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Ugliest Word Of 2008 – Financial Expert! Why?

Posted By Alex On January 13, 2009 @ 5:55 am In Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I don’t know if you have something like this, but in Germany at the beginning of the year a jury announces the ugliest word of the year. It is pretty popular and many discussions are going on. Everybody where able to vote until January 9th. My personal ugliest word of 2008 is Financial Expert. In English it’s actually two words but in German it’s one word “Finanzexperte”. The official ugliest word of the year will be announced soon. But why did I choose “Financial Expert” as ugliest word of the year? Pretty easy to explain:

I cannot stand this word anymore, in every talk show, news or wherever they talking about the financial crisis, they invited some “Financial Experts”. Those kind of people who are to blame for the current situation. Of course, those “Financial Experts” know all better, it wouldn’t had happen if they were in the top management position. What a joke, they probably would have done the same mistake. They think they eat the knowledge every morning for breakfast.

I could throw up when those smarty pants get announce in a show, where they talking about the crisis: “We have invited the Financial Expert Mardy McFly and Joe Dokes to our show, glad to have you here…blablabla!”

Guys, you aren’t a Financial Expert, Analyst, Financial Advisor. You are just a Salesman, who tries to get money from old or clueless people. Money which they saved for years. And if their money is gone, not your problem, it wasn’t yours, right?

How can they call themselves expert when not even the pros of the pro, the creme de la creme didn’t even know what they doing. They are only risk takers, some more and others much more with greed.

Unfortunately most of those Financial Experts are still in their positions, while hard worker got kicked out of their job because of others fault. How fair is that?

I could rant about it the whole day, but would it help, not really. The little man on the street just have to swallow the bitter pill, accept it and move on.

Here is a great video, that goes to all those Financial Experts who lost millions and billions of other peoples saving.

What’s your ugliest word of the year? Or what do you think about Financial Experts, let me know and leave a comment.

A last question to all Financial Experts: Bread can mold, what can you do?

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