Finally! Gmail Removes Annoying “on behalf of” From Your Email Header

gmail on behalf of Finally! Gmail Removes Annoying on behalf of From Your Email Header
After long wait and lots of complaining, Google finally still not removed the “on behalf of” in the email header, see second comment of seb. Many Gmail users, who are using Gmail to manage several email accounts with multiple inboxes, which is explained here, were complaining about the annoying “on behalf of” in the email header, if you read it with Outlook for example. Not long ago you were able to see something like this:; On Behalf Of Max Example []

Instead just displaying the email address you send this email from, it also displayed that you use the service of Gmail. It didn’t bother for some users, but if you use Gmail for your business, it didn’t only look unprofessional, your business partners or clients were also able to see your private email address.

Also it was confusing for the recipient which one is the preferred email address to reply to. Problems which wouldn’t exists, if they just don’t show it, like other services.

I also planned to move all my emails to Gmail, to have one location where I have all my emails. But because of this annoyance I sit it out and waited, now I can finally move my emails to Gmail and none of my clients will recognize my private email or that I’m using Gmail. :)

What did you think about “on behalf of”, did it bother you or didn’t you even noticed that everybody could see you gmail address?

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  1. avatar #1 - seb Says:

    I am too waiting for this to finally move everything to gmail. But as far as I can see, gmail is still including the “send from gmail” into the message header and Outlook users still see “me on behalf of me2″…

    Do we have to set options for it work as you say?

    Last time I’ve checked the gmail devs were saying they would add some way for us to setup a custom smtp server to “send as” properly… But I can’t see anything of the sort.

    Thanks in advance to confirm this. It would make my day! :)

  2. avatar #2 - seb Says:

    The “on behalf of” is back. It was not the fix we wanted. It was actually a bug. See below:

    “Unfortunately, the “solution” you’re seeing here is a bit of a red herring — it’s actually just a bug introduced in a recent Gmail update…”

  3. avatar #3 - Alex Says:

    Thanks seb for the link, are they insane? Ok, so they don’t listen to their customer and promise a long term solution, great, we are waiting for it since a year.

    BTW, it came back on my emails too. :(

  4. avatar #4 - Todd Says:

    I just tried it today. They still have the annoying “On Behalf Of” in there. When are they going to wise up?

  5. avatar #5 - Alex Says:

    Hey Todd, I don’t know, but I heard they are working on it.

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