A Real Evil Joke About Windows 7 And Vista – But Genius!

That’s what you call black humor, it is hilarious but you have to have guts to draw something like this. The cartoonist makes a big joke about Microsoft. Very sarcastic, but before anyone is complaining, you cannot do that…. bla, bla, bla, it’s just a joke. Besides that, pretty original.

windows 7 hitler en 580x210 A Real Evil Joke About Windows 7 And Vista   But Genius!

More of this fun cartoonist is available here

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  1. avatar #1 - freddyzdead Says:

    Maybe it’s because it isn’t funny and/or people just don’t get it. (like me)

    The joke is, Windows 7 itself is a joke. If you look at the version number in the registry, it says version 6.1, not 7. That means it’s still Vista underneath; sort of Vista Service Pack 3 if you like.

    So it looks like one more instance of Microsoft trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

  2. avatar #2 - Vince Says:

    Lol…this comic strip neatly encapsulates Microsoft’s image. Unfortunately, despite the proclivity of Windows for crashing, many users (myself included) feel compelled to continue using this platform simply because it has critical market share, and therefore has more support/portability. The power of monopoly.

    It reminds me of another joke:
    “Microsoft. It’s neither micro, nor soft.”

  3. avatar #3 - Alex Says:

    @Vince, hehehe, nice joke and because of support and portability you are so damn right. Any other company with such a buggy program would be bankrupt in no time.

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    @freddyzdead, will see how Windows 7 will perform, but like you said, it is definitely not a complete revamp of their current system. But it wouldn’t be bad to completely rewrite the program.

  5. avatar #5 - Steve Says:

    I truly think Windows XP is the only windows platform worth having. how pathetic that they claim the new windows to be version 7. it is windows vista with a few minor tweaks. a young child could have made the tweaks that they made. assholes!

  6. avatar #6 - Mike Says:


  7. avatar #7 - Alex Says:

    That is true Steve.

    @Mike, what a short comment. :)

  8. avatar #8 - 00 Buck Says:

    If you tell someone that there is something new out, it makes them feel like they are out dated. If you have a descent OS like XP, just build off of it, don’t start completely over, that is where they fk up. It’s like a good game engine like quake, look how far it evloved and became everything it could be so far. You have to ask yourself, “what am I missing out on?” Can you do everything you want to do? Yes? Then why the hell would you listen to a company trying to push a product because they are sitting in their offices with nothing to do but write free useless patches for XP or Vista. It’s like the creation of a tire, now we evolved to where it will handle everything I want to put it through, but for $100.00 a week they will change the tred pattern around a bit so the company can try to stay afloat. What the hell do you want to do that you can’t do already? When I installed SP2 for XP, I didn’t notice a bit of a difference other than the fact that I could play a game that required it. The software companies are going to start working together to force us to have to buy bullshit because it requires their business partners software. SCAM

  9. avatar #9 - Zach Says:

    pcs are garbage they really are disgusting machines and anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. Of course they are more expensive obviously. Ferrari Enzos are more expensive than a Pontiac Cavalier, does that make the Cavalier better? Anyone who hates macs is either too poor to afford one, or too stubborn to try one, or doesn’t like positive change.

  10. avatar #10 - selene knight Says:

    Unfortunately for people whose xp pchas lived out its life they will have no choice when buying a new pc as I have experienced .After buying a new sony 11 months ago and buying ultimate upgrade which believe it or not DAMAGED system files and fighting to get a refund from microsuck.I bought a mac and although I am thrilled with it,I shall forever hate microsuck and everything associated with them.Windows 7 is yet another scheme to ripoff millions of users thank God for Steve Jobs and apple : )

  11. avatar #11 - Glen Fiddich Says:

    Doesn’t using a PC make you feel like a complete moron?

  12. avatar #12 - Alex Says:

    @00 Buck, your comment is true. It’s all about money! :)
    @Zach, that might be true, good point!
    @Selene, once having a Mac never looking back! huh?
    @Glen, not for me though ;)

  13. avatar #13 - LCarter Says:

    I’m rather upset with Windows 7 . Running x64 on an Intel Quad Core with 8GB.

    Still slow booting, They messed up a nice logo with text stating windows is loading, like don’t know! Finally when desktop loads up I still have to wait for the hard drive to stop loading it’s bloat, and still looks like Vista with small improvements, still a cartoon like OS. Applications run fine once loaded to cache.
    When shutting down It flickers to shutting down and back to my desktop wallpaper then back to shutting down page where it is beating my hard drive to death saving god knows what.

    I just feel taken by MS. I feel like I’ve been forced to pay for an update to Vista with nothing revolutionary in the way it behaves or improved it’s user experience. It’s the same old windows with miles of links to get what you need. Going all Apple now!!!! I hate MS even more now and can’t wait to dump all my PCs.

  14. avatar #14 - lue Says:

    im going to ubuntu, maybe goggle chrome os..is it ever comes out!!!!

  15. avatar #15 - evchrny Says:

    win7 reminds me of the simpsons episode

    where Homer gets to design a car manufacturers

    new model. bells whistles,hood ornament, but

    looks ridculous and gets 3 miles to the gallon


  1. Gaaanz Böser Comic Über Windows 7 Und Vista - Aber Genial! » Comic, Hitler, Vista, Windows 7, Witz » Blog Drauf

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