Dutch National Team – Tired Warriors But Fun Commercial And Great Pictures!

Sorry for all American readers and everybody else who is not interested in soccer/football. But I thought I should show some cool pictures of some Dutch players as warriors. Surprisingly they got tired against Russia and lost the battle last Saturday. But even though they also have a great commercial of the Bavaria beer, you have to watch it:

Great pictures of Erwin Olaf

Edwin van der Sar

Edwin van der Saar

Rafael van der Vaart

Rafael van der Vaart

Giovanni van Bronckhorst

Giovanni van Bronckhorst

You can find more pictures of the Dutch National Team on designyoutrust.com.

They didn’t only play very well, at least in their first 3 matches, they also have a great commercial. Really cool:

With Arie Haan

With Frank de Boer

If you like to see more of fun Euro 2008 commercials, check this compilation out!

The Euro 2008 is over for the Netherlands but in Germany everybody can’t wait for the Semifinal game Germany against Turkey. Guess where this photograph was taken? Wrong – in Germany! :)

Germany vs. Turkey Euro 2008

And if you like to see the most beautiful side of football, check this website out!

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  1. avatar #1 - PT Says:

    We pulled for the Dutch team when in Aruba two summers ago. Orange was everywhere. Liked the girls link. ;)

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey PT,

    yeah, if the Dutch are playing you see only orange. Sad they got out of the tournament, especially of their good looking fans ;)

  3. avatar #3 - Sports Says:

    Not only in Euro cup 2008 but also almost in all play there are advertisement in millions. So, sports are not like that which was before 10 years ago. Now sports are going to a place of advertisement. By the way your article is more valuable.

  4. avatar #4 - Mo Says:

    Amazing photos – also – my vote for the best looking girls – Germany. Oh yeah, go Orange.

  5. avatar #5 - Alex Says:

    @Alice, glad you like this post. Thanks for commenting and unfortunately you are right, sports nowadays is a place to make millions.

    @Mo, cool that you like the German girls most :) , will see if there are ore nice pictures of German and Spanish girls in the final.

  6. avatar #6 - Bluetooth Says:

    Excellent Post. Euro 2008 cup is at its climax and It seems Germans are going to crush Spanish! I feel sorry for Netherlands as they lost to Russia even after their wonderful performance in the whle tournamnet!
    Thanks a lot!!!

  7. avatar #7 - Alex Says:

    @Bluetooth, I wish Germany will crush Spain, but I doubt it. Spain didn’t lose for 21 games. But a series always have to end. ;) . I was surprised too, that Holland lost. My tip was Portugal against Holland in the final.

  8. avatar #8 - Lars Says:

    great pictures, the third picture from the top is the best (rafael van der vaart) because he looks like he got ran over by a thousand men, but he’s still on his feet ready for war (and for some reason it looks funny) … the link to the most beautiful side of football is not bad… not bad at all…

  9. avatar #9 - fuck you Says:

    spain crushed germany 1-0

  10. avatar #10 - Alex Says:

    Hey my Spanish friend, first of all f… yourself. Second, a 1-0 is far away from being crushed. Fortunately I know nice people from Spain, where I’m happy for them, that their country won the championship, but an idiot like you from Jerez needs to leave such a stupid comment. Congrats! BTW, comments like this normally get marked a spammed, but I thought I should let you know how stupid your comment was.

  11. avatar #11 - herman Says:

    this year we shall become the rulers over the beautiful cup which we all know… have you seen the dutch dress? hot! ;)

  12. avatar #12 - Holland fan Says:

    Yeahh!, The Netherlands won the match vs Brazil!!!

  13. avatar #13 - Alex Says:

    It would be great to see Holland in the final. :)

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