Dropbox – Effortless Instantly Syncing Across Your Computers! 23 Beta Invites To Give Away.

Today I can do something for my readers.

Little Update, Dropbox gave me 23 additional Beta invites today.

A week ago I installed Dropbox on my Laptop and Desktop. It works like a charme! What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a new way to store files online and offline. You can sync your files from a PC to a Mac, Laptop or you can even access your files on your online account. All files and folders are getting automatically synced immediately. So you will stay up to date.

Another cool feature is, if you delete accidentally files, Dropboxsaves a snapshot of every earlier version and you can get your old files back easily. There are many more features available.

Dropbox has a special public folder, where you can share your files or folders with your friends and other people you want to share the folder with. You can watch more functions and the ease of using in this video:

The first 5 23 commentators receive a beta invite. If you are one of the 5 23 first commentators, please give out your beta invites to people who are commenting a little bit too late. I really like this little tool and it works perfectly for me so far.

Popularity: 3% [?]

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  1. avatar #1 - huw Says:

    This does indeed look like a cool addition to the toolbox. If you still have some of those invites can you send one my way pls ?

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey Huw, invite is on your way, and let us know how you like it!

  3. avatar #3 - Yuen Says:

    I’m using Mozy, now have to try this!

  4. avatar #4 - Alex Says:

    It’s on your way Yuen! :D

  5. avatar #5 - jack Says:

    Sounds cool, I’d like to try!

  6. avatar #6 - Yuen Says:

    Thank you, Alex!
    I’m using it, really cool!

  7. avatar #7 - Yuen Says:

    Right now I disabled my Comodo Firewall to try it, also reported this issue to Dropbox.
    Anyway, Dropbox is better than Mozy, this is my vote.

  8. avatar #8 - manu Says:

    Me memee
    Pick me


  9. avatar #9 - Alex Says:

    @Manu and Jack, invitees are on your way. Hope you enjoy.

    @Yuen, thanks for the update. Glad you like it more than Mozy.

  10. avatar #10 - huw Says:

    Thanks for the invite, looking at it today

  11. avatar #11 - Althea Says:

    I’d love to get a beta invite. Thanks so much!

  12. avatar #12 - Yuen Says:

    As it’s name, just drop files into box (folder). It’s working faster than anything else I know.
    Now I’m looking for more disk space (with paid is ok).
    Don’t know what will happen when Dropbox up one level to say good bye beta version :)

  13. avatar #13 - Alex Says:

    Hey Althea, I sent you an invite, enjoy!

    @Yuen, right now Dropbox supports 2GB, I’m sure there will be a future pro version with more space. But for many people 2GB will be enough.

  14. avatar #14 - Protogenes Says:

    I had some data loss recently and I’m searching a comfortable way to backup my data.
    Would be nice to try this. thx

  15. avatar #15 - paul Says:

    If you still have some invites I’ll like to try Dropbox – I wonder how well it works with Mac OS X ?

  16. avatar #16 - Alex Says:

    @Paul, invate is on your way. It should work flawlessly on your Mac, check out the video. He is using it on a Mac.
    @Michael, die Einladung ist unterwegs, schöne Grüsse nach Chemnitz.

  17. avatar #17 - Gavin C Says:

    Would like an invitation if there’s still one available, looking for something to replace Foldershare as I assume it will die when Live Mesh is finished, but Mesh doesn’t work as well for me :(

  18. avatar #18 - Gavin C Says:

    I tried to comment but it seems to have got lost? I’d like an invite so I can look at this as a replacement for Foldershare, if you still have any available?

  19. avatar #19 - John Says:


    I’d love an invite too.

    Thank you very much!

  20. avatar #20 - John Says:

    Tschuldigung, falsche E-Mail im oberen Post.

    Falls noch eine Einladung übrig ist, gerne an die Adresse von diesem Post

    (Wow, zur Ausnahme mal wieder was auf Deutsch posten *fg*)

  21. avatar #21 - Alex Says:

    Hey John, Einladung ist raus, du kannst auch die deutsche Webseite gerne mal besuchen.
    @Gavin, your comment didn’t get lost, it just wasn’t approved yet. :) . The invite for you is out, should be in your inbox now.

  22. avatar #22 - kman Says:

    i’d love to get an invite and compare to Mozy. thanks for the highlighting it for us :)

  23. avatar #23 - Gavin C Says:

    Yep, realised as soon as I posted the second comment that it was probably moderated. Received the invitation and will be installing shortly, thanks :)

  24. avatar #24 - Alex Says:

    @kman, you got it :)
    @Gavin, enjoy the tool!

  25. avatar #25 - Bernard Says:

    I’ve just read about Drop Box and it sounds like just what I need: if you still have any invites, please send one!
    Thank you.

  26. avatar #26 - Dave Angel Says:

    I found this place while looking for php catalogues, i then looked at dropbox, wow, its like a .mac or something but not from apple. i think this is better than carrying around an usb stick all the time. Wish there were invites left, but hey, maybe in another life.

  27. avatar #27 - Alex Says:

    Hey Dave and Bernard, you don’t have to wait until another life. I just sent you both an invite :)

  28. avatar #28 - zooley Says:

    Found this link too late, i think! :-(

    BTW, great site, subscribed to RSS. :-)

  29. avatar #29 - Gideon Says:

    I like to try it too. send me one. thanks

  30. avatar #30 - Gideon Says:

    Hi, I’d like to try it too, send me one. Thanks

  31. avatar #31 - Alex Says:

    @zooley, don’t worry, it’s not too late, just sent you an invite and thanks a lot subscribing to my RSS, I appreciate it a lot. :D
    @got an invite for you too, should be on your way.

    I have 11 invites left now.

  32. avatar #32 - zooley Says:

    :-) Thank you :K)

  33. avatar #33 - pfisch Says:

    looks like i’m late to the party again…..any chance you’ve got one left?

  34. avatar #34 - PoE Says:

    Any dropbox invites left? I would really love one. Thanks.

  35. avatar #35 - PoE Says:

    Hehe says I’m using safari on os x but I’m using Google Chrome on Windows Vista :P

  36. avatar #36 - Alex Says:

    Hey Pot, looks like your Chrome messes up this function :) . It needs an update.

    Your invitation is on your way, have fun!

  37. avatar #37 - Tony Says:

    It would be nice if you could send me an invite. Thanks!

  38. avatar #38 - Alex Says:

    Hey Tony, I see you already got on, hope you enjoy.

  39. avatar #39 - Sam Innca Says:

    If anyone is still looking for an invite, you can sign-up with this link and receive a bonus 250 MB space.

  40. avatar #40 - Alex Says:

    Thanks for the tip Sam!

  41. avatar #41 - Susi Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I also have some invites for 250MB extra space when signing-in. I would be happy…=)



  42. avatar #42 - w ad dropbox Says:


    Hi everybody,

    Do you want to start with a 2,5 GB dropboxaccount?? Read this:

    Just sign in to dropbox throught this referral:


    Don’t forget to install the Dropbox software, otherwise you won’t get the extra 250 MB !!!

    Next, sign in to the dropbox website through your account. Click the Getting Started tab. You’ll see a list of six very simple things you can do. If you do 5 out of six, you’ll get another 250 MB on your dropbox account!

    Happy dropboxing!


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