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Brand New Songs – And One Which Could Have Been Perfect For Grey’s Anatomy

Posted By Alex On February 15, 2008 @ 9:36 am In Music | 7 Comments

It’s been a while that I was talking about good songs, which are just released or going to released very soon and I like. Today I have a bonus song, which could really fit in the music style of Grey’s Anatomy, but was released 5 years too early. Awesome song!

First song is by Kylie Minogue, she still has the disco groove. Her album is… let’s say, ok. But I’m sure when they will release some singles from this album they will pimp up those songs pretty good and they will hit the charts hard. “In My Arms” is her first release, it’s starts pretty awesome, but the chorus was a little bit disappointing. Instead of keeping the pace it slows down. Doesn’t really fit to the rest of the song. Still, it really good, especially at the beginning. You have to listen it loud. I’m sure it will be a hit in the dance clubs and there will be some mixes out there, where the chorus is going to be faster. Enjoy

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Next song is by One Republic, a little bit older but never made it to to top. Since their smash hit “Apologize” I’m pretty sure that will be their second hit single.

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The third song is by Sarah Brightman “Let It Rain” she has a great voice. Her biggest hit was with Andrea Bocelli and “Time To Say Goodbye”. This will probably her 2nd single release of her album. Her first single “Symphony” is pretty fresh too, but I will talk about that one next week. . “Let It Rain” is a nice easy listening song. Her Album is pretty good, if you like this kind of music.

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And last but not least and old song by Frou Frou “Let Go”, it was a soundtrack in Garden State, which is a great movie! I also heard this song in some other movies. This could have been a great Grey’s Anatomy song but some years too early. Their album was great and nobody took notice of them. Very sad, maybe you should check out their songs, it’s worth a try. Really great music!

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I would also recommend the Album’s of:

Linkin Park, they try to sing more than scream which ends up very good, they are a great band. And some hit singles from their album will follow. Get the album on Amazon.com or iTunes

Alicia Keys, I already present one song this week and she has more treasure on her album. Get the album on Amazon.com or iTunes

Simple Plan, if you like what they did before, you will also love their new album. Get the album on Amazon.com or iTunes

How did you like the new songs and what do you think about the “Could have been Grey’s Anatomy Song”? You agree, disagree or do you think there are better songs for GA.

Tell me your current favorite song, which is coming out now or in the near future.

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