back and get the real this later in the day. Looking forward to playing around with it!

  3. avatar #3 - PT Says:

    Unfortunately I can’t upload FF to my work laptop which I use 90% of the time. I’m stuck in IE land. My wife’s Mac will have it soon though.

  4. avatar #4 - irish gifts Says:

    Its already out? I will Download it ASAP. I want to use the beta at first but i feel its better to wait for the final release. Thanks for the update!

  5. avatar #5 - Alex Says:

    @Dave, hope you have fun with the new version already. I do!

  6. avatar #6 - nathan Says:

    I have to say that FireFox 3 has surpassed my expectations i’m really noticing the difference in system resources that it uses, massive improvement on the last version

  7. avatar #7 - Alex Says:

    I have it on my laptop and I’m very happy with it, just don’t have it on my desktop yet, since some essential add-ons are still not working on it. But can’t wait to switch asap! Especially since I have easily open around 200 tabs at the same time.

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