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How To Upgrade Automatically The Last Time To WordPress 2.7 In 5 Minutes!

Posted By Alex On December 11, 2008 @ 9:49 am In Featured Articles, Web & Design | 15 Comments

It is always a pain to upgrade WordPress to the latest version. Fortunately there are some great plugins to help you out big times!

Before you start any upgrade don’t forget to backup, backup, backup! Save your files local and use the great plugin WP-DBManager by GaMerZ

Check all your plugins you use, if it may have compatibility issues with WordPress 2.7 or not. Everybody who is upgrading from 2.6 to 2.7 shouldn’t have big problems with their plugins. If you get an error message for a specific plugin, please contact the author of the plugin directly to make sure if it’s working in the newest WordPress Version. Or just deactivate the plugin if it’s not really important for your website.

A good resource is the compatibility plugin list for WordPress 2.7, this list ads new plugins every day, right now it’s pretty short and sweet. You can also check the compatibility plugin list on WordPress 2.6, since most of these plugins are compatible with 2.7 too.

After you checked all your plugins, you should use “The Instant Upgrade plugin for WordPress” by Alex Günsche. Install and activate the plugin, deactivate all your other plugins. Run Intstant Upgrade and after just some clicks and connecting to your ftp server, it automatically upgrades your WordPress in about a minute or less. You don’t have to do anything. Just lean back

There is also another plugin out there, “Wordpress Automatic Upgrade“, but it looks like some people have major problems with it. It has some more features as the “Instant Upgrade” plugin, like automatically deactivating and activating plugins and backup the files automatically. But especially recently, people had a complete disaster with this plugin and the author unfortunately is not very responsive lately.

Just FYI, when I did the upgrade today on some websites, the admin page reloaded without a flaw but the website only showed a list of my files, that’s because the files were not uploaded yet. Just wait for a minute and don’t panic. After a minute my website worked fine again.

One person were commenting (No. 46) in my previous tutorial, that it took about an hour that the plugin updated everything. Reason might be loads of plugins, slow internet connection or the WordPress server was slow and he updated from 2.05 to the newest version. But this is the absolute exception. But after that, his blog worked fine.
Also don’t use any of these plugins when you installed WordPress via Fantastico.

Have fun upgrading your WordPress Website. As always, it’s worth it!

Fortunately this will be the last time you have to do that, in 2.7 there will be a one-click-update feature included and works like a charm. A really great feature!

Also check your current theme if it is working with the new comment structure of WordPress 2.7. You might have to make some small changes in your theme.

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