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Turn a $5 Steak into a $50 Steak And How To Know A Steak Is Done!

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Summer has arrived and 4th of July is coming soon. A great day to put some big steaks on your grill.

I found out about a method to turn a $5 Steak into a $50 Steak á la Versace and it’s pretty easy! I tried it out several times already and it works out great. My guests were always amazed of my steaks and they thought I spent a fortune on some really good steaks but the truth was, I bought some cheap steaks at Walmart. When I told them, they couldn’t believe it since it tasted like in a 5 star restaurant.

The secret is just simply, put massively salt on your steak for at least 15 minutes – 1 hour before grilling. You literally have to coat the steak on both sides in salt, like in the picture. Depending on the thickness of the steak leave the salt on it for 15 min. – 1 hour. After that rinse and pat it very dry. I’m talking about very dry! And no worries, it won’t taste like pure salt, it will taste tender and juicy.

Here is a little timetable how long you should coat your steak in salt

thickness of the steak >> salt/side >> time
less than 1″ >> 1/2 tsp/side >> 15 min.
1″-1.5″ >> 1/2 tsp/side >> 20 – 45 min.
more than 1.5″ >> 3/4 – 1 tsp/side >> 1 hr

(this is just a recommendation, if you like your food salty anyways you might keep it a little bit longer on it, if you don’t like it salty, don’t leave the salt as long as in this timetable recommended.)

Very important!

  • Use Kosher or Sea Salt, not normal table salt.
  • Use steaks at least 1″ thick.
  • For this method use NY Strip, T-Bone, Ribeye or Porterhouse Steak but no Sirloin. It works with chicken too.
  • For a first trial, leave the salt a little bit less on your steak, it’s better to have it not so juicy and tender instead of having it completely salty, try it out what’s the best for your taste.
  • Leave the salt at least 15 min. on your steak, it won’t work. The salt should be a little liquid after 15 min. or more.

Who likes to have a special tasty kick, should also put some garlic, rosemary and other spices on it, while it’s coated with salt.

Some other tips:

When you buy the meat, don’t go for the red one with fresh blood on it, check out the brownish one. Of course, only if you plan to grill on the same day or the next day.

Put the steak on a very hot grill, not just a little bit hot. I has to sizzle when you put it on. In direct fire for 4-8 min. depends how you like your steak. And please don’t cut the meat to check out if the steak is ready. Big mistake. Instead use this method:

With your hand you can check if the steak is raw, medium or done. Just press the spots on the hand and compare it to the steak with a spoon to press on the steak.

  1. Rare, meat should feel soft and has little resistance to pressure.
  2. Medium, meat should feel firm, but still a little bit of give to it. The less give, the more well-done the steak will be.
  3. Well done, steak should feel firm, but has only minimal give to it.

I wish everybody a great BBQ, beautiful weather and a great summer!

Please comment about your experience with the salt method, would be interesting to hear from you and if you have more tips, please don’t hesitate to tell us!

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