8 Videos Of Special Talented Persons

This is a list of some stunning videos, which are very cool. People with great skills and talent. Just awesome!

The bicycle pro!

This guy is the bomb with his bike, it looks so easy and he and the bike are one. That reminds me of the good old times with my BMX bike. But he is way, way better. Also cool camera views.

Adrenaline rush on ski!

You have to get a rush, you are on the top of the world and you are going downhill. Too cool and enviable. Nice song by the Staind (So Far Away).

Saturday Night Live II with one leg!

This guy makes you speechless, he dances better than John Travolta with one leg! Check it out, unbelievable!

Street football the cool way!

Wish I could handle the ball like they do. I’m sure they tried 1000 times to put this into a nice spot for a computer game, but really cool done.

Matrix without computer tricks but real!

A pretty old video, Matrix style, without great effects or special tricks. Just very athletic. The first Song is great, gives you the Matrix feeling, but the other songs are crap, even though watch the whole video to see what he got. He really starts to show his skills after the 2nd minute. Like a cat running on roofs.

The big wave!

Also very cool. Nice camera view and a adrenaline kick for every surfer. I think this video is from an ad, but done pretty cool.

Table tennis as it’s best!

I think that was one of the first funny videos I’v seen on the internet, a looong time ago. Pretty good what they have to offer to the audience!

Those students aren’t bored at school!

Ok, I don’t know if you can call these guys special talented or something. But they put a pretty cool video together how they throw ping pong balls into a cup in different ways. I’m sure they tried it out 1000 times before it worked. Now you can see what students are doing in a Dorm. :D

I wonder if you can you study that? ;)

Which is your favorite or do you have a better one?

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  1. avatar #1 - Adi Says:

    I think you should put some snowboard videos
    and i really liked the bmx video

  2. avatar #2 - Alex Says:

    Hey Adi, yeah, snowboard videos are also cool. But I didn’t really find only extreme snowboard videos, just mixed with some ski junkies. :)

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