106 CeBIT Day Tickets For Give Away!

CeBIT 2008Hey readers, friends and people who got accidentally on my website ;) !

Right to the start of CeBIT 2008 I have 106 day tickets to give away. Since I stuck in Dallas anyway, I thought I should just give it to my valued readers. :)

I got the tickets from ProjectOffice.net as a little thank you for my review in my post An overview of free To Do Programs about ProjectOffice.net. :)

Just FYI, I got the tickets after the review, so it was an objective review. But even though the program is still in Beta, it already is pretty powerful. If you want to try it out, go to their website or if you have a chance, visit them at the CeBIT, hall 4, booth G48. They also have a special event on Friday the 7th 9:30 – 10:30 am in the Convention Center. Room 108 – 110.

First I just got 6 tickets, but after I ask them to give the tickets away, they were so excited about it, that ProjectOffice.net add 100 additional tickets to it. Isn’t that awesome?

How can you win a ticket?

Piece of cake, since To Do Programs like ProjectOffice.net are about time management, it would be great if you leave a comment, how you are managing your time, organize it and use it efficiently, with or without any programs. Let other readers know what tips and tricks you have to save time at the office or at home. For example via To Do Programs, as you can read in this post.

The first 100 commentators are the lucky winners! :)

I will send a short email to all winners with a link to the ticket. You just have to register on the CeBIT website and print out the ticket. That’s it!

But please, no stupid comments or something like: “I want a card”, “I’m first!”, “Can I have a card, please, please, pleeeeeaaaase….! Instead useful comments with tips and tricks for every reader. :)

Of course I’m very happy about comments even after the first 100. I will give the last 6 tickets away to the best comments after comment no. 100. I will notify them via email on Friday.

Just FYI, this post is also on my German website. So the chance can be, that all tickets are gone, even if you see just 20 comments on this page. So please, don’t be disappointed when they are gone.

And before I forget. I don’t guarantee anything. If you don’t win a ticket, I’m sorry. That is called “bad luck!” and not “That’s Alex’s fault!”

Looking forward to see your comments. :)

I’m also very happy if someone leaves a comment without requesting a ticket. Please let me know if you don’t need one. THANKS :D

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  1. avatar #1 - jay jagpal Says:

    Time management for the office requires a good organized clean office, with a combination of time management software. Delegated certain time slots of your time to key tasks will ensure steady progress, and overall viewpoint. I find that working on multiple tasks at a time is not as efficent as focusing on one, and completing it.


  2. avatar #2 - Jeroen Says:

    Lifehacker.com is my source to get things done!

  3. avatar #3 - Alex Says:


    I think multi tasking is out. Like you said, be efficient and focused on one project is better.


    Lifehacker is indeed a great resource for tips about get things done. Love that site!

    An email is on your way :)

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. avatar #4 - ryan Says:

    Use a simple weekly planner to manage and protect your planned activities. You’ll manage your time by managing your activities – that means protecting the time slots you plan for your tasks. Time management is mainly dependent on planning activities into time slots and then protecting the activities from interruptions, whether from other people or your own distractions.

  5. avatar #5 - Alex Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I like what you say, especially protecting the time slots you plan for your tasks. :)

    The email is on your way. Enjoy the CeBIT!

  6. avatar #6 - Rangkuti Says:

    I used big calendar in my room and put it in the place where every time you can see it. on the calendar put the notes what kind of activities you need. use different color to classified the important notes and if it is very important put a reminder on your hand phone, outlook etc. just stick to the time and never ever try to change the schedule you already put. like the movies “die hard, Plan hard, no sacrifice no victory” so like or dislike just ignore the other things if you already had the schedule..

  7. avatar #7 - Martunis Says:

    Hi Alex
    your software program is really necessary in our day life, other wise it might a burden for some of us that have a lot of tasks to do. In my Opinion, time management is the only one tool for us to reach our goal. Without this, everything is nothing. But, one that you should know maybe is that in planning some things, some disturbing act will come or event some act that you do not respect before while planning. For example accident. This is the most unexpected thing that always happen in real life. To avoid this thing, for me, i create a main planning first than following by the alternative one. If the first planning failed than i have the second one or even more alternatives. All of this is needed actually to reach our main goal with we concern of time management while we created.
    Actually, all of bothering things we should avoid during real works. But just again, accident we are unable to neglect it.

    That from me, i hope it usefull.

  8. avatar #8 - Faisal Tifta Zany Says:

    Using PDA Phone Device to set time management is one of the perfect think. By set the Todays setting in my PDA Phone I will get new assistance for my activity. Since I always bring PDA Phone in everytime, PDA Phone will always can remaind me what are things I have planned and in the same time I often use this device to send an email for my plan and I can use to call my colleagous related to the time management. Nowadays time management related to the modern device like computers, PDA etc.

  9. avatar #9 - Zany Says:

    Hi there .., I Would like to say that Time Guides in Yahoo Mail preference allow you to overlay your favorite events or schedules on top of your personal calendar. You can choose to show and hide Time Guides on your day, week, and month views. You also can send directly to your Phone Device. Maybe combine with PDA Phone Device will be a good management. In my opinion, Time Management related to the our habitual how to get trick in which to keep all of plan in our mind. As long as you can get along with it you will be a success man in the future.

  10. avatar #10 - Juanda Says:

    Use Google calendar, my best friend, always send me an email in the morning and sms me for free. :)


  11. avatar #11 - indera sakti nasution Says:

    We should have the motto in our mind that can we remember eery time and we use it whenever we forget our responsibility and our job and also waste the time with useless. I can give you one motto from Robin Sharma for example: TIME SLIP THROUGH OUR HANDS LIKE GRAINS OF SAND, NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN. THOSE WHO USE TIME WISELY ARE REWARDED WITH RICH, PRODUCTIVE AND SATISFYING LIVES.

  12. avatar #12 - Munawar Says:

    when we thaught that time is unvaluable then time will thaught we are unvaluable. on the other hand, when we threat time as valuable as we can,.then time itself will show us a key to success. because the key to success is not only a speed, but an acceleration as well. since acceleration related with time,thats mean, a great man will always try to evaluate himself (in positive sense) every time.like a ‘L’ curve, a great man will reach a success in a short time because he always think that time is valuable.

  13. avatar #13 - Alex Says:

    Thank you for your great comments, an email is on your way how to get your ticket :)

    Enjoy and come back again to my website.

  14. avatar #14 - Martunis Says:

    why you dont sent me the ticket?
    i need it tomoroow my friend…Please dechh..

  15. avatar #15 - Alex Says:

    Hey Martunis,

    I sent you an email some hours ago, did you receive it? You have to request the ticket on the email address I put in there. They should sent you an email back with the link to the ticket shortly.

    If you don’t get an email back by tonight. I will sent you a direct link to a ticket and you will have it by tomorrow morning to print it out.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know.

    Greetings to Goettingen

  16. avatar #16 - Coloring Pages Says:

    Well firstly I don’t believe anyone can do anything efficiently without good planning and management.

    In my opinion time can be the most expensive thing thought a person’s life and without careful planning you’ll fail.

    I mainly use a PDA to manage my shedule, I sync it with a lot of other devices on a daily bases to keep on track. I also use the traditional diary as a backup. I know it’s a hassle buy having all that information on a digital medium, not backed up is so scary. I think I’d be lost for days if it happens to me.

    Cheers :)

  17. avatar #17 - Alex Says:

    Hey Coloring Pages,

    thanks for your great input! Good planning and management is the key for successful time management. Making backups is a hassle but losing all your data is much more than just a hassle. I had my experience I learnt it the hard way.

  18. avatar #18 - Albert Says:

    Thank you for article. The topic of time managament is quite important for me, so i find your info very usefull. Personally, I use now gCalendar, but I will also try the other software which you have described. Cheers! :)

  19. avatar #19 - Alex Says:

    Hey Albert, hope you find the one which suits perfect for you. Let us know if you chose another one than gCalendar and why.

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