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78 Hour Day – Or How Many Hours Would You Need Every Day?

Posted By Alex On April 3, 2008 @ 12:53 pm In Featured Articles, Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Do you know the saying which is mostly combined with a sigh?

“A day should have 48 hours!”

Heard many times and often wished for!

It would be great if time went by slower and didn’t run down like water in a river.

I could also call this post Alex7. That’s how often I would like to split up myself to do what I want to do in my life. Without thinking of time, pressure, rush! And I wouldn’t mind to be a little bit bored again from time to time.

Alex 1: Spending time with family and friends
Alex 2: Working, at work and at home
Alex 3: Sport and relax
Alex 4: Traveling, explore the whole world
Alex 5: Sleeping and just hang out and do nothing
Alex 6: Learn, get educated, reading news all day, learning languages
Alex 7: Everything else whatever it is

Ok, let’s calculate how many hours I would need to accomplish everything I want on a perfect day:

4 hours with family and friends, going out, talking, drinking coffee, watching games and so on.

8 hours with my girlfriend, eat together, watching a movie, talk, go out and everything else what belongs to a relationship.

12 hours
of work in the office, so I have enough time to get all my projects done without stress. And I can get things done I never have time for.

12 hours working on own projects, my blog, design and organisation of pictures, files, music and so on.

4 hours reading, learning and explore something new

4 hours sport and relaxing, if I’m not injured again

4 hours to enjoy my other hobbies, which I didn’t do for a long time now and many people don’t know I like to do. For example painting, music dj, play chess, riding a bike, puzzle, crafting and cooking.

4 hours, I collect to use them in a block for vacation.

8 hours sleep – oh wait a moment. That wouldn’t be enough. You should have 1/3 every day. So we have 52 hours without sleep. That means I need 26 hours to sleep.

So my perfect day would be 78 hours. A little bit more than 3 days to enjoy and fulfill all my interests, commitments in my life.

I think after a while I wouldn’t need so much time for work, since I would catch up fast. So maybe I could cut the whole day down to 60 hours.

And how many hours do you need? Write about it on your blog or leave a comment.

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