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Master Cleanser – FAQ

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In my series for Master Cleanser

  1. The Master Cleanser Or Lemonade Diet – Detoxify Your Body
  2. Master Cleanser – FAQ

I did it again! After just over one year I thought to myself, now once again you have to cleanse your body. Mother’s Kitchen was very spoiled and the little exercise, because of my busy job and of the few leisure activities, didn’t really support my health.

For 14 days, I only had lemon juice, water and a some tea. This time the lemon juice was not too bad. Was it perhaps the lemons where from Europe instead of America or was it rather to the fact that I all this time freshly prepared a glass instead of having a gallon lemon juice in a bottle for the next 2 days to drink? I think the latter.

How I felt during the 14 days Lemon juice diet?

Smashing! When I started again with the cleaning my girlfriend was afraid, because I would be in a bad mood, hungry and always tired. This wasn’t the case, I was fit, had at the beginning a slight headache and some dizziness, but only because I had drunken too little at the beginning. But I felt light. Was always very well satisfied and I needed only 4 hours sleep and the next morning could tear trees. Of course, this is not for everyone, some people are also very tired at the time, bad-tempered and have severe headaches. I think everybody takes it differently and it is also depends on the attitude that you bring.

How I feel after the lemon juice diet?

16 pounds lighter, my knee is better. Feeling fitter, much more appetite for movement. I’m filled up more quickly and thus the portions are smaller. Also, the appetite for healthy food is greater, sometimes I prefer a delicious salad to a juicy steak. It is certainly a good start to a healthy diet.

Before – After!

Here you can see a photo, before the 14 days seen (left) and after 14 days (right), I don’t see such a significant difference, but my girlfriend says she can see big differences. Anyway, I feel very comfortable again, and the jeans I’m wearing, I was able to take off my pants without opening the knob! : P

Whoever wants to, can send me his before and after photos with the subject “Master Cleanser Before After” to afrison(et)web.de . Then I’ll make a small photo gallery. Would be funny, what do you think? And an additional motivation for all the others!

Master Cleanser – FAQ

When I reported on my blog last year about my positive experience, I would have never thought how popular this post would have been. Just under 30,000 readers and more than 390 comments on my German blog and nearly 10,000 readers and over 240 comments on my English blog, and every day there are more to count. Would be glad if all my other post would be so successful.

In the commentaries, which takes hours to read them all but motivates a lot, occurred a lot of interesting, unusual and especially repetitive questions. So I thought that I put all the important questions from both languages into a FAQ list. If questions are still remains, you can ask in the comment section, maybe it will be later in the FAQ list.

  1. What exactly is the lemon juice diet (Master Cleanser)?
    The lemon juice diet helps the body to detoxify and clean your body. More details can be find here.
  2. What do I need for the lemon diet?
    All information can be found here.
  3. Is there a coming off phase after the detox, I have to pay attention to?
    Yes, the transition phase is also very important. All details can be found here.
  4. Am I really not allowed to eat or drink anything besides lemon juice, tea, water, salt water?
    No, nothing! Except a chew chewing gum without sugar. But do not swallow, there has been a question about it too.
  5. How long do I have to do the lemon juice diet at least?
    At least 3 days, so it is worth it. But 10 or 14 days are not needed. But remember, you must, after each diet, no matter how long it was, the 4 days of the transition period observed.
  6. How long can I do the lemon juice diet?
    At most 40 days, you should consult a doctor and check if everything else is OK to make this diet for such a long time. I think 2-3 weeks would be my maximum.
  7. Lemon juice diet is the perfect way to lose weight?
    No, it is to clean your body, a detoxification. The weight loss is a positive side effect.
  8. Is the lemon juice diet a perfect start to change your diet?
    Yes, absolutely, the craving after junk food is no longer so strong as before. The demand for lighter food after the diet is greater.
  9. Is there a Jojo-Effect?
    Any diet has a Jojo-Effect if you continue to eat the wrong food. But many people feel fresh and active after the diet, so they do more sport and exercise. Very important is the transition phase following the diet. If the diet is 7 or more days long, it makes the stomach smaller and you get filled up faster, so fewer calories.
    Small tip, if you want to keep the weight you do not need to renounce all delicious things. There is the 20/80 rule. Eat mostly healthy (80%) but not permanently renounce on delicious, but also eat what you really like (20%).
  10. As a vegetarian of many years, I have cravings for meat during the diet, is this normal?
    Apparently so. At least several readers have reported this phenomenon, quite funny.
  11. Which days are the worst?
    The majority said day 1 and 3 are the worst. After 3 days, most of them felt much better, without any problems.
  12. Are headaches and dizziness / circulatory problems normal?
    Yes, some have it more, others less. Mostly it helps to drink more water and lemon juice or add more maple syrup to your lemon juice. Often, the dizziness and headaches are gone away after 3 days. If you have a real bad headache, you should put 2 teaspoons of maple syrup in a 0.2 liter pure water and drink it. If possible, don’t take any tablets. Very rarely some had to throw up, but that is normal, the body tries to get rid off all the garbage, and it choose the best way possible way.
  13. How much lemon juice should I drink each day?
    At least 2 liters (half a gallon) a day or more, there are no limits.
  14. Where can I find the maple syrup?
    Frequently asked questions, some will find it in good supermarkets, pharmacies, organic stores or CVS and Whole Foods. Otherwise online.
  15. What grade of maple syrup should I buy?
    The perfect grade is B possibly C, A is the purified one, but does not have all the ingredients in it anymore, since it was filtered. But if you have no other non-Grade A maple syrup there, then that will do too.
  16. Can I take something else instead of maple syrup?
    No, in all cases, no honey, but some have recommend beet syrup or molasses. Since I have no experience and neither any reader about this, it would be great if someone can let us know if it worked as an alternative for maple syrup.
  17. Why do I need to actually drink laxative tea, if I don’t take any solid food?
    So that your bowel activity remains and you get rid of the very last pieces of garbage in your body.
  18. Where can I find laxative tea?
    Actually, in any good supermarket, otherwise, at a pharmacy.
  19. Are there alternatives to laxative tea?
    Yes, some people drink sauerkraut juice, should also taste good, but I have not tried yet. Some also Glauber salt.
  20. How often should I drink the tea?
    It is recommended to drink laxative tea not more than 2 cups a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Those who do not tolerate it so well should only take it once a day, or drink the tea every few days.
  21. Can I drink another tea in between?
    Yes, but no fruit tea and no sugar, artificial sweetener or milk and you shouldn’t drink another tea too often.
  22. Do I have to go to the bathroom the whole day when I use the laxative tea?
    No, not really, but without the tea or salt water, you wouldn’t even go for days. So don’t worry, you can normally go to work and drink the tea without any worries.
  23. Where can I find Cayenne pepper?
    Cayenne pepper can be found actually in any grocery store in the spice rack.
  24. How much Cayenne pepper should I add?
    Really not too much! For a glass just a very small pinch. Often people add too much and it tastes spicy and gross. Try out how spicy you like it most.
  25. Can I take normal pepper instead?
    No, it should be Cayenne pepper.
  26. Which water should I drink?
    It doesn’t matter, normal water or sparkling water, you can drink both.
  27. How often should I drink salt water?
    I’ve always just drank it once a week, but I recommend to do it at the weekend, because it really makes you going to the bathroom. But it is not required to drink the salt water at all, the laxative tea can be enough. But the salt water leads to a proper cleaning.
  28. Can I still exercise?
    Yes, it worked for me and many others without problems. You should not exaggerate. It also stimulates the digestive system.
  29. Can I drink the lemon juice pure without the maple syrup and pepper?
    Sure, this is not a problem, if you like it in between.
  30. Must be the orange juice freshly squeezed when I get off the diet?
    Yes, in all cases, no normal orange juice from the supermarket, even if it is the most expensive, fresh orange juice with pulp. It must be a real fresh squeezed orange juice.
  31. Can I use another juice instead of orange juice, when I get off the diet?
    I think so, but it should also be freshly squeezed.
  32. Do I have to use fresh vegetables for the vegetable soup, or can I use a soup from the can or package?
    Again, really only fresh vegetables for the soup.
  33. Is the diet also good for young teenagers?
    My personal opinion? Since they can still exercise sports and definitely not too old for sport, it is the simplest and healthiest solution for them.
  34. Also good for hair, nails and skin?
    Apparently it was for me and many others. The skin was much more soft and clean. For some, they first had a rash or pimples, at the end their skin was totally pure and soft. Also, the nails and hair will look healthier again.
  35. Good sleep and more energy?
    Many reported a very good sleep and a lot of energy during the diet. I can only confirm!
  36. Bad breath and body odor?
    For some, it happens that during the time a bad breath and slight body odor occur, because the toxins are leaving your body. Some also have a strange coating on the tongue, but it all goes away when you finish the diet.
  37. What can you do against cravings?
    Immediately drink a glass of lemon juice. Or just point with your finger between upper lip and nose, should also help!
  38. And if I cheated?
    If you couldn’t resist a snack or accidentally drunk a cup of coffee, then you’re only cheating yourself. Even if it only had a small bite or a sip, it is primarily about cleansing your body. Even small quantities. So stay strong, for your own sake. But if it happened, then this is not a disaster and you can continue the detoxification, but the meaning and purpose of Master Cleanser are clearly missed. So stay strong and you will discover new inner strength and outer lightness! The new you!
  39. Is there an alternative to Master Cleanser?
    Yes, some people tried out Simply Slender, and apparently it worked for them.
  40. Is there a book about Master Cleanser?
    Yes, you can buy it at Amazon.

Furthermore, many reports a reduction of inflammation and pain in joints. Some gave up on smoking and drinking coffee.

You have another question, experience to tell, or simply an exchange of information to motivate others? Then just leave a comment, I would be glad to hear your experience!

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